EP# 66 – HandUp Golf Gloves

If you are from the Mountain Biking world you would know HANDUP Gloves. Coming straight out of Chattanooga Tennessee they took over the biking world in HANDUP Gloves in 2014. What began as bold, minimalist cycling gloves for mtb riders, cyclocross racers, and downhill riders has become much more. They have expanded into four separate glove weights to get you through the seasons, introduced a line of golf gloves in our other favorite pastime, and made apparel affordable for casual wearing, cycling, golfing, or just being active outside.

As a company, they land somewhere between fast and fun. Their gear is used from average joes to pros without compromise. The HANDUP glove definitely has a shock factor straight out of the packaging. The visuals of the glove will be noticed by anyone right away. HANDUP gloves feel great and they are among some of the most durable gloves tested. This durability comes with a firmer feel when comparing them to AAA Cabretta style options but that is expected given the difference in prices. The HANDUP gloves are a great option for players that want the diverse color set without paying for the most expensive glove models.

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HandUp Golf Gloves


Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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