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Kraken Golf features the creations of machinist and golfer Marc Cordeira. Marc has done more than refine an old tradition: He has started a new one. Guided by a devotion to creating unique, visually appealing golf heirlooms. He fuses unique finishes and textures with new designs to create interesting golf everyday carry (EDC).  Marc makes everything in one-of-a-kind to small batches from his workshop near Cape Cod Massachusetts. He draws inspiration from the lazy ocean communities rich in fishing tradition.

Paul Liberatore Paul Liberatore
February 27, 2020
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You will get: Kraken Golf products are all handmade in-house in Cape Cod and pay respect to the fishing tradition associated with the name. Each piece is built with the tightest tolerances possible and extreme attention to detail and finishing aesthetics. The wide range of accessories available at Kraken help players of all types find something to commemorate their favorite golfing moments.

Golf is a sport that has always inspired craftsmen to create unique pieces that can define moments and inspire. Kraken Golf attempts to deliver handmade works of functional art that help golfers celebrate their favorite things in life or in golf with elegance and absolute attention to detail. Kraken Golf was born due to a passion of golf and a love for machining. Everything Kraken makes is create in limited or small-batch quantities for everyday carry (EDC).


Key Features

  • Each piece or heirloom is handcrafted in limited runs and small batches to ensure quality and uniqueness.
  • Custom options are available to help players find one-of-a-kind gifts and keepsakes for themselves or others.
  • Kraken golf products range from ball markers and divot tools to fully milled custom putters.

Should You Buy a Kraken Golf Product?

Like with many of the most unique products in golf, buyers of Kraken products choose to become customers because they believe in the message and they want to pay homage to the quality of Marc’s work. Ball markers are often collectable items for many die hard golf fans. Adding a one-of-a-kind piece to your collection can be a great idea. Kraken putters and other tools may add value to your while out on the course and are certain to be the center of attention when they show up in your bag.

The Kraken Golf Story – From The Founder

Kraken Golf products began as a fusion of passion by golfer and machinist Marc Cordeira. Marc creates pieces with the utmost attention to detail and precision for craftsmanship. Each Kraken product is a combination of finishes and textures to create a truly breathtaking blend of golf functionality with an everyday carry style. Kraken is proud to call Cape Cod Massachusetts home and create everything in-house and draws its name from the fishing traditions of the nearby water.



Kraken Golf accessories are machine crafted and finished by hand. Products can be purchased online and include putters, ball markers, divot tools, and apparel, other custom accessories. Many Kraken releases are extremely limited, and we would advise signing up for their newsletter to be sure you do not miss any of their limited runs.

Our Experience

For our review, Kraken Golf sent golf ball markers for us to test and evaluate for ourselves. The ball markers are handcrafted custom pieces that really are something to behold. Like a perfectly milled putter or your favorite luxury watch, Kraken products all hold a certain elegance that can be difficult to describe. While it is doubtful any functional work of art can truly be a revolution in anyone’s golf game, it is undeniable that the joy of golf can be put on full display in unique pieces captured by Marc outstanding talents. 


The rich tradition of golf is one of the things that is sacred to many players. Kraken Golf provides a nod to tradition and singular craftsmanship by creating products that not only look great in a showroom or on a shelf but that players and golfers can actually use. While it may be a luxury in golf to spend your time and money on commemorative items, the beauty and uniqueness of Kraken make them impossible to ignore.

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Kraken Golf Review
Kraken Golf Review


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