Best Public Golf Courses in Dayton, Ohio

Updated February 2024 to update booking information.

Ohio is home to arguably the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus.  Tributes to the Golden Bear can be seen throughout the state.  That’s especially true at THE Ohio State University where Nicklaus went to school.  Same goes for Dublin, where his famed Muirfield Village is located.  Even in the town of Dayton, the story checks out. 

I happened to be in Dayton a couple years ago for business, and of course, I escaped to play golf in the afternoon.  I only had the chance to play a couple of local courses, but one thing was evident, golfers in Dayton take the game seriously. 

That’s why I decided to do a guide about the public golf courses in and around Dayton.  Like always, our Golfer’s Authority readers chimed in with their own thoughts.

Let’s have a closer look at the best tracks anyone can play.


PipeStone Golf Club

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Nestled in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, PipeStone Golf Club offers a demanding and picturesque course designed by Arthur Hills. As one of the Best Public Golf Courses in Dayton, this club, owned and operated by the city of Miamisburg, presents a scenic, relaxing, and bold environment for golf enthusiasts. The course, recognized by Golf Digest, features a layout that provides both beauty and difficulty in equal measure.

Arthur Hills’ design showcases a challenging front nine and a particularly tough second hole, making it a must-play for those seeking an invigorating round. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, PipeStone Golf Club offers lessons for both adults and juniors, ensuring that everyone can improve their game.

With its reputation as one of the premier golf courses in the area, PipeStone Golf Club provides a country club experience accessible to the public. The allure of this course lies not only in its design but also in the well-regarded greens that present a true test for any golfer. For those seeking a top-tier golfing adventure in Dayton, PipeStone Golf Club stands as a prime destination.


The Golf Club at Yankee Trace

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If you enjoyed the challenging and picturesque course at PipeStone Golf Club, you’ll be equally thrilled to discover The Golf Club at Yankee Trace, a top-rated facility in Centerville, just a short drive from Dayton, Ohio.

The Golf Club at Yankee Trace has earned a stellar 4.5-star rating from Golf Digest, underscoring its exceptional quality and standing as one of the best public golf courses near Dayton.

The course offers a demanding layout and renowned greens, ensuring an enjoyable yet demanding golfing experience for players of all levels.

Additionally, located in the suburb of Centerville, The Golf Club at Yankee Trace boasts 27 holes with championship and residential courses, catering to various golfing preferences.

The club also provides indoor simulators and outdoor practice facilities, enabling golfers to sharpen their skills in diverse settings.

With instructional programs available for both youth and adults, The Golf Club at Yankee Trace is committed to nurturing golfing talent across all age groups, making it the best public golf course near Dayton for those seeking an exceptional and diverse golfing event.


Miami Shores Golf Course

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Miami Shores Golf Course, designed by Donald Ross and opened in 1949, offers golfers a classic and bold experience with its renowned undulating and slick greens.

This public course, along with Browns Run Country Club, provides a delightful and challenging golfing event in the Dayton area.

If you’re looking for more public courses in the area, you might want to check out Heatherwoode Golf Club and Cassel Hills Golf.

Additionally, for those seeking a country club atmosphere, NCR Country Club is recognized for its exceptional facilities and meticulously maintained course.

Browns Run Country Club, with its unique mix of short and long holes, offers a tranquil ambiance and country club adventure at a public price.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, these courses provide a range of challenges and amenities to suit all levels of expertise.

Miami Shores Golf Course and its counterparts stand out as some of the best golf courses near Dayton, Ohio, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable golfing happening for all.


Brown’s Run Country Club

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Browns Run Country Club, like Miami Shores Golf Course, offers a tranquil ambiance and a challenging golfing experience at a public price, making it an excellent choice for golfers of all levels.

The club, located in Middletown, Ohio, has opened its doors to the public in recent years, providing a relaxing and demanding course for golfers to enjoy. The golf course at Browns Run Country Club provides a unique mix of short and long holes, making it both bold and enjoyable for golfers of all levels.

Known for its undulating and slick greens, the club offers a challenging and scenic golfing event. The layout of the course, combined with its serene surroundings, makes it a popular choice for golfers seeking a quality golfing adventure. Additionally, Browns Run Country Club is renowned for its picturesque views and well-maintained facilities, adding to the overall appeal of the golfing happening.


The North Course at Reid Park

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Nestled within the picturesque surroundings of Reid Park, the North Course offers golfers a demanding and invigorating experience with its narrow fairways and strategically designed greens.

Established in 1967, this course is considered one of the best places to play in Ohio, providing dry and fast conditions in the summer, and requiring strategic play for golfers. The North Course at Reid Park is known for its narrow fairways and difficult greens, offering a true test for golfers. Golf Digest has recognized it as one of the best courses in Ohio.

The course provides a strategic and enjoyable event for golfers of all levels. With its well-maintained driving range and the challenging South Course also available, Reid Park offers a complete golfing adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking for a challenge or a newcomer seeking to improve your game, the North Course at Reid Park provides an exceptional opportunity to test your skills and enjoy the game in a beautiful setting.


The South Course at Reid Park

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The second course at Reid Park is the South Course. 

As difficult as the North Course is, the South Course is meant for the recreational player and is all about fun.  This is the perfect spot for beginners, or anyone looking for a casual, fun round of golf. 

The fairways are wide here, and you can run the ball on to most greens. 

If you like to walk, this is a great course to do it.  There aren’t many hills and the distances between greens and tees are short.

A most enjoyable round at a modest price.  That’s what’s waiting at the South Course at Reid Park.


Miami Valley Golf Club

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It’s all about golf at Miami Valley, a course that hosted the 1957 PGA Championship.  You come here for one reason only – to enjoy the game we all love so much.

You won’t find any extra frills here.  Instead, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure you have everything you need and send you on your way.

This is another classic old-school design.  It was designed by Donald Ross and opened in 1919. 

As such, scoring well means negotiating tricky greens and their surrounds.  I know I sound like a broken record, but staying below the hole is a must here.  If you do, you’ll have a chance at carding a respectable score. 

Always in exceptional condition, Miami Valley is a golf purest’s dream.


Cassel Hills Golf Course

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The year was 1974.  That’s when the community of Vandalia christened Cassel Hills Golf Course.

To this day, this facility continues to be one of the best values in the area.  You can play here for as little as $40. 

Just because it’s cheap to play here, doesn’t mean the course comes up short in terms of quality.  Quite the opposite in fact.  The course is in perfect shape throughout the season.  The bent grass fairways and greens are like playing off carpet. 

Five par threes are considered the toughest holes on the course.  They ask you to hit different clubs from the tee, and par is a good score on each one.

Cassel Hills isn’t going anywhere soon.  But the sooner you can get here to play, the better.


Meadowbrook at Clayton

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A round at Meadowbrook is tranquil. 

Set away from the urban hustle and bustle, you’ll feel like you’re in a park when you play here.

The fairways are lined by mature oak trees.  If you have the chance to play here in the fall when the leaves are changing, the backdrop is splendid.

Bentgrass tees, fairways, and greens are a dream to play off.  The ball sits up, and there’s not much of an excuse for making poor contact. 

The greens roll as smooth as silk, but can be treacherous if you’re putting downhill.

Along with great golf, the facility has all the amenities you could ever want. 

If you need a day to get away from it all, Meadowbrook at Clayton is the spot.


Homestead Golf Course

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Homestead Golf Course is where you’ll find the everyman golfer.  No one cares how much money you make, or about your race, color, or creed.  All that matters is that you’re here for the same reason as everyone else – to play golf.

The staff here makes everyone feel welcome too.  And they don’t charge a leg and an arm for the use of their course either.  That makes it even more attractive. 

The layout is straightforward.  No blind shots or hidden surprises here.  Instead, the course rewards quality shots and punishes those that come up short.

Simple, affordable, and charming all at once.  That’s what to expect when you play a round at Homestead.


As I mentioned, I haven’t spent a ton of time in the Dayton area.  With that being said, it’s more than evident that golf is a big deal here.

Just ask everyone that shared their thoughts with us and made the course guide possible.  To each of you, my sincerest thanks.

If you have more you’d like to add regarding public golf in the Dayton area, feel free to let us know down below in the comments. 

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