Fuzzy Zoeller’s Covered Bridge Golf Club

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My kids are just old enough now that they’re starting to expand that slang vernacular (which is Hebrew to me).  My daughter mentioned the “Fuzz” going by our home the other day.  I gave them a quizzical look because I didn’t know what in the world they were talking about.  I thought she must have been talking about Fuzzy Zoeller.  Long story short, the “fuzz” is teenager parlance for a police car.

Ok, that’s well beside the point, but I couldn’t help myself.  Can any of you help me interpret teenage-speak in 2021? 

I digress.  Fuzzy Zoeller’s Covered Bridge Golf Club is yet another course just over the state line.

I don’t get to play off Zoysia fairways often.  But I sure get excited every time I do.  Next to Paspalum, this is my favorite turf in a fairway.  The ball sits up like it’s on a tee.  No tight lies on this stuff.

Though the design is what we might call modern, the course is right in front of you. 

Even though there are some demanding holes, they’re more than fair.  And there are plenty of opportunities to score if you hit the right shots.

For the record, don’t worry about the “fuzz” showing up if you make a double bogey.  I made a couple here and still lived to fight another day.

Fuzzy Zoeller’s Covered Bridge Golf Club

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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