EP# 83 – Mullie Golf

We made it to Episode 83 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast. In this week’s episode, I interview my good friends Michael Zerah and Steven Moskowitz the Founders of Mullie Golf.

To elevate the golf-related buy-and-sell shopping game, MULLIE Golf has developed an app which focuses on an alternative experience of a modern-day marketplace approach.

MULLIE Golf, is the first-ever community-curated marketplace designed for golfers by golfers as a “social-commerce” forum to buy and sell golf products with zero fees, ultimately allowing goods to be more accessible, inexpensive, and educational. MULLIE Golf also acts as a strong foundation for beginner golfers currently look for ways to link with others in the golf community, all the while being able to purchase new or pre-owned equipment or apparel that may fit to a player’s specifications. Users can also organize their feed based on likes, style, and player skill level, allowing for ease of use and the ability to be updated as they progress.


Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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