Best Street Legal Golf Carts of 2024

Best Street Legal Golf Carts of 2024

Updated October 2024 to add the Polaris Gem E2 Golf Cart.

If you ask anybody what their first memory of being on a golf course is, there’s a good chance they’ll say driving a golf cart.  I know that’s true for me, when I was a kid, my dad would let me sit on his lap and drive the cart even though I wasn’t nearly old enough. 

For a lot of golfers, that childhood joy still rings true and they’re lucky enough to own their own tricked out, street legal golf cart. 

There are countless ways to customize them and make them your own. 

But with so many different carts to choose from, how do you know which ones are better than the others?

You’re in luck.  The Golfer’s Authority staff spent some time joyriding this year’s latest whips.  Our favorites are listed below.

Polaris Gem E2 Golf Cart

Polaris Gem E2 Golf Cart

The question of whether gas or electric golf carts are better is still being debated. In general, electric carts are ...
Club Car Villager 2+2

Club Car Villager 2+2

The Club Car Villager 2+2 LSV Electric Vehicle comfortably seats up to four adults and comes with all of the features ...
Yamaha Drive 2 Quietech EFI Golf Cart

Yamaha Drive 2 Quietech EFI Golf Cart

This gas cart has a range of an astounding 261 miles on a single tank. And while a lot of gas carts are loud, Yamaha’s ...
EZ-Go Express S6

EZ-Go Express S6

Rediscover the moments that take your breath away with the all-new EZGO® ExpressTM S6. On your stress-free journeys, ...

Polaris Gem E2 Golf Cart

Best Street Legal Golf Carts for 2022

There’s an ongoing debate about whether gas or electric golf carts are better.  Generally, power carts are preferable for flat surfaces, and gas carts do better in hilly terrain.  But we aren’t here to continue that debate.

Instead, let’s talk about our favorite electric cart for 2022, the Polaris Gem E2

We like this cart because of its speed, safety features, and long range.  Even though this cart has an MSRP of $12,000, it’s easily customizable and flat-out fun drive.

If you’re tall, you’ll really appreciate this cart because of its high seats.  They give you an unprecedented 43” of legroom.  Talk about comfortable! 

The glass windshield is automotive grade too.  That means you won’t have to worry about debris flying up in your face and you’ll be protected from the elements no matter the weather.  Three-point seatbelts are some of the safest in the business too.

And the best part is this cart hauls.  It has a top speed of 25mph and a range of up to 95 miles. 

Whether you’re on the course or cruising through town, you’ll be turning heads when you hop in the Polaris Gem E2.

Club Car Villager 2+2

Best Street Legal Golf Carts for 2022

For those folks that want to haul around more than two people, the Club Car Villager 2+2 is as good as it gets in 2022. 

Forward and backward facing seats are some of the most comfortable in the business. 

The rust-proof aluminum frame and glass windshield make this one of the best built carts on the market too.  This cart will stand up to the elements and stand the test of time. 

With a top speed of 23mph and a range of 28 miles, this cart is safe, stylish, and fun.

Yamaha Drive 2 Quietech EFI Golf Cart

Best Street Legal Golf Carts for 2022

Our choice for the best all-around golf cart is the Yamaha Drive 2 Quietech EFI

This gas cart has a range of an astounding 261 miles on a single tank.  And while a lot of gas carts are loud, Yamaha’s single-cylinder motor is engineered to be as quiet as any electric cart.

Even though it’s not the fastest cart on the market, the Drive 2’s top speed of 19mph is both fun and safe. 

Extra features include a Climaguard sunroof, LED headlights, two USB ports, and cupholders big enough to hold any beverage. 

For the avid golfer, this is the most sensible cart on our list.

EZ-Go Express S6

Best Street Legal Golf Carts for 2022

Maybe you’re in the market for a golf cart that can seat as many people as possible.  If so, it doesn’t get any better than the EZ-Go Express 6.

As it’ name suggests, this cart holds up to six passengers comfortably. 

The 401cc motor has a top speed of 17mph.  This is plenty of speed to get you from one point to another, but not so much that the cart becomes dangerous. 

Even though this cart comes with a hefty price tag, it’s worth the investment for big groups of people and will stand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

All golf carts are different, so it reasons you probably have some questions.  Here are our answers to some of the most common ones?

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For 2022, it’s the Polaris Gem E2.  With a top speed of 25mph, this cart has plenty of horses to qualify as street legal. 

Coupled with its long range, you won’t have to worry about being late to your destination or charging it after every use. 

Is 30mph Fast for Golf Cart?

If there’s a cart on the market that goes 30mph, we haven’t heard of it.  With that said, most street legal carts top out at around 25 mpg. 

The golf carts you rent at your local course only go 12 to 14mph.

Which Golf Cart Brand is the Best?

Yamaha and EZ-Go are the most popular brands of carts for golf courses.  They’re well-built, safe, and stand the test of time. 

But answering this question depends entirely on what you’re looking for out of a golf cart and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Before you pull the trigger, make sure to do plenty of research so you know exactly what you’re getting. 


Having your own street legal golf cart won’t make you a better golfer, but it sure is cool.  Not only can you buzz around the course in record time, you can trick it out however you want. 

Whether that’s with your alma mater’s colors, custom wheels, or a killer sound system, the possibilities are endless.

Just be sure you can afford what you’re getting into and do plenty of research before you buy.

When you do, you’ll be the apple of everyone’s eye in your regular group.

Best Street Legal Golf Carts of 2024
Best Street Legal Golf Carts of 2024

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