Ep #27 – Edison Wedges

We made it to Episode 27 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast. In this week’s episode, I interview my friend Terry Koehler, the Chairman and Director of Innovation of Edison Wedges.

For over 30 years, Terry has focused his design energies on the needs of recreational golfers, NOT tour professionals. If you were fortunate enough to play wedges or irons by Reid Lockhart®, EIDOLON®, SCOR™, or most recently the Ben Hogan® TK Wedges and Ft. Worth irons, you know his work. Most recently he has authored a patent application that defines breakthrough technologies in designing and crafting wedges with additive manufacturing (3D printing) methodologies. In the new Edison™ Forged wedges, Terry has applied everything he has learned to achieve performance no other wedges can match.

Edison Wedges



Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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