Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver Review

Looking for a new golf Driver? Check out our review of the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver Review and find out if it's worth adding to your Driver!

9.7/10 (Expert Score)
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Updated April 2024 to update current pricing information.

The Callaway Paradym Smoke AI Max D is perfect for any golfer that wants more distance, more forgiveness, and to straighten out their slice.  When you put this driver down behind the ball, it gives you a sense of confidence unlike anything else in 2024. 

So far this year, I’ve tested more than 30 drivers trying to find the best ones for 2024.  And I’ve got to tell you, Callaway’s new line of Paradym drivers is out of this world.  Not only is each one of them packed with cutting-edge tech and design features, there’s a driver in the family to fit just about every player.

So, let’s not waste anymore time and dive right into the nuts and bolts of what makes the Max D driver so great.


Design and Technology

The Pinnacle of Callaway’s Driving Innovation

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D driver is packed with the latest and greatest technology, showcasing Callaway’s innovative approach to driver design.

AI-Inspired Smart Face Design: The standout feature is the AI-inspired Smart Face design. Callaway’s AI system analyzed an unprecedented 250,000 individual swings, 1,040,000 data points, 50,000 face design iterations, and 80,000 lines of custom code to optimize the clubface. This groundbreaking process has resulted in a face that is not only incredibly hot but also highly stable and forgiving.

Multi-Sweet Spot Design: During the AI design process, Callaway’s R&D team was able to identify more than 20 specific spots on the clubface where they could install micro deflections, acting as alternative sweet spots. This means that even if you don’t strike the ball precisely in the center of the face, you won’t experience significant losses in distance or accuracy.

360-Degree Carbon Chassis: The Max D’s 360-degree Carbon Chassis is 15% lighter than previous Callaway driver models, allowing for more efficient weight redistribution throughout the clubhead. This not only enhances forgiveness but also improves overall stability.

Titanium Support Structure: Complementing the lightweight Carbon Chassis, a titanium support structure is situated inside the clubhead, further adding to the driver’s forgiveness and stability.

Stretched Profile Design: The overall profile of the Max D has been stretched, giving it a larger and more forgiving appearance at address. This design change not only inspires confidence but also increases the moment of inertia (MOI) for greater forgiveness.

Backweight Design: A strategically placed backweight helps reduce torque and clubface twisting at impact, promoting high launch conditions and longer carry distances.

If there’s a driver that has more tech and actually lives up to its hype in 2024 than the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D, I’ve yet to come across it.

Where to Buy?
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The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D driver comes in both right and left-handed options. 

Loft options are 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees.  The lie angle is 60 degrees, and the clubhead is 460cc.

image 2

The Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver appears to be well-suited for players with slower swing speeds (75-90 MPH) who tend to have a low-heel, high-toe impact location and a downward attack angle with an out-to-in club path. This is often the case for golfers who struggle with slicing or hooking the ball.

The key features that make this driver a good fit for these player traits are:
  • Loft Options: The available loft options of 9°, 10.5°, and 12° should provide enough flexibility to optimize launch and spin for slower swing speeds.
  • Adjustable Hosel: The +/- 1°/2° hosel adjustment allows players to fine-tune the face angle and loft to help correct their ball flight tendencies, whether that’s a slice or hook.
  • Forgiveness: The “Max D” designation indicates this driver is designed for maximum forgiveness, which is important for players with a less consistent strike location (low heel – high toe).

The combination of the adjustable hosel, loft options, and forgiveness-focused design should help these types of players launch the ball higher with less side spin, resulting in straighter, more consistent shots off the tee.

Overall, the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver appears to be a solid choice for golfers with slower swing speeds who struggle with ball striking and want a driver that can help them achieve better accuracy and distance control off the tee.

Shaft options are:

  • Mac Tensei AV Blue 55 in regular flex
  • Mitsubishi Chemical in regular and stiff flex
  • Project X Cypher 2.0 40 in senior flex
  • Mac Tensei AV Series Blue 65 in stiff flex

Our Experience

As I said, I have nothing but good things to say about the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D driver.  As someone that struggles with a wicked slice on occasion, this driver was one of the straightest I hit.

Not only that, but I gained close to 10 yards compared to the Callaway drivers I tried in 2023.

And when I look down at the Max D, it gives me the confidence to swing unencumbered which isn’t something I can normally say with a driver in my hands. 

9.7Expert Score
Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver Review
Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver

Looking for a new golf Driver? Check out our review of the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver Review and find out if it's worth adding to your Driver!

Innovation /Feel
  • Larger head profile increases the size of the sweet spot and adds forgiveness.
  • AI-inspired clubface helps golfers achieve more distance and optimizes launch conditions.
  • More than 20 micro deflections prevent golfers from losing distance and accuracy on off-center strikes.
  • Price point is higher than drivers from some other manufacturers in 2024.
  • May not be the best option for better players looking for maximum control and workability.
  • Shipping times can vary due to such high demand.

Who Should Buy

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver worth it?

You probably won’t see too many of the best players in the world with the Max D in their bag. That’s because it wasn’t designed for them.

Instead, it was engineered for the mid to high-handicap golfer that’s looking to hit their driver more solid, farther, and straighter.

image 3

This is especially true if you battle the occasional slice that costs you distance and keeps you out of the fairway. 

Reasons to Buy the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver
  • Forgiveness and Slice/Hook Correction: As mentioned earlier, the Max D design is focused on providing maximum forgiveness and shot-shaping capabilities. This makes it an excellent option for mid-to-high handicap players who struggle with slicing or hooking the ball off the tee.
  • Adjustability for Customized Launch and Spin: The adjustable hosel allows you to fine-tune the face angle and loft to optimize your ball flight and shot shape. This customizability can help you find the perfect setup for your swing.
  • Enhanced Distance Potential: The driver’s technology and design are aimed at maximizing distance, especially for players with slower swing speeds. The added forgiveness can also help maintain ball speed on mishits, leading to more consistent distance.
Reasons Not to Buy the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver
  • Not Designed for Elite Players: As noted, the Max D is not targeted towards the best golfers in the world. Players with higher swing speeds and more consistent ball striking may not see as much benefit from the forgiveness-focused design.
  • Potential Loss of Shot Shaping Control: While the adjustability can help correct slices and hooks, it may come at the expense of some shot-shaping versatility that more skilled players prefer.
  • Potential Lack of Workability: The Max D’s emphasis on forgiveness and straight ball flight may limit the driver’s ability to produce the type of controlled, workable shots that some golfers desire.

In summary, the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver is an excellent choice for mid-to-high handicap players looking to improve their accuracy, consistency, and distance off the tee. However, more experienced golfers with faster swing speeds and a need for greater shot-shaping control may want to consider other options in the Paradym lineup.


No one is shocked that the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D driver has been so popular this year.  It’s designed with the average golfer in mind and more than delivers on its promises. 

If you’re looking for a driver that’s going to help you hit longer, straighter, more consistent drives this year, there’s no going wrong with the Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D.

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver Review
Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Driver Review

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