On Point Golf Ball Marker Review

On Point golf is looking to take advantage of an overlooked area of golf equipment. The ball marker that you use to mark your golf ball on the green is often a coin or specialized piece that is unique to your playing career or experiences. What if there was a way to leverage this space to improve your putting? On Point believe they have the technology to do just that and the players on the PGA Tour are beginning to take notice. We put this 3-dimensional ball marker to the test to see if it can really help players aim their putts more effectively and reduce scores.

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On Point Golf Ball Marker Review

Key Features

  • 3-dimensional shapes help players to more efficiently line their golf ball at the target.

  • Each On Point ball marker is crafted to resemble a golf ball or similar sphere and allows players to visualize putts even before their ball is placed on the green.

  • The On Point markers are easier to see from the opposite side of the hole making green reading much faster and more straight forward, specifically on longer putts.


On Point Ball Markers Detailed Review

Design and Technology

On Point golf ball markers were created to extend the visual presence of the golf ball. This extension aids golfers in lining up their putts before the golf ball is returned to the green. The 3-dimensional shape of the On Point marker has been molded to align with the printed or sharpie lines on each player’s golf ball.

We found that when properly used the On Point can actually help players increase their pace of play. See one of the issues we have in our game is the pace of play. More times than not players spend too much time on the putting green. The On Point Marker allows the player to engage with their desire putting line from the moment the marker is placed on the ground. Additionally, as a hidden bonus, under rule 20-1 the On Point allows for a coin like object to be placed in the event the player feels their mark could interfere with the play of others. So you don’t have to worry about messing up your golf mates putts.

What is really nice too is that players also have the ability to customize their On Point markers with custom logos and colors in order to suit any golf course, outing or event. The On Point is currently offered in both smooth and dimpled markers, and its just recently released triple track model to align with the Callaway ball. To learn more you can visit their website at onpointgolf.us or their Instagram account @onpointgolf.us and you can see the various models.

Our Experience

Using the On Point ball marker is definitely different than using smaller, 2-dimensional coins or marks. Where the On Point 3-dimensional shape was really valuable was when attempting to read putts from the other side of the hole and when my playing partners were putting. Valuable time can be saved by having a better idea of what your putt is going to do even before setting your golf ball down. Orienting the line on top of the marker in the direction of the break is a simple way to get more out of your putting preparatory routine.

On Point Golf Ball Marker Review 2
Golfers that use either the logo of their golf ball or a sharpie drawn line to help them start their golf ball along the break may enjoy the On Point markers even more. I found that using the top of the On Point marker to extend directly onto my sharpie line was a great way to increase my confidence, especially on lag putting. While each putt still demanded that I make a good stroke, I was able to visualize each shot more quickly and found myself more comfortable on the greens.

On Point Golf Marker

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  • 3-dimensional shapes allow players to visualize the lines of their putt even without their golf ball on the green.
  • Reading a putt from all angles is much easier as your partners are playing with the pronounced profiles of the On Point ball markers.
  • Each marker comes with a color matched coin that can be used when another player must play around your mark.


  • The On Point ball marker will not help you in your putting stroke after the golf ball is placed back into play.
  • The bulk of the On Point ball marker can be felt in your pocket as you are playing and can be clunky for players that prefer lightweight alternatives.
  • Budget-conscious players may not be able to justify paying an additional cost to have a more functional ball marker.
Appearance an Design

On Point Golf Ball Marker Review 1


The On Point Golf ball markers are 3-dimensional in shape and have a diameter of 1 3/8-inches. Each marker comes with a color match magnetic coin underneath that can be substituted to reduce the size of the marker when it is impeding another player’s path. The size of the coin is 1 7/64-inches. On Point markers are available in cast zinc domes or dimpled patterns that match a white golf ball. Each marker comes with an alignment shape that helps in direction awareness.


While the On Point ball markers may not make your putting stroke any better, they can benefit your ability to see the break of your putts and allow you to prepare for success. More confident putting means holing more putts and shooting lower scores. The 3-dimensional design of the On Point marker is gaining traction on Tour and it can be a valuable addition for players that struggle to see their putts before setting up to the golf ball.

How Does the On Point Golf Ball Marker Compare?

Collegiate Hat Clip Marker

The Collegiate hat clips enable players to support their favorite colleges or sports teams. These ball markers clip conveniently on a hat or belt and can be carried to and from the green easily. Many options come with additional markers in case you leave one behind.

  • Magnetic hat Clip with ball markers attaches to hat or visor
  • Includes two interchangeable iron stamped ball markers embellished with collegiate trademark
  • Packaged in hangable clamshell


Team Golf NFL Ball Marker and Divot Tool

The NFL Marker and Tool combining an NFL ball marker and divot tool into on device allows players to save space in their pockets. Many players like to bring their fandom with them to the course and the NFL continues to be the most popular sporting event league in the United States. The variety of markers offered with each tool also gives you back ups in case some get lost.

  • Product dimensions (inches): 2.5 x 0.5 x 5.5; Weight: 0.14 lbs
  • Features include: Nickel color finish & printed with your favorite team's logo
  • Set includes: Signature divot tool & 3 double sided enamel color fill magnetic ball markers


Local Course Marker

The Course Markers many golf courses have iconic logos that are placed on ball markers available in the pro shop. Grabbing a ball marker each time you go to a new club can be a great way to document where you have played your golf. Each golf trip can be a great time to purchase a new marker and add to your collection.

  • PINMEI golf ball markers
  • Soft enamel technique makes embossed and real patterns
  • These markers work with magnetic hat clips or divot tools


Should You Buy the On Point Golf Ball Markers?

It should be each golfer’s goal to use every piece of equipment to his or her advantage. Adding the ability to use your ball mark as a putting aid may help you feel more comfortable over you putts and allow you to quickly gain confidence on the greens. The On Point ball markers are extremely unique and can help golfers take advantage of 3-dimensional shapes to read every part of the putt they are about to hit. These larger shapes will not be for everyone but players that want every advantage possible will need to give these ball markers a try.

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