Ep #26 – Global Value Commerce

We made it to Episode 26 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast. In this week’s episode I interview my friend Ed Byman, the Founder and CEO of Global Value Commerce. Ed’s popular websites include GlobalGolf.com, GlobalGolf.ca, 3balls.com and upscale lifestyle retailer FairwayStyles.com.

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Ed Byman is by far one of the smartest men I know, and has totally revolutionized the golf industry. In 2001, Ed assembled a highly respected golf industry team with an innovative concept to develop a market for preowned golf clubs. By leveraging their many industry contacts around the country, Ed’s team became a trusted liquidation solution for the trade-in products. In reaching out to technology savvy golf enthusiasts and the growing eBay marketplace, they rapidly grew to be the leading online seller of preowned golf equipment. In 2006, Ed and his team moved beyond using eBay by launching their own proprietary website, GlobalGolf.com. Within a few years, Ed had created a market for the acquisition and sale of new and preowned golf equipment, and now holds a unique position in the industry by offering the discerning golf consumer a wide array of golf equipment through their vast array of websites.

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