NexBelt Fast Eddie Golf Belt Review

Ceative designs continue to provide golfers with more options for their apparel and gear selections. Nexbelts is a blend of fashion and function that can allow you more comfort playing golfer and provides you more options for utility or style. Nexbelts feature a variety of leather and buckle options from simple all the way to the Fast Eddie V.3 design with a built-in ball mark and divot tool. The commonality of the Nexbelt design is the ratchet style system that enables a custom fit for golfers of every shape and size.

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Key Features

  • Enhanced buckle designs allow for multi-tool applications including divot tools and ball markers.
  • Rachet style buckles give golfers, and beyond, a custom fit that provides more comfort and in between sizes.  
  • A wide variety of leathers and additional materials accommodate diverse styles and visual preferences.  
  • Buckle face flips down to reveal divot tool/bottle opener + X ball marker
  • Buckle size 1 5/8" x 2 5/16"
  • Belt strap width 1 7/16"

Nexbelt Detailed Review

Design and Technology

Nexbelts is a premium belt company that specializes in golf belts made from a mixture of different strap and buckle options. Rachet style buckles built from proprietary molds enable a better fit and more precision engineering from an established team of experts. Patented golf buckles include hidden ball markers and divot tools.

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Our Experience

While style is a priority in choosing golf accessories, the most important aspect is fit and comfort for me. During play or competition, the only thing that matter is how much I DO NOT have to think about what I’m wearing. My primary concern with the Nexbelt going into testing was, will the buckle obtrusive and alert me as I’m swinging or putting? Fortunately, the Nexbelt disappeared during wear and allowed me to play golf as I normally would without a second thought.

Importantly, the Nexbelts improved the fit of my golfing outfit as the rachet style buckle allowed for the perfect fit. Many times, traditional buckles are limited to only the sizes allowed by predetermined holes. Precision milled rachet buckles provided by Nexbelt have become my go-to accessory and I’m wearing them every time I head to the course.

NexBelt Fast Eddie Belt

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  • The Nexbelts wide variety of material options and styles accommodate golfers of all ages and preferences.
  • Proprietary rachet buckles enable a better fit for golfers that struggle with traditional belt closure systems.
  • Unlike other rachet style systems, Nexbelt have perfected the mechanism to extend its life and create a better, more functional fit.


  • Nexbelt buckles featuring divot tools and ball markers will likely be too large for some players.
  • Nexbelts are premium designs and may be difficult for some players to work into there budgets.
  • Players that wish to coordinate the brand names of their belts with their outfits will be more inclined to other brands.
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Nexbelts are available in a wide variety of styles, strap and buckle combinations, and prices. They can be bought online, and custom orders can be placed directly on the website with company names, logos, or gift engravings. Belts can also be bought as straps only and buckle only pieces so you can modulate all of your favorite golfing outfits. Importantly, the strip of teeth present on each strap keep your fit secure and durable over the life of your Nexbelt.


Truthfully, while what belt I was wearing was never really a thought of mine while playing golf, Nexbelt changed that. The change from traditional buckle systems to the rachet style gives me the ability to tailor my fit well beyond the scope of premade designs. Nexbelt offers an enormous amount of strap and buckle options that accommodate almost any fashion or style preference. While it may be the case that a belt will not inevitably make you play better golf, a better and more comfortable fit might. Be sure to check out Nexbelt before making your next golf accessory purchase.

Nexbelt Video Review

How Does the Nexbelt Compare?

Nike Single Web Belt

The Web Belt provides a custom fit to accommodate golfers of all sizes. Nike is known for creating some of the most popular outfits in golf and beyond and their web belts complete their offerings. Available in several colors and patterns Nike web belts coordinate with everything and can even be bought in bulk packs.

  • Reversible webbed-cotton belt featuring coated military-inspired buckle with bottle opener at back

Under Armour Braided 2.0 Belt

The Braided 2.0 worn by Jordan Spieth, the Braided 2.0 belt from Under Armour is a traditional design with modern style. Built to match a diverse set of golfing outfits, the Braided 2.0 belt is easy to wear and maintains a secure fit for 18 holes and beyond.

  • Stretch fit woven webbing
  • Premium leather belt tip
  • Fits Men's waist sizes 30 42

Travis Mathew Cheers Belt

The Cheers is a premium golf belt designed from the Travis Mathew brand. Built for comfort and style, the Cheers belt is classic and timeless. Secure and stylish, the Cheers belt is a great option for golfers that prefer traditional appearances and a sleek elegance.

Should You Buy a Nexbelt?

Fit and fashion are highly subjective. Many players will differ in what they like to look at and how things feel around their body. If you are a golfer that has struggled to find a belt that is comfortable, looks great, and fits your exact size, Nexbelt provides a superior option with a variety of color palettes and strap materials. The rachet style buckle system is proprietary in nature and, by far, the best closure system we have tried at GolfersAuthority. Be sure to try before you buy, but make sure Nexbelts is on your list.


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