The Rock Golf Course and Resort

6695 yrd

Unleash Your Inner Golfer at The Rock Golf Course and Resort

The Rock Golf Course and Resort, located at 171 Sliding Rock Rd. in Pickens, SC, is the ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable golfing experience. Nestled amidst a majestic forest, this haven offers much more than just a golf course.

One of the top features of The Rock Golf Course and Resort is its picturesque setting. Surrounded by lush greenery and towering trees, the fairways provide a tranquil backdrop for your game. As you navigate through the course, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views at every turn.

Another standout feature of this resort is its challenging course length. Spanning an impressive 6695 yards, the course is designed to test your skills and push you to your limits. With each shot, you’ll need to strategize and execute with precision, making every moment on the course an exhilarating experience.

In addition to golf, The Rock Golf Course and Resort offers a range of other activities to keep you entertained. Whether you’re a water enthusiast or prefer exploring scenic hiking trails, there’s something for everyone. Take a break from the greens and embark on a thrilling water adventure or immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you hike through the surrounding trails.

Booking your incredible golfing getaway at The Rock Golf Course and Resort is a decision you won’t regret. From the stunning setting to the challenging course and the plethora of additional activities, this destination is a golfer’s paradise. So, don’t hesitate to contact The Rock Golf Course and Resort today and unleash your inner golfer in this extraordinary golfing haven.

What Golfers Love Most About The Rock Golf Course and Resort

  • Picturesque setting surrounded by a majestic forest
  • Challenging course length of 6695 yards
  • Breathtaking views at every turn
  • Range of other activities including water adventures and scenic hiking trails
  • The tranquil and serene atmosphere
  • Unforgettable golfing experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost of a Round of Golf at the Rock Golf Course and Resort?

The cost of a round of golf at The Rock Golf Course and Resort depends on the type of membership you choose. Are there any discounts for residents? Let’s find out more about the pricing options.

Are Golf Carts Available for Rent at the Resort?

Yes, golf carts are available for rent at the resort. They provide convenience and ease of transportation around the golf course. Enjoy the freedom to focus on your game without the extra physical exertion.

Can Guests Bring Their Golf Clubs or Are Rentals Available?

Yes, you can bring your golf clubs or rent them at The Rock Golf Course and Resort. Bringing your clubs allows for familiarity, but rentals provide convenience and the opportunity to try different equipment.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Attire or Dress Code for Golfers at the Resort?

Are there any restrictions on the attire or dress code for golfers at the resort? What are the golfers’ dress code restrictions? What are the dress code regulations for golfers at the resort?

Are There Any Dining Options Available at the Rock Golf Course and Resort?

Looking to satisfy your taste buds? The Rock Golf Course and Resort offers a variety of dining options, perfect for any occasion. From casual meals to special events, indulge in delicious cuisine while enjoying the serene surroundings.

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Paul Liberatore

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