How to Hit Hybrids?

Since the invention of the sand wedge, no technological breakthrough changed the game more than the hybrid.  All of a sudden, those three and four-irons that you struggled to hit for decades were replaced by hybrids that were forgiving and easy to hit out of any lie.

Even though hybrids have been around for quite a while now, a lot of golfers still haven’t quite figured out how to hit them properly, myself included. 

Thankfully, our Golfers Authority Instructors are here to help.  Read on for their best advice on how to hit your hybrids solid every time.

What’s So Great About Hybrids?

TaylorMade introduced the original hybrid in the early 2000s.  It was called the Rescue.  When it first came out, people thought it looked goofy because of the rounded shape that was a lot larger than iron, but smaller than a fairway wood. 

It took a while to realize that this design was ingenious.  To start, more mass in the clubhead lowered the CG and allowed golfers to hit long shots high in the air. 

It also increased MOI making hybrids much more forgiving than traditional long irons. 

The wide sole on hybrids acted like a rudder on a boat that kept the face square, even in long grass.

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How Do I Hit a Hybrid?

While hybrids have proven to be a game changer for golfers around the world, there are some fundamentals you need to get right to hit them properly. 

Like every shot in golf, it all starts with setup.  Ball position should be in the center of your stance or just forward of center. 

While your swing should feel the same with every club the in bag, you should treat hybrids more like irons than fairway woods.  That means not trying to sweep these clubs and help the ball in the air.  If you take a small divot in front of the golf ball with your hybrids, you’ll know you’re making the right move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you figure out how to hit hybrids consistently, they really can change your game.  If you’re new to them however, chances are you have some questions.

Are Hybrids Easy to Hit?

This is a bit of a loaded question.  On one hand, they’re a lot easier to hit than the three and four-irons you probably carried for so many years.  They’re more forgiving, easier to get in the air, and they go farther.

But they take some getting used to.  And until you do, they can be a little tricky to figure out.

How Many Hybrids Do I Need?

Most amateurs carry either two or three hybrids.  They’re usually meant to replace your three, four, and five-irons. 

The key is to make sure your hybrid makeup doesn’t leave any large gaps in your yardages. 

For golfers that have trouble hitting their mid and short irons, more hybrids may be needed.


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Can You Hit Hybrids Off the Tee?

Absolutely!  Hybrids are a great option on long par threes and tight par fours where you need to find the fairway. 

The important thing to remember is that you’re not trying to hit hybrids as far as you can like you would with a driver.  Instead, you’re trying to make solid contact and get the ball in play.

How Much Do Hybrids Cost?

It depends on the manufacturer.  If you don’t play a lot of golf or are on a budget, you can find hybrids for much less than $200 a club. 

On the other hand, the most technologically advanced hybrids from the game’s most notable manufacturers are going to cost you a little more money.

Like most everything in golf, you get what you pay for.


There’s no question that hybrids can help you shoot lower scores and have more fun on the golf course.  Their unique design provides more forgiveness, increases distance and trajectory, and makes them useful from almost any lie. 

They aren’t the magic pill, however.  There are some things you need to keep in mind.  If you follow the advice above and put in a little practice, chances are you’ll figure hybrids out pretty quick.

Paul Liberatore
Paul Liberatore

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