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Last updated on July 12, 2024 4:48 am

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And speaking of precision, this shaft offers unmatched control, allowing you to shape your shots with ease. Whether you need a fade or a draw, this shaft will help you hit your target with pinpoint accuracy. But it doesn’t stop there. The Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid 85 shaft also delivers optimal energy transfer, giving you that extra power and distance you’ve been craving. Say goodbye to those weak shots that fall short of the green. With this shaft, you’ll be hitting it long and strong.

Paul Liberatore Paul Liberatore
February 5, 2024
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You will get: Enhanced swing performance Optimal ball flight control Consistent accuracy and distance

Updated February 2024 to update current pricing information.

Golfers are becoming more aware of the benefits of being properly fit for their equipment. Longer distances, more accuracy, and lower scores can all be achieved by getting the right equipment for your swing. Although it is common place for many golfers, the fittings often stop at drivers and irons. Golfers neglect their fairway woods, wedges, putters, and importantly, hybrids.

Getting a whole bag fitting is the best way to make sure there are no holes in your bag. Hybrids especially can be versatile clubs that can allow golfer to lay up, attack par-3 holes, and escape trouble from around the course. Matching the hybrid club head to a high performance shaft can unlock swing benefits you have likely never experienced if you have never been fit for a hybrid or tired the Graphite Design Tour AD hybrid shafts.

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What is a specialized hybrid shaft?

Each golf club loads and unloads differently. Hybrids have a wide range of clubhead weights, shapes, and configurations that require more attention that some golfers realize. The industry leader in hybrid shaft performance is, without question, Graphite Design. Their Tour AD DI Hybrid shaft is among the favorites for professional club fitters and professional players. Beyond the AD DI, Graphite Design also offers a slightly higher launching Tour AD IZ shaft and a hybrid specific AD HY (Hybrid) shaft. We put all three of these shafts to the test to see what differences they can offer to different golfers.

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Key Points

  • High Launch – Graphite Design Tour AD HY
  • Medium Launch – Graphite Design Tour AD IZ
  • Low Launch – Graphite Design Tour AD DI
2019 hybrid shaft bend profile chart

Graphite Design Hybrid Shafts

Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft

The Tour AD DI is unmistakable and the performance of the shaft matches. Made with high modulus aerospace quality carbon fiber and the Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) the Tour AD DI is a complete hybrid shaft offering. Billed as a mid launch, low to mid spin golf shaft, the AD DI will fit a wide range of golfers and swing styles. Notably, the AD DI is the only Graphite Design Hybrid offered in weights above 100-grams. : Graphite Design New Tour AD DI Hybrid 105 Stiff Flex Shaft :  Sports & Outdoors

Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Hybrid Shaft

The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ is slightly higher launching compared to the Tour AD DI. The Tour AD IZ is well suited for golfers looking to gain more height for approaching greens, especially on longer holes. Golfers looking to elevate lower lofted hybrids will also love the efficiency of this shaft and how easy it is to swing. The AD IZ is the perfect complement to the AD DI and great for golfers looking to secure the middle part of their golf bag.

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Graphite Design Tour AD HY Shaft

The AD HY hybrid shaft is the highest launching hybrid specific shaft from Graphite Design. The Tour AD HY is perfect for golfers that present slower speeds to the ball or that need to increase their launch angles coming from the fairways and roughs. If you struggle getting your golf ball into the air, the AD HY is the shaft for you.

Graphite Design Tour AD HY 65 Hybrid Shaft

Our Experience

Getting fit for your hybrids and then building the shaft to match your specific delivery conditions is the best route to ensure you get the most performance possible from your hybrids. Graphite Design shafts stand out as the best for golfers that demand performance throughout the middle of their golf bags. Other premium options are available but the matrix of the Tour AD DI, Tour AD IZ, and Tour AD HY offer almost everything golfers need in three easy models. My favorite is the Tour AD DI and I love the offering in my driving iron and hybrids. Overall, I saw better distance control and more accuracy coming from the fairway with the Tour AD DI over all competing hybrid shafts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Shaft Be Customized to a Different Length or Weight?

Yes, this shaft can be customized to different lengths and weights. Customized modifications can optimize shaft performance for individual players. I’d recommend consulting with a professional club fitter for personalized adjustments.

What Is the Warranty or Guarantee on This Shaft?

The warranty of this shaft is like a safety net for your game. Graphite Design offers a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects. Customization options are available for length and weight, ensuring ideal swing characteristics and club compatibility.

Are There Any Specific Swing Characteristics or Playing Styles That This Shaft Is Best Suited For?

I find that the Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft is best suited for players with a smooth swing tempo and seeking a mid-high shot trajectory. The stiff flex and advanced graphite material properties contribute to its performance.

How Does the Torque of This Shaft Compare to Other Models?

In comparison to other models, the torque of this shaft is lower, offering increased stability and control. Shaft customization allows for fine-tuning to match individual swing characteristics and playing styles, enhancing overall performance on the course.

Can This Shaft Be Used for Both Hybrid and Fairway Wood Clubs?

Absolutely, this shaft is versatile and compatible with both hybrid and fairway wood clubs. Its design and flex make it a top choice for players seeking high performance across different clubs in their bag.


Each golfer is different, and those differences are exaggerated in the hybrid sections of the golf bag. As some of the longest clubs players frequently hit from the ground, hybrids can be the most difficult to get fit correctly. Do not just think that what shaft you put into your driver will be best as you move into other graphite shafts. Each club should fit a specific role and building it to fit you is the best approach. The complete offering Graphite Design has for golfers of all swing types and speeds is impressive. No matter what you are looking for, Graphite Design can dial you in with one of their Tour AD offerings. Low, middle, and high launch offerings make it easy to get your ideal flight. We recommend using a professional club fitter to help you find yours today.

July 12, 2024 4:48 am
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Graphite Design Tour AD Hybrid Shafts Review
Graphite Design Tour AD Hybrid Shafts Review


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