Best Hybrid Golf Clubs For High Handicappers

High handicap golfers can often benefit from swapping hard to hit golf clubs for more forgiving alternatives. As the loft is decreased in a golf club, the ball becomes harder to control and is more prone to fly offline. By replacing long irons with more forgiving hybrids, golfers of all abilities can hit better shots and lower their scores. In this guide, we take you step-by-step to help you choose the best hybrid for your game.

In order to understand which hybrid is best for your game, we need to illustrate what makes this golf club unique and why so many people have switched into this game-changing design. Below we take you through each component of this club so that you can match your swing to a great new tool.

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Top 6 Best Hybrids for High Handicappers


Best All Around
TaylorMade M3 Hybrid
  • Confidence-inspiring shape with a two tone crown
  • A speed pocket increases ball speed and lowers spin
  • 3 loft sleeve for adjustable loft and lie settings.
Best Quality
Ping Golf G400 Hybrid
  • Faster, streamlined design reduces drag to deliver more distance and forgiveness on mid-to-long shots
  • Bolder Turbulators on the crown reduce aerodynamic drag and create more efficient airflow for distance
  • Maraging steel face flexes more than previous models for faster ball speeds and heightened launch
Best Quality
Callaway Golf Epic Hybrid
  • Maximum forgiveness from the ultra-light triaxial carbon crow
  • Faster ball speed from our revolutionary hyper speed face cup
  • Increased performance from the ultra-premium body frame
Most Accurate
TaylorMade M4 Hybrid
  • Two internally split mass pads that increase inertia to deliver more ball speed
  • Speed pocket that helps to increase flexibility and distance
  • Low-face strikes will be rewarded with the improved speed pocket
Best Control
Callaway Golf Rogue Hybrid
  • Jailbreak Technology For The First Time In A Hybrid
  • Industry-Leading Hyper Speed Face Cup For Increased Ball Speed
  • Easy To Launch On A Long, Straight Flight
Best Distance
Cobra King F8 Hybrid
  • Baffler rail System improves versatility and forgiveness
  • Multi Directional crown that improves drag through the downswing
  • Forged 455 stainless steel face increases ball speeds and distance


When Do You Use A Hybrid?

When To Use A Hybrid
Hybrid Golf Club. Source

Golfers often choose to use their hybrids from the tee box on longer par-3s or from the fairways and roughs of par-4s and par-5s. Hybrids are also crafted to be used to escape difficult lies in the thick grass and bunkers. The versatility of these clubs is what makes them so critical for most golfers to get right.


Finding the Best Hybrid Your Golf Game

The perfect hybrid for you provides enough distance to fill the gap between your strongest iron and highest lofted fairway wood. Your new hybrid should also allow you to interact with the grass and turf in a way that helps you make solid contact every time. Blending the right shape of the club head, the right loft, and the proper shaft together can help you create a club that makes long approach shots easier.


Hybrids often utilize the technology of fairway woods and drivers to provide golfers with increased performance benefits. However, prior model hybrids can fly just as far and give you the proper distance gapping at a fraction of the price. Players looking to save money should not worry that they cannot purchase the newest model of hybrid, older generation clubs can be built to fit your swing perfectly.

Top Hybrid Features

Club head style, loft, and shaft are the most important aspect of the hybrid golf club build. By getting these things correct in your club, you can give yourself the best chance to hit more high-quality golf shots.

Top Hybrid Features
Hyrbids come in a variety of styles. Source



The loft of the hybrid will dictate how far the golf ball flies. Hybrids usually come manufactures with a printed loft on the club head and can be adjusted through hosel setting or club building machines. When fitting yourself for a hybrid loft, make sure that the distance falls between your fairway woods and irons and is not too close to any other club you have. We want each club in your bag serving a unique purpose to arm you with all the shots you may encounter during your rounds.


With all club buying the golf shaft can help golfers improve their timing and hit more consistent golf shots Getting the right shaft in your hybrid can help you hit higher, longer golf shots that help you reach more greens. By trying different weights and flexes of shafts, you can see what performs best in your hands.

Hybrid Shafts
Types of Golf Shafts. Source callawaygolf



Hybrids are build with adjustable neck sleeves or with glued hosels. Adjustable club heads can be manipulated in the same ways that drivers and fairway woods are tooled. Glued necks can be bent similar to irons but run the risk of fracture if not done by a professional. When buying it is best to get a hybrid in the loft that helps you achieve your desired distances and leave the adjusting alone.

Hybrid Adjustability
Hybrid Adjustablity. Source


Hybrid Club Head Shapes

Hybrid club heads are designed for specific ball flights that bridge the gap between fairway metals and long irons. By positioning the weight near the club face, hybrids fly lower than fairway woods but higher than similar lofted irons. The larger the hybrid club head, the higher it will launch the golf ball and the more forgiving it will be. High handicap players are recommended to choose hybrids with larger, more forgiving profiles that fit their swing speed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions arise when golfers are in the process of buying a new hybrid. We have provided answers below to help you tackle this difficult club fitting experience.


Q: What golf clubs do hybrids replace?

A: Hybrids are created to replace long irons and higher lofted fairway woods. Golfers should use hybrids to make long approach shots easier and give themselves more options from the tee box. Hybrids do not have to replace the iron model for which they number match and it is not uncommon for players to use both a 5-hybrid and a 5-iron in their set. With all clubs, the loft and number should match the distance that you need to give yourself a proper gap throughout your bag.

Q: What is the difference between a hybrid and a driving iron?

A: A: A hybrid is designed with characteristics similar to fairway woods and driving irons most resemble irons. Hybrids promote higher launches and more spin than driving irons and are generally more forgiving. Players that struggle with long irons are not recommended to play driving irons. Higher swing players may find these new driving irons to be a great option instead of traditional irons in the lower lofts.

Q: What is the difference between a hybrid and fairway wood?

A: A: Hybrids and fairway woods can have the same loft but produce dramatically different ball flights. The smaller heads of the hybrids promote a lower and more penetrating ball flight compared to fairway metals. Hybrids have more narrow soles that can help golfers hit the ball more solidly from a multitude of different lies around the course. Many players favor the versatility of hybrids to similar lofted fairway metals in today’s game.

Top 10 Best Hybrids for High Handicapper


1. Ping G400 Hybrid


Ping makes excellent golf clubs for golfers that need forgiveness and increased club head speeds. The use of Turbulator technology and the thinnest crown Ping has ever produced in a hybrid, helps make the G400 hybrid fast and long. A high-density rear weight helps make the G400 hybrid more forgiving and provides enhanced stability on off-center strikes. High handicap players will love the traditional looks, feel, and advanced performance of the G400 hybrid.
  • Faster, streamlined design reduces drag to deliver more distance and forgiveness on mid-to-long shots
  • Bolder Turbulators on the crown reduce aerodynamic drag and create more efficient airflow for distance
  • Maraging steel face flexes more than previous models for faster ball speeds and heightened launch


2. Callaway Epic Hybrid


Callaway has created a hybrid that fits the better player’s profile yet is forgiving and provides help on mishits. The Epic hybrid is performance in a compact profile. Molded Tungsten has been infused into the club head to help Callaway engineers optimize the center of gravity and provide golfers improved performance. The adjustable hosel in the Epic hybrid allows players to dial in exact distances and their preferred ball flights.
  • Maximum forgiveness from the ultra-light triaxial carbon crow
  • Faster ball speed from our revolutionary hyper speed face cup
  • Increased performance from the ultra-premium body frame


3. Callaway Rogue Hybrid


Rogue is the first hybrid to feature Callaway’s Jailbreak technology. Exceptional at retaining ball speeds from strikes high and low in the club face, Jailbreak is utilized in the Rogue hybrid to improve the vertical forgiveness. By giving golfers a larger sweet spot top-to-bottom, the Rogue hybrid is perfect for players looking to use their hybrids primarily from the ground. High handicap players will love the confidence inspiring head shape and performance in the Rogue line of hybrids.
  • Jailbreak Technology For The First Time In A Hybrid
  • Industry-Leading Hyper Speed Face Cup For Increased Ball Speed
  • Easy To Launch On A Long, Straight Flight


4. Cobra F8 Hybrid


The Cobra F8 hybrid is built with versatility and handicap players in mind. The Baffler Rail grid on the bottom of the F8 hybrid helps the club enter and exit the turf more efficiently and loses less speed on a shot hit behind the golf ball. If you are a player who chronically struggles to strike their hybrids cleanly, the F8 can be a game-changer. Easy launching and high peak trajectories help make the F8 hybrid a great option for golfers of all abilities, especially at slower swing speeds.
  • Baffler rail System utilizes Shallower or steeper rails depending on loft and angle of attack for improved versatility and forgiveness from any lie
  • Multi Directional crown aero-innovative polymer trips positioned around the perimeter of the clubhead improve drag reduction face-on through the downswing to generate maximum clubhead speed
  • Forged 455 stainless steel face-thin, high strength stainless steel maximizes face flex for increased ball speeds and distance across all points of the face


5. Taylormade M3 Hybrid


TaylorMade has created the ultimate customization hybrid with M3. The M3 hybrid features a movable weight that can be positioned in the heel or the toe to help golfers with their shot shapes. Players fighting a slice can find relief by moving the weight towards the heel of the golf club and improve their long game. If you are someone struggling from errant tee shots and slicing fairway woods and long irons, the M3 can dial in your miss and keep you in play.
  • Confidence-inspiring shape: two-tone crown cosmetic allows for proper alignment on the most crucial shots into the greens
  • Speed pocket: the speed pocket increases ball speed and lowers spin for added distance. Increases the size of the sweet spot for more forgiveness
  • Personalization: 3 loft sleeve for adjustable loft and lie settings. The Track System Now allows for 3 grams more weight than previous models, making a total of 30g of movable weight


6. Taylormade M4 Hybrid


The M4 hybrid from TaylorMade is a simple package that delivers maximum performance. Geocoustic technology coupled with the Speed Pocket helps make M4 one of the longest hybrids available. High handicap players will love the simplicity of the M4 hybrid. TaylorMade’s most forgiving option is impressive in its ability to maintain ball speed as strikes vary across the face. If you love the look of TaylorMade hybrids and want a larger package, the M4 is perfect.
  • Two internally split mass pads that increase inertia to deliver more ball speed across the face. Two-tone crown cosmetic in a low profile shape provides a confidence-inspiring look
  • Improved speed pocket: our revolutionary speed pocket has been lengthened to increase flexibility and distance across the face
  • Low-face strikes will be rewarded with the improved speed pocket by preserving ball speeds for consistent distance


7. Mizuno Clk Hybrid Review


The CLK hybrid from Mizuno Golf is a sleek design that is loaded with technology. Crafted with a 1770 Maraging steel face and a multi-material crown the CLK hybrid delivers higher ball speeds and overall distance. The Quick Switch adaptor allows up to eight different setting that helps you dial in the exact loft to ensure you have proper distance gaps between each of your clubs. Wave technology and harmonic impact dampening ensure that every shot with the CLK feels and sounds amazing. Players looking to dial in their exact specs without sacrificing performance have an outstanding option in the CLK from Mizuno.
  • 1770 maraging steel face: an extremely strong steel allows for a thin, hot face for higher initial ball speed and overall distance
  • Waffle crown: ultralight Waffle pattern created inside crown provides discretionary weight to be used for launch optimization
  • Harmonic impact technology: fine tuned head geometry delivers ideal impact feel and feedback


8. Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrid


The Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid was made to join the Epic and Rogue lineups for the high handicap player. The OS hybrids are the largest profile in the Callaway set and promote the highest launches and greatest distances. By moving the weight as far back as the club head will allow, Callaway designers give golfers the maximum MOI and ultimate stability. Players in need of help with their hybrid and fairway wood clubs are given relief in the OS hybrid.
  • Explosive Distance from Next-Generation Hyper Speed Face Cup: Next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup promotes faster ball speed across the face, especially on off-center hits
  • Larger and Faster Face for More Ball Speed: A larger and more flexible face gives you more area to make contact with and the added flexibility pushes the COR closer to the USGA limit, promoting faster ball speed for more distance
  • Refinements to the head design include: 1) Longer heel-to-toe length that allows for a larger and more forgiving face. 2) Deeper body for increased MOI and stability. 3) Optifit hosel technology lets you easily choose from eight loft and lie settings


9. Cobra King Oversized Hybrid


Cobra’s offering for the high handicap player is the King Oversized hybrid. This hybrid houses internal tungsten weights that help drive the center of gravity low and back to increase stability and forgiveness. The King Oversized also acts to lower spin rates to give golfers longer carry distances and more roll for added length. Cobra’s proprietary SmartPad ensures that the club face sits squarely behind the ball no matter what loft and lie setting the hosel is placed in. Players who need distances in between lofts will find a great option here if they enjoy looking at a square club face at address.
  • Oversize shape-a wider, oversized club head improves confidence and increases MOI for straighter, extremely forgiving ball flight. A larger face increases the sweet spot for more speed and distance
  • Internal tungsten weighting-high Density tungsten is strategically positioned in the club head to move CG low and deep for higher launching, lower spinning ball flights that produce more distance
  • Extreme carbon fiber crown-extreme carbon fiber saves 8g of weight compared to a traditional steel Hybrid crown to move the CG low and deep for easy up-trajectories


10. Srixon H65 Hybrid


The Srixon H65 hybrid is a beautiful club made with clean lines and high contrast. The all black head matched with the silver club face helps golfers align the club easily and return their face to square at impact. Ripple Effect delivers more distance and higher launch by channeling vibration from the club’s sole. An Arc Support Channel is placed in each hybrid to compliment the loft and helps maintain spin in between clubs. Srixon’s hybrids blend nicely with one another and players looking to add multiple clubs to their bag can make a fantastic set by using more than one of the H65 from Srixon.
  • The Srixon Z H65 Hybrid is designed for maximum distance with a higher, more forgiving launch
  • New arc support channel - a crown channel is progressively deeper by loft to promote a higher launch and optimal spin across the face
  • Optimized center of gravity locations - lower lofts feature a lower center of gravity that promotes a higher initial launch


What Hybrid Should You Buy?

The hybrid you choose should look great and inspire you with confidence when you address the golf ball. The loft should help you to close the gap between your strongest iron and your smallest fairway wood. The shaft should feel comfortable and easy to swing. By testing several different brands and options you can find the shapes and profiles that help you hit your best shots.

Whenever you make the decision to purchase a new club, make sure that it is fitting nicely within the rest of your bag. We don’t want two clubs in your bag serving the same purpose and with hybrids, this can be especially challenging. Get yourself to your local pro shop or retail store and test these clubs to see that is best for your swing, but first, head over to our hybrid club reviews to get an idea of which models are designed for your swing speeds and handicap brackets. Happy testing!


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