Ep# 65 – Quantix Golf Balls

Unlike your typical direct to consumer ball company, Quantix® has a world renowned chief ball scientist behind the creation of our products who works directly for us. With the mind behind the Titleist Tour Balata®, Maxfli HT Tour Balata®, Maxfli DDH®, and the DDH III®. they don’t just take an on “off the shelf” ball and slap our name on it unlike some ball brands. They have put massive amounts of time into R&D and creating a new hot ball unlike any others on the market, not to mention they control their manufacturing process just like the big box golf ball companies. This allows us to perfect the quality control within our products to give you the most consistent, and highest performing golf balls.

They don’t play around when creating the best golf balls on the market, so why should you play around when looking to buy them?

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Quantix Golf Balls


Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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