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Unleash Your Golfing Potential at Edgewater Golf Club

Step onto the pristine fairways of Edgewater Golf Club and watch your golfing potential soar like a bird taking flight.

Nestled in the tranquil Carolina countryside, this hidden gem offers an exceptional golfing experience that will leave you wanting more.

But it’s not just the challenging layout and majestic surroundings that will captivate you.

With convenient online tee time bookings, exclusive membership benefits, and a range of gift card options, Edgewater Golf Club is committed to providing a premium golfing experience without the premium price.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to improve your game, join us at Edgewater and discover a golfing paradise that will leave you yearning for more.

Key Takeaways

  • Convenient online tee time booking up to 14 days in advance
  • Membership benefits include exclusive perks, access to special events, and discounts
  • Gift cards are available for purchase and can be used for various purposes
  • Prompt and friendly customer service with multiple ways to get in touch

Online Tee Times and Booking

Unleash your golfing potential with the convenience and ease of online tee times and booking at Edgewater Golf Club.

Take advantage of the numerous benefits of booking tee times online. With the ability to book up to 14 days in advance, you have the flexibility to plan your game ahead of time. The convenient booking process allows you to secure your preferred tee time with just a few clicks. Plus, you’ll have a wide range of available tee times to choose from, ensuring that you can find a time that fits your schedule perfectly.

With easy online payment options, you can skip the hassle of handling cash or cards on the day of your game. Additionally, booking online also allows you to easily book for groups, making it a breeze to organize a golf outing with friends or colleagues.

Don’t miss out on the advantages of advanced tee time booking – start planning your next round at Edgewater Golf Club today.

Membership Benefits

Discover the exclusive benefits and elevate your golfing experience with a membership at Edgewater Golf Club.

As a member, you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive perks, including access to special events and tournaments, discounts on green fees and pro shop purchases, and the opportunity to participate in member-only activities.

Family membership options are also available, allowing you to share your love for golf with your loved ones.

Whether you’re looking to improve your game or simply enjoy the camaraderie of fellow golfers, a membership at Edgewater Golf Club provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Don’t miss out on these incredible benefits – join our golfing community today and unlock your full potential on the course.

Gift Cards

Elevate your gift-giving game and surprise the golf enthusiasts in your life with the perfect present: Edgewater Golf Club gift cards.

These gift cards are available in various denominations and offer customizable options, making them the ideal choice for any occasion.

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just to show someone you care, an Edgewater Golf Club gift card is sure to impress.

The benefits for recipients are endless. They can use the gift card towards green fees, merchandise, or even lessons with our experienced golf professionals.

With easy online purchase and delivery, you can conveniently send the gift card directly to the recipient’s inbox.

Personalize the gift card with a thoughtful message to make it truly special.

Give the gift of golf and let them unleash their golfing potential at Edgewater Golf Club.

Contact and Customer Service

For any questions, concerns, or assistance with bookings, inquiries, or membership information, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Edgewater Golf Club is here to help. We pride ourselves on providing prompt responses and exceptional customer service.

When you reach out to us, you can expect a quick and helpful reply that addresses your needs and ensures a smooth golfing experience. Our staff is well-versed in all aspects of the club, from tee times and bookings to membership benefits and special events.

Whether you have a question about our online booking process or need guidance on choosing the right membership option for you, our team is ready to assist you every step of the way. At Edgewater Golf Club, we believe that excellent customer service is key to helping you unlock your golfing potential.

Edgewater Golf Club Overview

Nestled in the picturesque Carolina countryside, Edgewater Golf Club offers a premium golfing experience that combines challenging terrain, majestic pines, and exceptional customer service. Carved out of rolling terrain and surrounded by majestic pines, Edgewater Golf Club is known as the Hidden Gem of South Carolina. With its reputation for being one of the toughest courses in the Carolinas, Edgewater Golf Club provides a challenging and rewarding experience for golf enthusiasts seeking mastery. Take a look at the table below to see why Edgewater Golf Club stands out as one of the top golf courses in the area:

Key FeaturesHighlights
Hidden GemCarved out of rolling terrain and majestic pines
Toughest CourseKnown for its challenging layout and design exceptional
Exceptional Customer ServiceCommitment to providing the highest level of service

Experience the thrill of playing at Edgewater Golf Club, the hidden gem and toughest course in the Carolinas.

Why Play at Edgewater

Looking for a premium golfing experience that combines challenging terrain, exceptional customer service, and a hidden gem in the Carolinas? Look no further than Edgewater Golf Club.

Here are three reasons why you should play at Edgewater:

  1. Golfing Challenges: Edgewater Golf Club is renowned for its challenging layout, making it a favorite among golfers seeking to test their skills. The course is carved out of rolling terrain and majestic pines, offering a unique and demanding experience that will push you to your limits.
  2. Hidden Gem Advantages: As the Hidden Gem of South Carolina, Edgewater Golf Club offers advantages that set it apart from other courses. You’ll enjoy a premium golfing experience without the premium price, making it a great value for your money. Additionally, Edgewater Golf Club was ranked 7th in the United States for Best Value and 2nd in South Carolina for Best Course in 2016, further solidifying its reputation as a top-notch destination.

Ratings & Reviews

If you’re curious about what golfers have to say about Edgewater Golf Club, you’ll be pleased to know that the ratings and reviews speak volumes about the exceptional experience awaiting you.

Golfers have consistently praised the course conditions at Edgewater, commenting on the immaculate fairways and well-maintained greens.

Many have described the challenging layout and design of the course, which adds an exciting element to their game.

The overall experience at Edgewater has received high ratings, with golfers expressing their satisfaction with the customer service provided by the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Repeat visitors have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the attention to detail and commitment to excellence that sets Edgewater apart.

When you choose to play at Edgewater Golf Club, you can expect a memorable golfing experience in a beautiful setting with top-notch course conditions.

Discover the many features and resources available in the footer of the Edgewater Golf Club website. Take advantage of these tools to enhance your golfing experience and make the most of your time at Edgewater.

  1. Membership Benefits: Joining Edgewater Golf Club offers numerous advantages, including exclusive benefits for members, access to special events and tournaments, discounts on green fees and pro shop purchases, and membership options for both individuals and families.
  2. Online Tee Times and Booking: Easily book your tee times online with the convenient booking process. Enjoy the flexibility of tee times available up to 14 days in advance, a wide range of options, and easy online payment methods. You can even book for groups, making it a seamless experience for everyone.
  3. Contact and Customer Service: The footer provides multiple ways to get in touch with Edgewater Golf Club. Whether you prefer phone or email contact, you can expect a prompt response from the friendly and knowledgeable staff. They’re ready to assist you with bookings, inquiries, and membership information.

Make the most of your golfing experience at Edgewater Golf Club by utilizing the features and resources available in the footer. From membership benefits to online tee time booking and excellent customer service, everything you need is just a click away.

Contact Us

You can easily get in touch with Edgewater Golf Club through multiple contact options provided in the footer of their website. Whether you have membership inquiries or need booking assistance, their friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. Here is the contact information for Edgewater Golf Club:

2380 Catawba Ridge Boulevard(803) 283-9800[email protected]
Lancaster, South Carolina 29720

Feel free to reach out to them via phone or email, and they will promptly respond to your inquiries. Edgewater Golf Club is committed to providing exceptional customer service and is dedicated to helping you make the most of your golfing experience.

When navigating Edgewater Golf Club’s website, you’ll find quick links and social media options that enhance your browsing experience and keep you connected. Here are three reasons why these features are a game-changer:

  1. Social Media Engagement: Stay up to date with all things Edgewater by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Get exclusive access to promotions, events, and behind-the-scenes content. Join a community of like-minded golf enthusiasts and share your experiences with others.
  2. Benefits of Online Bookings: Enjoy the convenience of booking your tee times online. With the ability to reserve up to 14 days in advance, you can secure your preferred time slot effortlessly. The easy online payment options and the option to book for groups make the process even more seamless.
  3. Stay Connected: Quick links on our website provide easy access to important information about our club and its amenities, including tee times and membership details. Follow us on social media to receive timely updates and stay connected with the Edgewater Golf Club community.

Experience the power of quick links and social media engagement at Edgewater Golf Club, and unleash your golfing potential.


Unleash your golfing potential at Edgewater Golf Club and experience the ultimate golfing destination. With convenient online tee time booking, exclusive membership benefits, and gift cards available, Edgewater has something for every golfer.

But don’t just take our word for it. Edgewater Golf Club has received outstanding ratings and reviews from satisfied customers who’ve enjoyed the challenging layout and majestic surroundings.

Join us today and discover why Edgewater Golf Club is the perfect place to elevate your golfing experience.

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