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Jacoby Golf Course, located on the east side of the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, is a legendary golf course that offers a unique and challenging experience for golf enthusiasts. With its impressive length of 6,855 yards, the course caters to golfers of all skill levels, providing an exciting and enjoyable round of golf. However, time is running out to play a round at this exceptional course, as the final day to tee off is Tuesday, October 24th. So, don’t delay and book your tee times now to secure your spot and make the most of this unforgettable golfing opportunity.

What Golfers Love Most About Jacoby Golf Course

  1. Convenient Location: Situated on the east side of the University of Wyoming campus, the course is easily accessible for locals and visitors alike.
  2. Challenging Layout: With its length measuring 6,855 yards, Jacoby Golf Course offers a challenging layout that will put your skills to the test. It provides a great opportunity for golfers looking to improve their game and enjoy a rewarding golfing experience.
  3. Scenic Beauty: The course is known for its picturesque surroundings, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Golfers can enjoy the beauty of nature while playing a round of golf.
  4. Well-Maintained Greens: The course boasts well-maintained greens that are in excellent condition, providing a smooth and enjoyable putting experience.
  5. Variety of Holes: Jacoby Golf Course features a variety of holes, each with its unique challenges and character. Golfers can expect an exciting and diverse playing experience throughout their round.
  6. Friendly Atmosphere: The course is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, making it a great place to enjoy a round of golf with friends or family.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play at Jacoby Golf Course before it closes. Book your tee times now and experience the thrill and beauty of this legendary course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost of a Round of Golf at Jacoby Golf Course?

A round of golf at Jacoby Golf Course costs various prices depending on the type of membership you choose. It is recommended to book popular tee times in advance to secure your preferred slot.

Are There Any Special Rates or Discounts Available for Seniors, Students, or Military Personnel?

Yes, there are special rates and discounts available for seniors, students, and military personnel. Eligibility for these discounts and information about available promotions can be found on the website.

Can Golfers Rent Clubs and Other Equipment at Jacoby Golf Course?

Yes, golfers can rent clubs and other equipment at Jacoby Golf Course. Equipment availability is subject to demand, so it is recommended to book in advance to ensure you have what you need.

Is There a Dress Code That Golfers Must Adhere to While Playing at Jacoby Golf Course?

To maintain an atmosphere of professionalism and respect, Jacoby Golf Course enforces a strict dress code policy. Golfers must adhere to the dress code requirements, ensuring a neat and proper appearance while enjoying their game.

Are There Any Dining Options Available at the Golf Course for Golfers to Enjoy Before or After Their Round?

Yes, there are dining options available at Jacoby Golf Course for golfers to enjoy before or after their round. The golf course amenities include a restaurant and bar where you can relax and refuel.

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Paul Liberatore

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