Shanty Creek Resort – Cedar River Course

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Shanty Creek Resort is the ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience. Nestled in the heart of Michigan, this resort boasts five incredible golf courses that will leave you in awe.

Each course offers its unique charm and breathtaking views, ensuring that every round of golf is a memorable one.

One of the top features of Shanty Creek Resort is the Cedar River Golf Course. Known for its challenging layout, this course will put your skills to the test. With strategically placed bunkers, water hazards, and undulating greens, Cedar River is a true golfer’s paradise.

Another must-play course at Shanty Creek Resort is The Legend Golf Club. This legendary layout has garnered praise from golfers of all skill levels. With its scenic beauty and well-manicured fairways, The Legend Golf Club offers an unforgettable golfing experience.

Hawks Eye Golf Club is another gem at Shanty Creek Resort. This course is known for its stunning views of the surrounding countryside and its challenging design. With its rolling terrain and strategically placed hazards, Hawks Eye will keep you on your toes throughout your round.

Schuss Mountain Golf Club is another course that shouldn’t be missed. Set against the backdrop of Schuss Mountain, this course offers a unique golfing experience. With its tree-lined fairways and picturesque views, Schuss Mountain is a favorite amongst golfers.

Summit Golf Club is the perfect course for those looking to perfect their short game. This par-3 course features meticulously maintained greens and challenging hole layouts. It provides a great opportunity to work on your iron shots and hone your skills.

With its stunning courses and breathtaking views, Shanty Creek Resort is the ultimate destination for golfers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this resort offers something for everyone. Pack your clubs and get ready to tee off at Shanty Creek Resort for an unforgettable golfing adventure.

What Golfers Love Most About Shanty Creek Resort – Cedar River Course

  • Five incredible golf courses offering unique charm and breathtaking views
  • The challenging layout at Cedar River Golf Course
  • Legendary layout at The Legend Golf Club
  • Stunning views and challenging design at Hawks Eye Golf Club
  • The picturesque setting at Schuss Mountain Golf Club
  • Perfecting your short game at Summit Golf Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Golf at Cedar River Golf Course on Mondays and Tuesdays?

Yes, you can play golf at Cedar River Golf Course on Mondays and Tuesdays. Tee times are available on weekdays, allowing you to enjoy a round of golf on those specific days.

How Many Stars Did the Legend Golf Club Receive From Golf Digest?

The Legend Golf Club received 4½ stars from Golf Digest. The best time to play golf at Cedar River Golf Course is any day except Mondays after noon and Tuesdays. Hawks Eye Golf Club has water hazards on 9 of 18 holes. Schuss Mountain Golf Club is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Summit Golf Club has a Par Three tee box on every hole.

Are There Any Water Hazards at Hawks Eye Golf Club?

Yes, there are water hazards at Hawks Eye Golf Club. They add to the challenge of the course, with water on 9 of the 18 holes. You’ll need to strategize and navigate them carefully.

Is Schuss Mountain Golf Club Open on Mondays and Tuesdays?

Yes, Schuss Mountain Golf Club is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re looking to play on those days, you might want to check out Cedar River Golf Course as it is also closed on Mondays after noon and Tuesdays.

Does Summit Golf Club Have a Par Three Tee Box on Every Hole?

Yes, Summit Golf Club has a par three-tee box on every hole. These tee boxes provide par three challenges, allowing you to test your short-game skills and develop your precision and accuracy.

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