Best Putters for Women

Female golfers have the same needs as male golfers when it comes to their putting. Finding the right putter for your game is a combination of identifying your personal preferences and blending that to the club head style and technical specifications. Finding the right grip, shaft length, and putter toe hang is essential for your best scenario for making putts.

We have compiled a list that helps female golfers find putters that help their games. We break down the critical parts of these putters so you can find the best for your game. Gaining an understanding of what makes a putter work for some golfers and fail for others can lead you to a better short game.

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Top 4 Best Putters for Women


Best Control
TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Putter
  • Multi materials for high MOI, stability and better pure roll
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminun core paired with heavy 304 stainless steel frame for high MOI
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control
Best Feel
Odyssey Men's Toe Up #9 Putter
  • Technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting
  • Metal-X makes the face perfectly flat and a chemical etching to add the oval roll
  • Grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension
Best Value
Rife Golf- Switchback #1 Putter
  • Roll Groove Technology gets putts started on-line and rolling more quickly than other traditional putters
  • Five different head styles allow golfers to choose a head that best fits their eye and stroke
  • Interchangeable weights allow players optimal customization


When Do You Use A Putter?

Golfers use their putters on the greens primarily. Many golfers can also benefit from using their putters from a variety of lies off the greens. When your ball is resting in very short grass or bare lies, using your putter can be easy and produce better shots than trying to hit you wedges.


Finding the Best Putter Your Golf Game

The best putter for you is a combination of looks, feel, and performance characteristics. A putter must look good when you address the golf ball and help you align the club to the target without too many distractions. Premium putters provide golfers an exceptional feel and can give you feedback on the quality of your putt. Your putter should match your putting arc type and help you make a natural swing motion on the greens.



The price of golf putters varies greatly. These prices can reflect how rare a putter is and can be misleading when it comes to performance. Great putters can be found for any golfer who knows what to look for. Players looking to pick up new equipment without paying too much can find a putter that is built for their swing.


Top Putter Features

All putters share a union of a grip, shaft, and putter head. The differences in these elements determine the playability and forgiveness of each model. Players should consider each of these pieces individually and as a unit to ensure that their next putter is fit for their swing.

Top Putter Features
Golf putter features. Source


Golf Grips

Putter grips have become a talking point in club building in recent years. Golfers should ensure that whichever grip they choose it helps them hold the club comfortably and reduces tension. Undersized, standard, midsized, and oversized putter grips are available. This variety in size helps golfers of all types find the perfect grip for their hands.

In addition to the size of your putter grip, the shape matters depending on which putter hold you use most often. Traditional grips, non-taper designs, and counterbalanced grips offer golfers different advantages and disadvantages. Many stock putters come in one of these three grip options and demo clubs are available for you to test.

Traditional putter grips offer golfers using a conventional putter hold ultimate control and feedback. These tapered grips help maintain the vibration of impact and can provide insight into the putting performance for keen golfers. Larger and counterbalanced grips help to reduce the influence your wrists and hands in the putter stroke and can improve your consistency if you are struggling on the greens.

Understanding which putter hold you will use, and finding a grip size that helps you release the putter will lead to lower scores and more confidence in your short game. Sometimes simply changing your putter grip can instill a sense of excitement and improve your enjoyment with your flatstick. When choosing your next putter, first experiment with different grips to see which models you prefer.

Golf Putter Head Shape

The shape of a putter will have the largest impact on its performance. Putter help golfers align themselves to the golf ball and create a visual aid for their strokes. Putters also help create the arc that golfers make when completing their putting motions. The balance of visual and performance benefits of each putter style is important.

Blade putters offer golfers clean looks and simple alignment tools. These putters help golfers with slight and strong arcs to make effective strokes on the greens. These models can offer golfers precision on the greens but sacrifice forgiveness to mallet and perimeter weighted models, especially on longer putts.

Mallet putters offer the largest heads of all three putter groups and are thus the most forgiving. Players must balance the distracting shapes of the mallet putters in order to gain these performance benefits. Modern putter designers work hard to create models that give golfers ultimate forgiveness yet retain the craftsmanship of bladed configurations.

Perimeter weighted putters can be the best of both worlds for golfers who love the look of blades but know they need the performance benefits of mallet styles. These putters often have weighted protrusions that extend away from the club face and add stability. Golfers struggling to move away from blades should test these models to see if they can find one that fits their eye.

Face VS Mallet
Golf putter heads. Source


Golf Putter Shaft Length

The majority of putters are sold with shaft lengths between 33 and 35-inches. These off-the-rack options will fit a wide range of golfers. However, whether you are buying a new putter or having your old model re-fit, the length should be specific for your swing and your posture.

Your putter shaft should be fit so that your eyes fall directly on top of the golf ball when taking your address position. This ensures that your putter can travel back and through on the target line you have picked. Finding this position with your shaft can make a tremendous difference in your ability to hit the ball on your intended line helping you make putts with any amount of break.

Putter Length
Golf putter length. Source


Golf Putter Faces and Inserts

Putter faces are created to help you achieve the correct roll on the greens. Most putters are designed with either a solid, one-piece face or from a face outfitted with a multi-material insert. The differences in these two give rise to different feels, sounds, and performances among putter groups.

Golfers who prefer a firm feel will gravitate towards single piece club faces. The multi-material insert allows putter to be made softer and can appeal to golfers who want less distraction when putting. The performance of the grooves cut into the face or insert helps the golf ball roll quickly over itself and deviate less from its starting line.


Putter Shafts and Hosels

An important aspect of putter performance is created by the connection between the club face and the shaft. This connection is referred to as the hosel and can be made in a variety of ways. The hosel type of your putter will dominate the type of arc it wants to travel on when it is swung. These angles create toe hang which helps direct particular putters into the hands of different golfers.


Types of Putters

Types of Putters
Putters are classified based on their toe hang angles. These angles range from the face balanced minimum to the high rotation maximum. Players with strong and slight arcs will need more toe hang than golfers who use their putter in a straighter arc.

Most blade style putters are designed with hosels that promote slight to strong toe hangs. By compliment, these putters will fit golfers whose art style is more severe. Mallet and perimeter weighted options come in all angles of toe hang and fit the widest range of golfers.

Identifying a putter’s toe hang is simple. Balance the club in your hand or on the edge of a flat surface. With the club head held in suspension, the angle the club face creates to the ground defines its’ toe hang. Face balanced putters will point upwards while maximum toe hang putters point at 90 degrees from the ground.


Frequently Asked Questions

Several questions often accompany putter buying. Below, we have provided some common questions and brief explanations that help readers find the best putter for them.


Q: How do I know which putter is best for me?

A: A putter built to your swing will help you hit more consistent putts and gain confidence on the greens. Your putter head shape should match you stroke type and provide enough forgiveness to help you during mishits. If you are missing with your current putter below the hole, increasing your toe hang is recommended. Putters pushing the ball above their lines may benefit from a putter with less toe hang.


Q: What is the most important factor to consider when buying a putter?

A: Head shape, shaft length, and grip are the most important things to consider when buying your next putter. Getting these three things correct can give you the best chance of holing more putts.

Q: When should I use a putter from off the green?

A: Amateur golfers can often reduce their scores by using their putts from off the greens in bare lies and short grasses. When the ball is not lying in enough grass to strike a wedge from the middle of the club face, these small swing become more difficult. Practicing with your putter around the greens is the best way to see when you can shave strokes by using your putter rather than your wedge.

Q: Should I switch putters if I’m not putting well?

A: Changing putters does not assure a golfer that she or he will drop strokes from their scores. Often times players change their putter to help them spark confidence and change their vantage point on the green. This is a well established way to break putting slumps and help you get back on track in your short games.

Top 10 Best Putters for Women


1. Ping Vault 2.0 Putter


The Ping Vault 2.0 Putter is a well-rounded offering from Ping. Ultra-premium design and True Roll technology gives golfers enhanced feel and better performing putts. Each model is precisely weighted to fit golfers feel and stroke preferences. These putters are 100% milled and offer crips looks that golfers will love.
  • B60 Model features a clean, compact profile with geometric figures designed to help capture the ball at address
  • Tour-caliber feel, touch achieved through face technology, machined craftsmanship and quality refinements
  • Precision-Milled True Roll Face Technology ensures full-face forgiveness and soft feel for consistent ball speed


2. Odyssey Toulon Putter


The Odyssey Toulon Putter is a golf enthusiast’s dream. Beautiful lines and well articulated shapes give every Toulon putter a distinctive look. Deep Diamond Milling gives Toulon putters a performance advantage in the premium putter market. For golfer looking to sacrifice nothing in their bag, Toulon putters are everything you can want.


3. Seemore Nashville Putter


The Seemore Nashville Putter is an extenuation of the putter line made famous by Zach Johnson. By utilizing a red alignment aid on the topline of the putter, Seemore has distingushed itself from other brands. The Nashville putter is a classic take on their putter lineup. Premium milling and a face insert give the Nashville putter great feel and exceptional performance.


4. Evnroll ER7 Putter


The Envroll ER7 Putter takes the groove technolog of Evnroll and packs it into a forgiving design. Giving golfers identical ball speed across the face, the ER7 is the best putter for golfers who struggle to strike the putter face consistently. The ER7 tackles looks, feel, and performance to give golfers a better performing putter in a classic shape.
  • Evnroll ER7 Mallet
  • New


5. Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter


The Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter is a well recognized model that golfers know and trust. The Scotty Cameron brand has been validated by tour professionals and putter collectors. The Select Newport range is one of the most sought after putter styles in the world and will make a great addition to any golf bag.


6. Bettinardi BB1 Putter


The Bettinardi BB1 Putter is a beautiful piece that will make a statement. Defined by electric yellow and a black finish, the BB1 putter is sure to standout. Not only beautiful, the BB1 putter uses a Flymill milling technique that provides exclusive soft feels. Players not familiar with the Bettinardi brand should seek out the BB1.
  • 100% milled from one block of soft carbon steel, producing a memorable and distinct feel at impact with super-fly mill face milling
  • PGA Tour Proven, heel-toe weighted design for consistent feel and perfect balance
  • Durable and classic looking stealth black finish for a more glare-resistant appearance out in the Sun


7. Ping Sigma G Putter


The Ping Sigma G Putter is one of the most well thought-out putter lineups ever. With over 18 different models and configurations, the Sigma G putters offer something for everyone. The Pebax elastomer delivers consistent ball speeds and a better roll. By utilizing distinct shapes and premium milling, the Sigma G putter gives golfers the best in feel and performance.
  • Precision Milled Full Face Insert Technology ensures full face forgiveness, soft feel and performance
  • Varying depths and widths within the face pattern normalize ball speed and consistency across face
  • High energy Pebax elastomer compound behind face provide a soft feel without slowing ball speed


8. TaylorMade Spider Putter


The TaylorMade Spider Putter was the standout putter in 2018. Gaining traction of tour and in golf shops around the world, TaylorMade has made a statement with the Spider putters. Adding complete color and alignment customization in the Spider putter lineup, TaylorMade has given golfers the ability to control their flatstick in new ways. Whether you enjoy bright bold colors or subtle greys and blacks, the Spider putter can be unique to you.
  • Modern Mallet putters designed with multi materials for high MOI, stability and better pure roll
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminun core paired with heavy 304 stainless steel frame for high MOI to ensure that the face stays square to the path
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control


9. Odyssey Toe Up Putter


The Odyssey Toe Up Putter is the best putter for golfers struggling to deliver the putter back to the golf ball consistenlty. By changing the weight distrobution of a conventional putter, the Toe Up putter offer added assistance in realigning the face at impact. If you can overlook the redical visual presentation of these putters, they groove technology and toe weight design can help you hit better putts.
  • Stroke balanced for more consistency: we've engineered our stroke balanced Technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting, so you can keep the putter on line
  • Precision crafted Metal-X face for a pure roll: with our tour-proven Metal-X face, we've used a fly cut to make the face perfectly flat and a chemical etching to add the oval roll Technology, which leads to a pure roll. Perfect, down to the last detail
  • Superstroke flat so grip with counter core Technology: the toe up comes Standard with the SuperStroke flat so 1.0 grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension in the wrists and forearms


10. Rife Switchback Putter


The Rife Switchback Putter is another offering in the putter segment that can be built specifically to your swing. by giving golfers customizable toe and heel weighting, the Rife Switchback putter can be your solution to a troubled putting motion. Classic shapes coupled with modern weight technologies help make the Rife Switchback putter one of the best performers today.
  • Blue 5 Grams each
  • Silver 20 Grams each


What Putter Should You Buy?

Selecting a new putter can often mean you get a club that is better fit for you stroke and can help you improve your consistencies on the greens. Another option is to have your current putter adjusted so that the shaft and grip suit you better. No matter which option you choose, continuing to putt with a putter that is not right for you will have lasting effects on your fundamentals and putting success.

For golfers who want to experiment with different shapes and club head styles, older model putters can be a great way to do so without spending too much money. By testing these different models beyond just pro shop floors, a golfer can get a true sense of how they react with each club during their rounds.

Club buying can be confusing and there is a lot to consider when buying a putter. Remember to match the club head shape to your stroke, match the shaft length so that your eyes are directly over the golf ball, and select a grip that feels great in your hands. If you have any more questions, be sure to check out our putter buying guides and individual club reviews. Thank you for reading and happy putting!


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