Ep #2 – Behind the Brand Podcast – McEwan Golf

An avid golfer and aficionado for the sport, founder Diego Castro launched McEwan Golf Co. in 2018 and has been putting a fresh spin on the golf apparel industry ever since. After years of playing golf on the east coast in New England and watching regular PGA tournaments such as the Ryder cup, the US Open, and the Masters, Diego sought out to find the unique, distinctive hats he noticed fans and players wearing at these events and matchups. To his surprise, he discovered not only a complete lack of variety at Pro shops and online stores, but also a glaring vacancy of brands that shed light on the authentic golf experience of playing on the east coast.

Inspired by both his passion for golf and his disappointment with the shortage of sharp, distinguished designs available, Diego created McEwan Golf Co. to revive stagnant golf gear and bring golf lovers new, stylish, and modern hats and shirts that not only make you stand out in dashing boldness but also pay homage to the classic logos and quintessential golf attire that has been celebrated since the beginning of the sport. And unlike the west coast brands that flaunt fairytale fairways and picture-perfect golf days and conditions, you’ll actually find gear that spotlights the golfing elements found on the east coast.

McEwan Golf Hats

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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