Best Kirkland Golf Balls

Are you a golfer looking for Tour-caliber performance but you don’t like the idea of breaking the bank for a box of golf balls? This is a dilemma for many players. No one likes to pay a premium for high-quality golf balls, but sometimes we just have to pay the high price for the golf balls that help us play our best game of golf.

Tour-level golf balls can improve golfers ability and their performance on the golf course. High performance golf balls can even improve swing speed and provide golfers with their best game.

Many golfers will go with the highest prize golf balls but not always the most expensive golf balls are the best one. Golfers should always seek best value for money. This was the reality until Kirkland Golf unveiled its Tour-level golf balls, which are available at an affordable price.

Best Kirkland Golf Ball

3-Piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

Introducing ​the​ ​Kirkland​ ​Signature​ ​Performance Plus​ three-piece​ ​urethane​ ​cover​ ​golf​ ​ball, ​ ​a​ ...
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4-Piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

This four-piece, tour quality ball is encased in a urethane cover, providing a very soft feel, so you won't have to ...
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About Kirkland Golf Balls

Every golfer knows about big-name golf balls brands like Titleist, Srixon, or TaylorMade, but Costco’s Kirkland Golf Signature ball might be a bit of a surprise to some players. After all, most people associate Kirkland with normal household items rather than golf equipment. But if there are two words that consumers associate with Kirkland products, they are affordability and quality.

That is number one benefit and crucial factor when you decide to buy Kirkland golf balls. Even still, golfers have been surprised by the excellent performance of Kirkland’s original 4-Piece golf balls. Costco started selling these 4-Piece Kirkland Golf Signature Balls in 2016 for an incredible price of $29.99 for two dozen golf balls. These golf balls were so successful that Costco struggled to keep them on the shelves. Golfers were extremely impressed at the quality and performance of these golf balls at the astounding price.

However, Acushnet, the parent company of Titleist, was not happy with the selling performance of Kirkland’s golf balls. Acushnet took Costco to court because Acushnet claimed that Kirkland’s ball infringed on Acushnet’s patents and their rights reserved for its wildly successful (and expensive) Pro V1 golf balls. Acushnet also claimed that Costco falsely advertised that its golf balls “will meet or exceed quality standards of leading national brands.” Unfortunately for Acushnet, its lawsuit didn’t get off the ground because

Costco did not manufacture the golf balls, they only sold them. If Acushnet was going to take anyone to court, it should have gone after the South Korean manufacturer Nassau Golf, that also produces TaylorMade golf balls. In response, Kirkland Golf also began selling a 3-Piece golf balls, but it also continues to sell its successful 4-Piece ball.

Types of Kirkland Golf Balls?

The Kirkland Golf Signature 3-Piece design Ball is Kirkland’s newer ball made after its legal situation with Acushnet. These 3 piece balls are built more for an average golfer looking for medium spin both off the tee and around the greens. The 3-Piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball may not be the same Tour-caliber ball as the 4-Piece, but it is still available at an excellent price.

Some could argue a real steal compared to nearly any ball on the market.The Kirkland Signature 4-Piece Golf Ball is made to be very similar to a Tour ball. This ball produces high spin for a high performance, which is generally what better players look for in their golf ball.

This ball has a very similar performance to a Titleist Pro V1, where it will have good distance along with excellent feel and control. It is made for a lower handicap golfer who is looking for a premium quality golf balls that will perform very well but is also available at an affordable cost.

Why Use a Kirkland Golf Ball?

What makes the Kirkland Golf Signature golf balls stand out from their competition is their amazing pricing and best value for money. Its 4-Piece Golf Ball is comparable in performance and quality to a Titleist ProV1, but is available at a third of the price. So you will get high quality performance ball for the price as two piece design ball. Even comparing the 3-Piece Ball to a typical mid-priced golf ball, it is around half the price.

This is definitely the best part of the Kirkland Golf Balls, since any player knows that golf is certainly an expensive sport, being able to save money on golf balls is very welcome. These two golf balls perform very well for their targeted golfers. The 4-Piece Golf Ball targets lower handicap golfers who are looking for a high-performance golf ball.

The 4-Piece will provide excellent work-ability along with fantastic feel and greenside control. The 3-Piece Kirkland Golf Ball is designed for a more typical golfer who is looking for a consistent all-around golf ball. Ball that will provide them with nice soft feel, control around the green and proper distance. Both golf balls will perform well for specific types of players and will help them to play their best game of golf.

Kirkland Golf Balls Video Review

Here is a great overview of the GX7 Driver from our friends at USGolfTV:

Reviews of the Best Kirkland Golf Ball

In this section we will take a closer look at four of the best-selling and most well-loved Kirkland Golf Balls on the market today. 

3-Piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

The 3-Piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball is made for the average golfer looking for an excellent priced golf ball with high quality. This 3 piece design ball provides medium spin from both the driver and around the greens, so it does not have Tour-ball qualities, but it is a good ball for a mid- or high-handicap golfer.

Also great golf balls for golfers who struggle with their swing speed. It is made with three layers and has a 338-dimple cover. The cover features a urethane cover outer, which gives it a very soft feel while maintaining durability.This Kirkland signature golf ball is perfect for the mid- or high-handicap golfer looking to increase accuracy from off the tee and could help control the short game as well.

The medium spin characteristics on this ball means that you wouldn’t need to sacrifice one strength of the game for weakness in another. What is so great about this Kirkland Golf Ball is the price and best value for money, since you are paying a fraction of the price of a comparable golf ball from a different company.

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4-Piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

The Kirkland Signature 4-Piece Golf Ball is designed for the better golfer who is looking for good distance and excellent control on approach shots and around the green. This ball is built with a 360-dimple design on its durable yet soft urethane cover, which allows for both an excellent soft feel while also optimizing spin characteristics.

You do not need to trade distance to get more feel from this ball. The 4-Piece Golf Ball also has a urethane cover, an outer core, a mantle, and a large core, which is designed for optimal distance and spin. The inner mantle of these golf balls interacts with its core for more ball speed distance and control. The high quality construction also provide long lasting durability.

These Kirkland golf balls also provide great energy transfer for all types of swing speed players. The key to this golf ball is that it offers performance comparable to the finest Tour balls, but it is available at a third of the price, which is game-changing for good golfers who want a great golf ball at an affordable price.

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Kirkland’s Signature golf balls certainly live up to the quality that is synonymous with the Kirkland name. With Kirkland’s 3-Piece Golf Ball, Kirkland Golf company gives a ball that will help a mid- to high-handicap golfer find more consistency in his or her play.

Kirkland’s 4-Piece Golf Ball is a Tour-caliber golf ball for a better player looking to play his or her best golf. Even though Kirkland golf sector do not put more in creating more types of golf balls their offer is great for any golfer. Their design and research sector want to improve their golf clubs more.

Most importantly for these two golf balls is that they are available at an excellent price that any golfer will like they have best value for money.


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Vic Montoya

Can’t find these anywhere… They’re the best phantom balls as well!

Will Rowland

Two local Costco in both Mass. & NH never have a Kirkland ball in stock. I order the 3 piece on-line from Costco. To my knowledge the 4-piece ball hasn’t been sold in a few years. You might also like to check out the Kirkland golf glove.

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