Ship Sticks Review

I distinctly remember the child-like anticipation I had the night before I embarked on my annual week-long guys’ golf trip to Bandon Dunes. Beautiful skies, good company, and world-class golf courses beckoned, and I couldn’t have been more excited. My 5:00 a.m. flight had only one stop in San Francisco and first tee was at 1:30 p.m.

The morning of my departure could not have gone any worse. Upon arriving for check-in at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, I was told that my travel bag exceeded the 50-pound limit. This resulted in me paying a $125 fee. Everything went smoothly in San Francisco, but when I landed in North Bend, my golf clubs were nowhere to be found. I made it through the hassle of opening a claim with the baggage people and was assured that my clubs would be delivered to my condo by the end of the day. My clubs finally arrived the morning of our third day. Upon inspection, I discovered that my driver head was broken and the zipper on my ball pocket was also damaged. What was supposed to be the trip of the year was quickly soured by the uncertainty of traveling with golf clubs. The airlines inability to adequately care for my belongings added disappointment to my itinerary. That is when my friend Scott, rather untimely, told me that I should have used Ship Sticks. 

What is Ship Sticks?

Ship Sticks

U.S. airlines collect several billion dollars every year in baggage fees and “mishandle” north of 20 million pieces of luggage. These kinds of numbers make any traveling golfer nervous and most of us have likely fallen victim to damaged luggage or clubs at some point.

Founded in 2011 by a group of seasoned golfers, Ship Sticks provides a user-friendly service that takes the hassle of checking bags and dealing with mishandled luggage completely out of the equation. For a fee cheaper than what many airlines charge to check bags, they pick up your clubs and luggage from your home, country club, office, or hotel. They make sure that everything arrives safe and secure at your destination by the time you get there. No more dealing with lost or damage items or excessive baggage fees. Originally founded as a service for shipping golf clubs, Ship Sticks also ships your luggage and even skis or snowboards to over 3,500 facilities in some 220 countries across the globe. 

How Does the Process Work?

Ship Sticks Review

In an effort to avoid the fiasco I dealt with on my trip to Bandon Dunes last year, I decided to give Ship Sticks a try. I booked with them for a wedding in Dallas this past spring. The process was simple, and my clubs arrived at my destination on time and undamaged.

Setting up the shipment was straightforward on the Ship Sticks website. From the home page, simply clicking the Ship Now icon takes you to a screen where you fill out some basic information. All you have to do is to fill out your pickup and drop off location details and your arrival and departure times. After you’ve filled out the necessary fields, click Continue to login and complete the order process. Once your shipment is scheduled, just print and attach the labels to your travel case and you’re all set. You’ll also receive a confirmation email with all the details immediately after you complete your order.

Once your clubs are picked up by the delivery driver, you’ll be able to easily track your shipment the entire way. Using the tracking number in your confirmation email, simply go to the tracking page on the Ship Sticks website to get real-time information about where your clubs are. The Ship Sticks tracking team monitors each and every shipment internally. If anything arises during the process, their friendly staff are readily available and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Finally, when your clubs arrive, you’ll receive one last email putting your mind at ease that your clubs have been delivered. 

Why Use Ship Sticks?

Ship Sticks Review

Ever since my trip to Dallas, there is no doubt that I will be using Ship Sticks whenever I travel with my clubs. Since they are not a shipping center, they take extra care to see that your clubs and luggage receive the utmost care. The obvious reasons for using Ship Sticks is to avoid excessive baggage fees, and the inconvenience of schlepping your bags through the airport. With Ship Sticks, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your clubs will arrive on-time and undamaged.

The company sets itself apart from other shipping companies in a number of other ways. If you’re going to be traveling internationally, you take on greater risk of lost or damaged luggage with numerous connecting flights and having to get through customs. Ship Sticks takes care of all this for you. If you’re only going to be playing golf for part of your trip abroad, Ships Sticks International will pick up your clubs after your last round and deliver them to your home or country club. This way you won’t have to worry about lugging them around for the remainder of your trip.

Ship Skis

Maybe you put your clubs away during the winter to hit the slopes with your skis or snowboard instead. Traveling with winter equipment can be just as cumbersome as traveling with golf clubs. Partnered with ski resorts throughout North America and world-wide, Ship Skis takes the hassle out of lugging bags of heavy ski gear around. They eliminate the time wasted waiting at baggage claim and securely deliver your skis and snowboard on-time. The process is simple and easy and comes with the same guarantees of Ship Sticks. Shipment sizes come in a variety of weight ranges making it easy for everyone, from children to adults, to ship their gear. They provide complimentary insurance, allowing you to purchase additional if needed. In the rare event that something does happen to your equipment during travel, Ship Skis offers shipment protection on every shipment. Their on-time guarantee means you’ll be able to spend more time hitting the slopes and less time waiting around for your gear to show up.


Want to take the hassle of checking bags completely out of the equation? Ship Sticks provides the same great service for luggage as well. No more waiting in line at the airport counter or for your bags to show up at the baggage claim. With the ability to ship to multiple destinations in the same trip, they offer the same on-time guarantee, and the option to ship multiple pieces of luggage. Their dedicated customer service team makes sure every shipment goes smoothly. With Ship Sticks, you’ll never have to deal with buying new clothes or sleeping without your favorite pillow again. 

Why We Love Ship Sticks!

There is no denying that Ship Sticks has revolutionized modern travel. Ship Sticks provides a service unlike any other for anyone that travels with heavy bags or equipment. They constantly deliver on their promise of a safe and on-time guarantee. Alleviating the hassle of long lines, expensive fees, and the uncertainty of luggage delivery goes a long way in helping everyone enjoy their time away to the fullest. You can bet that when I travel to Palm Springs in a couple of months for my annual boys’ trip, I’ll be using Ship Sticks. Let’s just hope my golf wins me back all the money that I lost last year. 

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Ship Sticks Review

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