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Swing Into Savings at Michigan’s Oldest Golf Course

Looking to save on your golf gear? Well, did you know that Michigan’s oldest public golf course is offering some amazing discounts? Swing into savings at this historic course and take advantage of their special Black Friday event on November 24th.

From 10 am to 4 pm, head over to the pro shop where you’ll find all merchandise available at a 25% discount. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on everything you need for your next round.

But that’s not all, this golf course has a rich history and is well-maintained for your enjoyment. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the history, course information, special promotions, and even testimonials and reviews, keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Michigan’s oldest public golf course was built in 1923 by Robert Herndon.
  • The course is listed in the State Register of Historic Sites.
  • The Black Friday event offers a 25% discount on all merchandise, including golf clubs, balls, gloves, bags, and training aids.
  • Joining the E-Club provides exclusive deals, free membership, and the latest information.

History and Ownership

Step back in time and discover the rich history and ownership of Michigan’s oldest public golf course, built-in 1923 by none other than Robert Herndon. This course holds significant historical value in the state, being listed in the State Register of Historic Sites.

Over the years, it has been owned and operated by the City of Dearborn Recreation & Parks Department. Robert Herndon, a prominent local developer and benefactor, left his mark on this course, creating a legacy that still stands today. The ownership of this course by the city ensures its preservation and accessibility to the public.

Through the years, it has attracted golf enthusiasts and prominent figures, contributing to its historical significance. This golf course’s ownership history showcases its enduring legacy as a cherished part of Michigan’s golfing heritage.

Course Information

Now let’s tee off into the realm of Course Information, where you’ll discover all the essential details about Michigan’s oldest public golf course.

With 18 holes and a par of 60, this historic course offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for golfers of all skill levels.

The course layout spans a yardage of 4,495, providing a variety of shots and strategic challenges.

Stay updated on the latest information and upcoming tournaments by checking the course’s Facebook page.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your game, this course has something to offer.

Black Friday Event

Get ready to swing into savings at Michigan’s oldest golf course with the exciting Black Friday Event! On November 24th, from 10 am to 4 pm, head over to the pro shop and take advantage of our special offer. All merchandise will be available at a 25% discount, giving you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your golf equipment and improve your swing technique. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to save big before the season ends. To help you plan your shopping, here’s a table showcasing some of the golf equipment you can find at the event:

ItemDescriptionPrice (after discount)
Golf ClubsHigh-quality set for beginners or advanced players$150
Golf BallsDurable balls for improved distance and control$30 (pack of 12)
Golf GlovesComfortable and grippy for a better swing$15
Golf BagStylish and functional to carry your equipment$75
Golf Training AidsTools to help you refine your swing technique$50

Make sure to mark your calendar and join us for our Black Friday Event. Swing away with savings and get ready for a better golfing experience!

Join the E-Club

Ready to stay updated and receive exclusive deals? Join the E-Club at Michigan’s oldest golf course today! As a member of our E-Club, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits and exciting perks. Here are the details:

  • Free membership: Joining our E-Club won’t cost you a dime. It’s our way of showing appreciation to our loyal golfers.
  • Stay updated with the latest information: As an E-Club member, you’ll receive regular updates on upcoming events, promotions, and course conditions. You’ll always be in the know.
  • Subscribe to the e-mail newsletter: Our informative newsletter will be delivered straight to your inbox, keeping you informed about everything happening at Michigan’s oldest golf course.
  • Exclusive deals for members: Get access to exclusive discounts, offers, and specials that are only available to E-Club members. You’ll be able to swing into savings while enjoying your favorite sport.

Joining is easy! Simply complete the required fields and you’ll be part of our E-Club. Don’t miss out on these fantastic benefits, join today!

Contact Information

As a member of Michigan’s oldest golf course E-Club, you already know about the exciting benefits and exclusive deals that await you. Now, let’s explore how you can easily get in touch with us through our contact information.

Located at 1300 S. Telegraph Road, Dearborn, MI 48124, our golf course is easily accessible. If you have any inquiries or need more information, feel free to give us a call at 313.563.4653. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.

Additionally, our website, designed and hosted by 121 Marketing, provides a site map for easy navigation. Stay connected with us and never miss a beat by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter.

Contact us today and experience the excellence of Michigan’s oldest golf course.

Directions to the Golf Course

To reach Michigan’s oldest golf course, simply head to 1300 S. Telegraph Road in Dearborn, MI 48124. Once you arrive, you’ll find convenient golf course parking available. No need to worry about searching for a spot, as there are plenty of spaces to accommodate all visitors.

After parking your car, you might be wondering where to grab a bite to eat before or after your game. Luckily, there are several nearby restaurants to satisfy your hunger. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a sit-down meal, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Golf Course Amenities

After refueling at one of the nearby restaurants, it’s time to explore the impressive amenities offered at Michigan’s oldest golf course.

When it comes to golf course facilities, this historic course doesn’t disappoint. The well-maintained fairways and greens provide an exceptional playing experience for golfers of all skill levels. The course features 18 holes with a par of 60 and a yardage of 4,495. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you’ll find the course challenging yet enjoyable.

In addition to the course itself, the golf course maintenance is top-notch, ensuring that every aspect of the course is in excellent condition. From the pristine bunkers to the meticulously manicured greens, you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail.

Special Promotions and Discounts

Don’t miss out on the special promotions and discounts available at Michigan’s oldest golf course. As a valued golfer, you have the opportunity to take advantage of upcoming events and join our exclusive loyalty program.

Here’s what you need to know:

Upcoming Events:

  • Mark your calendar for our Black Friday Event on November 24th, from 10 am to 4 pm. Swing by the pro shop and enjoy a 25% discount on all merchandise. It’s the perfect time to stock up on golf essentials before the season ends. Hurry, this limited-time offer won’t last!

Loyalty Program:

  • Join our E-Club for free and become a member of our exclusive community. Stay in the loop with the latest information and receive special deals and offers straight to your inbox. Simply subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and complete the required fields to join.

Take advantage of these special promotions and discounts to enhance your golfing experience at Michigan’s oldest golf course. Don’t wait, start saving today!

Golf Lessons and Clinics

Looking to improve your golf game? Look no further than Michigan’s oldest golf course, where we offer a wide range of golf lessons and clinics to help you enhance your skills on the green.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you master the art of golf techniques and improving swing speed. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or an advanced player seeking to fine-tune your skills, our lessons and clinics cater to all levels of expertise.

With personalized instruction and hands-on practice, you’ll gain valuable insights and techniques to take your game to the next level.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your golf game at Michigan’s oldest golf course. Sign up for our lessons and clinics today and start swinging towards success on the course.

Testimonials and Reviews

Discover what others have to say about Michigan’s oldest golf course and read the testimonials and reviews from our satisfied golfers.

Here are some customer experiences and their overall satisfaction with their time at our historic course:

  • Chloe R.: ‘I had an amazing time playing at Michigan’s oldest golf course! The course was well-maintained and the staff was friendly and helpful. I highly recommend it!’
  • David M.: ‘I’ve been playing golf for years, and this course is one of the best I’ve ever played. The layout is challenging but fair, and the scenery is beautiful. I can’t wait to come back!’
  • Pros: Challenging layout, beautiful scenery
  • Cons: None

Our golfers have consistently praised the course for its well-maintained condition, friendly staff, and challenging yet fair layout.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself!


Don’t miss out on this hole-in-one opportunity to save big at Michigan’s oldest golf course!

Swing into the historic course on Black Friday, November 24th, and take advantage of their special 25% discount on all merchandise.

Join the E-Club to stay updated with exclusive deals and be a part of this unique golfing experience.

Hurry, this limited-time offer won’t last long!

Remember, when it comes to savings, this course is a true ‘birdie’!

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Paul Liberatore

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