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Best Golf Grip Tape for 2020

All the time spent on the range, the course and your short game is only helpful when you get a good grip of your club.  Players use their clubs for years and don’t realize how much wear and tear their grip has taken. If your club doesn’t have a secure grip, then your golf game is going to suffer.  After some time, players will be able to feel that their grip isn’t nearly up to the quality they were. We’ve gone through the options and broke down the best golf grip tapes available on the market today.  After reading this review you’ll be sure to get a grip on your golf swing again.

Top 6 Best Golf Grip Tape

Best Overall
Brampton Strips
• Easy to use pre-cut strips
• Crepe backing for easy removal and application
• Effortless removal leaving no sticky residue
Best Kit
Wedge Guys Grip Tape
• Complete Kit - everything you need to regrip
• Non-toxic and safe to use solvent with spray bottle
• Rubber vise clamp to prevent slippage
Most Popular
Dynacraft Professional Grip Tape
• 2 inches wide by 36 yards in length
• Double sided solvent based grip tape
• Designed for longevity
Easy To Use
Viking Regripping Kit
• 15 strips measuring 2 X 10.5"
• 4 oz bottle of high quality solvent
• Easy to follow instructions
Best Feel
Intertape 691 Premium Grip Tape
• 2 inches wide by 36 yards in length
• Double sided solvent based grip tape
• Thicker tape for more cushion feel
Highest Quality
Shurtape Grip Tape
• Adhesion to any shaft material
• Wrinkle resistant
• Industry favorite

Most golfers aren’t aware of all the different golf grip tapes available. While most golf grip tape is similar, there are some important details to look for. Paying attention to these details can enhance your game and allow you to have a better experience.

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What To Consider When Buying Golf Grip Tape

When selecting golf grip tape for your clubs, there are two certain things to take into consideration.


The composition of the material is very important when selecting a product. The material used can tell a lot about the research, design and quality. Grip tape that has a double-sided stick ensures the best results. Some grip tape is thicker than others, which is a great additional feature because it results in more cushioning for the player.


Another important aspect this review took into consideration is that all the products are safe and non-toxic. A solvent can be a very strong and possibly harmful material, so it’s critical that they are produced safely. Key points such as odor-less, non-chemical, non-flammable and the compound of sticky residue on the tape are noted.

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What Type Of Golf Grip Is Right For Me?

Do You Need A Complete Kit?

For those that have regripped before, you would only need to buy selected items you are in need of. Some golfers may already have solvent or curved carpenter’s knives. For first timers, a full kit would be the best choice. These kits have everything you may need plus items like a vice that can make the regrip experience go smoothly.

Precut Grip Strips Or Rolled Grip Tape?

Selecting between pre-cut strips and rolls of regrip tape is really a personal choice. Most players find the precut strips to be very convenient and have less wasted material at the end of their project. The benefit of using a rolled regrip tape is that you have the ability to apply an extra layer to provide additional cushioning.

What About Exterior Grip Tape?

All but one of the products listed in this review are regrip tapes for underneath the new grip you are installing. However, items such as the Mueller Golfer’s Tape is an outer tape, meaning it’s meant to be wrapped on top of the existing grip. This is more a temporary fix for when you are on the course during play and ultimately you will need to regrip your club.

Reviews of the Best Golf Grip Tape

Below we have described and reviewed 10 of the best golf grip tapes on the market today.

1. Brampton Strips

If you have re-gripped you clubs before and are just looking for new tape strips, the Brampton Grip Strips are designed for an easy experience.  These pre-cut strips come with a speciality paper known as crepe, which allows the strips that are double coated to be exposed easily for regripping.  There won’t be any issues with fingerprints, hair and other debris getting stuck to the adhesive and the tape will remove with no residue behind. If easy and effortless is what you are looking for in grip tape then the Brampton Strips is one to check out.

2. Wedge Guys Grip Tape

If you are looking to renew the grip of your clubs, the Wedge Guys kit is the better one to do it with.  There won’t be any need to go searching for the different tools you may need, this kit conveniently provides everything.  The carpenter utility knife makes the removal of your old grip an easy task while the rubber vice helps your shaft stay put. This particular tape strip is designed with a superior double-sided adhesive that will ensure a strong grip and traction.  As with most grip tape, a solvent is needed and Wedge Guys’ solvent is high quality and even smells like citrus. The Wedge Guys Grip Kit is a great choice for those looking to start the process right away.

  • MADE IN THE USA - The Wedge Guys Golf Grip Kit is Made in the USA to ensure professional quality and contains everything you need to easily regrip up to 15 golf clubs from the comfort of your own home.
  • GRIP TAPE STRIPS – The Wedge Guys Regripping Club Kit includes 15 2” x 10” premium double sided adhesive grip tape strips that are easy-to-peel and won’t bunch up during installation.
  • GRIP SOLVENT – The high quality Grip Solvent included in the Wedge Guys Golf Club Grip Kit comes in a 4 oz bottle with squirt spout and is non-flammable, non-toxic, citrus scent and works on all tape.
  • RUBBER VISE CLAMP – Made of thick durable rubber, the included 3 ½” rubber vise clamp features shoulder grip wedges to prevent slippage while your club is in the vise and can be used for all your golf repair needs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We’re pleased to be able to offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee with every Wedge Guys Golf Grip Kit purchase. (Make sure you are purchasing from the Wedge Guys seller store to ensure quality)

3. Dynacraft Professional Grip Tape

Most people feel more comfortable using the same materials that the industry does and Dynacraft offers just that.  Known as the industry standard grip tape, this product is designed for durability and longevity. The double-sided stick design is easy to use, suggested being applied lengthwise on the shaft.  The adhesive is activated by solvent, which is included, ensuring better durability and long lasting stickiness. For golfers looking to keep their clubs as pristine as the day they purchased them, the Dynacraft Profession Grip Tape is highly recommended.  

  • 2 inches wide by 36 yards
  • Double sided solvent based grip tape
  • Great for re-gripping your clubs

4. Viking Regripping Kit

Very popular for its high quality brand and solvent, the Viking Regripping Kit a professional favorite.  Don’t let the simplicity fool you, Viking’s dedication to quality products comes through in the 13 double coated strips. These strips are extremely durable and stick really well to the shaft and the new grip.  Utilizing the easy to follow instructions, anyone would be able to remove the previous grip tape and achieve their desired results. Be sure to check the Viking Regripping Kit if you are looking for a kit that will help you from start to finish.

  • New and Improved Professional Quality Tape 15- 2 x 10.5" Strips
  • 4 oz Bottle of Grip Tape Activator
  • Do It Yourself Golf Club Gripping
  • Take Pride In Your Golf Game and Replace Your Grips

5. Intertape 591 Premium Grip Tape

The Intertape 591 Premium Grip Tape is one of the best grip tapes to use if you are looking for comfort and cushioning.  The double-sided design features an easy release crepe paper liner for effortless application. Being wider and thicker than most other grip tapes, this product doesn’t need to be wrapped repeatedly.  The thicker tape gives plenty of cushioning with fewer layers and extends the life of the product.  

  • 2 inches wide by 36 yards long
  • Double sided solvent based grip tape
  • Thicker tape with quick release crepe Paper liner

6. Shurtape Grip Tape

The Shurtape Grip Tape is very similar to the other rolled grip tapes available but this product is designed for speciality golf clubs.  The adhesion works well with any shaft surface from titanium, steel and graphite. The quality of this grip tape is obvious due to its wrinkle-resistant aspect, even with slip-on grips.  Designed for quality, the Shurtape Grip Tape is a superb choice but you would need to supply the solvent that is sold separately.

7. Club Repair Yard Roll Grip Tape

The best part about high end brands is that they focus on providing their customers’ even better gear as time goes on.  The Club Repair Yard Roll is a new and improved tape that’s extra sticky and provides players extra comfort. This is a great product for those that have regripped their clubs before, the tape is very tacky but this only ensures a better fit.  However, the roll is rather large and comes with plenty of material if a mistake happens. For those looking to secure their grips the best they can, the Club Repair Yard Roll is a great option.

8. Dynacraft Complete Grip Kit

 For golfers wanted to regrip their golf set in the comfort of home, the Dynacraft Complete Kit has made it extremely simple.  The key factor in this set is the vinyl shaft clamp that is included. This clamp makes it easy for a golfer to protect and secure any type of shaft.  Combined with the grip solvent that’s included as a convenient spray, the chances of wasting strips greatly declines. If you’re looking to take on regripping your clubs over a weekend the Dynacraft Complete Grip Kit is the way to go.

  • REGRIPPING MADE EASY - Replace grips yourself with a vise and the all-in-one Dynacraft Complete Golf Gripping Kit in the comfort of your home or workshop. Easy to follow instructions included.
  • CONVENIENT INDIVIDUAL GRIP TAPE STRIPS - Includes 13 strips of 2†wide x 10†long premium double-sided solvent-activated grip tape with easy release peel off liner.
  • VINYL SHAFT CLAMP - This durable, 3.25†long rubber vise clamp will protect and secure any type of shaft material in your vise. Also, great for all-around club repair.
  • NON-TOXIC - NON-FLAMMABLE - LOW ODOR GRIP SOLVENT - 4 ounces of grip solvent in convenient pump spray bottle- less waste and mess than pouring! More than enough solvent to re-grip a set.
  • MADE IN THE USA - All components are proudly made in America

9. GolfWorks Double-Sided Grip Tape

Ask most golf shops and they will tell you that GolfWorks Double-Sided Grip Tape is one of the best quality grip tapes around.  The feature that makes this tape stand out is the fact it’s designed for slip-on rubber, synthetic and even leather grips. This assures that the individual using it won’t get any wrinkle effects during the application process.  High quality solvent provides a quality stick that makes this product well worth it.

  • The industry standard tape for installing slip-on or leather grips. Sticky on both sides and activated with solvent.
  • Perfect for re-gripping your clubs!
  • Golfworks Authentic!

10. Mueller Golfer’s Tape

Imagine being out on the course and reaching for your wedge, only to see that the grip has started to split apart.  In comes Mueller Golfer’s Tape, the easy to rip and on the spot fix for moments like this. While this product is not to be used for completely regripping your club, it is great to use temporarily.  The lightweight, elastic material is porous and sweat resistant for comfort. These features help prevent blisters from surfacing even during the warmest of days. Application is easy due to the self adhesive that sticks to itself but not to hair or skin and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind.  If you like being prepared for a day on the course, the Mueller Golfer’s Tape is great to have in your bag.

  • STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE TAPE – Capable of adhering to itself and will not stick to hair, skin or fabric while leaving no sticky residue behind. No need for clips or fasteners to stay secure and is pain-free to remove.
  • ELASTIC AND COMFORTABLE – The tape is lightweight and tears easily for custom finger application all while maintaining full mobility.
  • SKIN PROTECTION – Help’s prevent finger blisters when gripping sports equipment, such as golf clubs, hockey and lacrosse sticks, cricket and baseball bats. Ideal where gloves may not be suitable.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE MATERIAL - Made of high quality sturdy, yet porous, fabric allowing airflow to the skin. Material is sweat-resistant and will not lose grip. SIZE: 2.5cm x 4.5m Available as: 1” x 5yd stretched (2 PACK)
  • ENHANCE PERFORMANCE – Trusted brand used by the pros, this tape is convenient to place into your sports bag and will promote the healing process so you can keep a strong grip on your gear. It can even be applied to the deck of a skateboard to improve rider control!


The whole basis to golf grip tape is simply to help ensure your grip stays firm and sturdy.  A good routine would be to replace your golf grips every six months if you play more than three days a week.  Golf grip tape is part of the grip replacing process and is crucial to the golf club as well as the player. Keeping your golf clubs in pristine condition from grip to toe, will make your swing feel better and in turn help you play better. 


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