EP# 69 – Whiskers Laces

Since the dawn of time, the laces that have held together shoes have been overlooked and boring. Rumor has it, even the caveman cruisers were held together by the classic brown wax laces. Pssh, cavemen, am I right?.

Fast forward to a few years back, when their founder Kyle Groth snapped a dress lace when lacing up for the day. Searching for a replacement lace, Kyle went into an upscale shoe store. No dice. They told him they “don’t just sell the laces”. What? Why not just sell the laces? And when he finally found a replacement pair, they were the cheapest strings he’s ever seen.

Just then, a cartoon light bulb illuminated above Kyle’s messy bed head. Nobody sells quality or unique shoelaces – and the laces that do come in men’s shoes are all the same. Boring. A tiny hole in the world of fashion opened up and Whiskers was born to fill it.

They DO just sell the laces. And we’ve taken the most mundane part of the modern wardrobe and transformed it into tiny little rebellious threads of self-expression. Tastefully wrong. Wrongfully right. Because well, your shoes deserve better. And so do you. So go on ahead – lace-up, and Whiskers on.

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Whiskers Laces



Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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