Ep #41 – Athalonz

We made it to Episode 41 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast. In this week’s episode, I interview my good friend Tim Markison the Founder and CEO of Athalonz Golf Shoes.

Trusted by the top Long Ball Hitters in the World (their advocates include: Justin James, Ryan Steenberg, Will Hogue, Kyle Berkshire, Justin Moose, and Ryan Reisbeck to just name a few) Athalonz golf shoes are truly special!

Athalonz technology is so unique, that they have received an incredible 13 US Patents! Unlike other athletic shoe manufacturers, who may have a design patent for their looks or utility patents for their manufacturing processes, all of their patents are for our one-of-a-kind, game-enhancing technology that gives players Optimal Athletic Positioning (“OAP”).

OAP leverages the laws of physics to shift the way the feet engage the ground. The medial side of the forefoot “sinks” into the ground; shifting your knees inward. This causes a shift of your weight bearing forces to the inside of your legs creating a power triangle. In this position, your body is able to maximize ground reaction force and minimize leakage forces. With your feet about shoulder width apart and more ground reaction force and less leakage forces, you generate 9% or more power!

OAP leverages the principles of biomechanics to align your body to optimize your kinetic chain. The kinetic chain refers to the sequence of movements performed by the body to achieve an athletic movement. For the kinetic chain to function efficiently, each body part needs to move at the right time and in the right sequence.

The combination of being in the best athletic foundation and having your body aligned reduces stress on the body. By shifting weight bearing forces inward, loading on the ankles, knees, and hips is reduced, which reduces the aches and pains of repetitive sports play.


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