Best Public Golf Courses in South New Jersey

Updated February 2024 to update booking information.

I haven’t spent any time in South Jersey.  From the little I knew about this part of the country, I wouldn’t have pegged it as a top golf destination.

Boy, was I ever mistaken?  Our readers were all too quick to brag about the great golf to be found here. 

So, before I waste any more of our precious time, let’s have a closer look.


Twisted Dune Golf Club

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If you’re seeking a golfing challenge amidst stunning natural landscapes, Twisted Dune Golf Club offers an exhilarating experience ranked fourth best public course in New Jersey by Golfweek.

This renowned course, nestled within South New Jersey, is a haven for those seeking the best golf amidst unique playing conditions. Twisted Dune Golf Club presents golfers with undulating greens, wide fairways, and the distinctive challenge of navigating through native grasses and sand dunes.

The course spans an impressive 7,200 yards and incorporates around 100 deep traps and bunkers, making every round a test of skill and strategy. The layout of the course, with deep ravines and strategically placed hazards, demands precision and thoughtful play.

Local knowledge becomes invaluable as the wind and terrain can greatly influence the game, and regulars suggest playing here multiple times to fully appreciate the intricacies of the course.

The combination of natural elements and thoughtful design makes Twisted Dune Golf Club a popular choice for golfers who desire a challenging yet rewarding golfing experience.


Scotland Run Golf Club

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Nestled in the heart of South New Jersey, Scotland Run Golf Club offers golfers another exhilarating and challenging experience after their ventures at Twisted Dune Golf Club.

Built on an old sand quarry, the golf course features wide fairways and large features that allow for creativity in your game. The rolling terrain, native fescue, and sand dunes make playing here difficult, but the wind and ground can also be used to your advantage.

Located just 45 minutes from Atlantic City in Egg Harbor Township, this club is known for its challenging and fun golf course. Scotland Run Golf Club is highly recommended for multiple plays, as local knowledge is a huge advantage on this course.

Additionally, the club offers stay and play packages with top-notch lodging destinations, providing a comprehensive golfing experience. This course is a great option for golf enthusiasts looking to test their skills and enjoy the game in a picturesque setting.


Blue Heron Pines Golf Club

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Blue Heron Pines Golf Club offers golfers a premier and challenging experience on the Jersey Shore, designed by renowned architect Stephen Kay. This golf course, nestled in South New Jersey, has gained a reputation for being one of the best-kept secrets in the area.

The layout features narrow fairways, penalty areas, and strategically placed bunkers, providing a thrilling and demanding round of golf. The course’s pure greens make it a delight for putting, and local knowledge is key to navigating the challenges effectively. Many regulars recommend playing it multiple times to fully appreciate its intricacies.

Blue Heron Pines Golf Club is renowned for its gently sloping terrain and offers golfers a unique experience with an ocean view. These characteristics, combined with the precision required to navigate the course, have contributed to its recognition as one of Golfweeks Best in New Jersey.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging game or simply want to enjoy great golf in a picturesque setting, Blue Heron Pines Golf Club is a must-visit for golf enthusiasts seeking an exceptional experience on the Jersey Shore.


Pinelands Golf Club

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Tucked away in the picturesque heart of Hammonton, Pinelands Golf Club presents a classic layout course that promises an enjoyable and challenging experience for golf enthusiasts of all levels.

The course is designed with mature trees framing every hole, emphasizing that playing short and straight is better than long and crooked. This layout not only tests your skills but also rewards strategic and accurate play.

After a round, golfers can unwind and enjoy delicious recipes and live entertainment at the Twisted Tavern, adding a delightful touch to the overall experience.

Pinelands Golf Club is known for providing a challenging yet fun golf course that offers an enjoyable experience for players. The course’s design, crafted by Roger Rulewich, makes it a great choice for golfers seeking both a rewarding and stimulating round.

With its combination of challenging holes, picturesque surroundings, and inviting amenities, Pinelands Golf Club stands out as a gem in South New Jersey’s golf scene.


Ballamor Golf Club

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Carving its way through dense woods and rolling terrain, Ballamor Golf Club offers golfers a welcoming and enjoyable experience with its generous fairways and well-maintained greens. Designed by George Crump, the original design of the course showcases a blend of natural beauty and strategic play.

The club features a practice green where golfers can prepare for the fast greens, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. Golf Digest has recognized Ballamor Golf Club for its exceptional value, excellent service, and above-par playing conditions. Regulars highly recommend playing here multiple times, emphasizing the enjoyable experience it offers. The commitment of Ballamor Golf Club to providing a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all golfers is evident in the positive reviews it receives.

Located in West Orange, New Jersey, the club’s Emerald Golf manages this gem, which is a must-play for golf enthusiasts. With its Bay Course, Ballamor Golf Club continues to attract and delight golfers with its outstanding facilities and remarkable course design.


White Oaks Country Club

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Nestled amidst scenic landscapes and offering a traditional layout with tree-lined fairways, White Oaks Country Club welcomes golfers of all skill levels to enjoy its challenging and fun golf course.

Here are some key features that make White Oaks Country Club a standout destination for golf enthusiasts:

  1. Varied Playing Experience: White Oaks Country Club’s course features a mix of long and short holes, providing a diverse and engaging playing experience for golfers of all levels. With its strategic layout, golfers can test their skills and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
  2. Extensive Clubhouse Amenities: The country club boasts an extensive clubhouse that offers every amenity imaginable. From well-appointed locker rooms to a pro shop stocked with top-tier gear, golfers can enjoy a complete and comfortable experience both on and off the course.
  3. Delectable Dining Options: The Oaks Bar and Grill at White Oaks Country Club offers a variety of delectable options for golfers to refuel and relax after a round. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a refreshing beverage, the clubhouse’s dining facilities cater to every taste.

White Oaks Country Club in New Jersey provides a picturesque setting and top-notch amenities for golfers seeking an exceptional golfing experience.


Harbor Pines Golf Club

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Harbor Pines is one of the more affordable rounds of golf in Egg Harbor Township.

For the last 25 years, locals have remained loyal to this facility because of its impeccable condition and unparalleled customer service. 

The layout is parkland style with strategically placed bunkers and large, undulating greens.  You’ll want to pay close attention to hole locations.  If you don’t, you’ll be left with some tape measure putts over humps and bumps. 

Three top-tier practice areas round out the experience at Harbor Pines.

A great value, excellent service, and above par playing conditions make this place a must play.


Avalon Golf Club

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Avalon Golf Club is located on the Jersey Shore between Ocean City and Wildwood.

Even though this track is right on the coast, most of the layout exists inland where holes are framed by whispering pines.

Target golf is the story here.  Even though the course is on the shorter side, it asks that you place each shot in the right spot.  The fairways are narrow, there’s plenty of water, and the greens are small.

If you have a good day striking the ball however, you’ll have plenty of chances for birdie. 

Avalon is a hidden gem that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links is hands down the best value on the Jersey Shore.

Just minutes from downtown Atlantic City, this course feels distinctly Scottish.  Wide-open fairways, plenty of sand and water, and undulating greens make it a total experience.  Throw in tricky afternoon crosswinds and you’ve got all you want here.

Stephen Kay was the course’s designer, and he left his mark on the seventh hole.  Even though it only measures 160 yards, it plays across a three-acre waste area to a challenging green.

At just over 6,500 yards, this course isn’t going to kill you with length, but will test every aspect of your game.


Hanover Golf Club

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Wide fairways, rolling terrain, and gently sloping greens characterize the layout at Hanover Golf Club.

Even though this course is in the middle of a metropolitan area, it feels far removed from the noise and traffic.  Meandering creeks, native grasses, and stately trees line the property.  Don’t be surprised if you encounter some wildlife too.

Take your time when you’re at Hanover.  The vibe is unrushed and invites you to enjoy yourself. 

On the whole, Hanover is an experience that exceeds expectations.


There’s a lot going on in South Jersey.  Certainly a lot more than I originally thought. 

That’s especially true of the area’s public golf.  Our readers were all too enthusiastic to share thoughts about the subject.  In fact, I didn’t have enough room to fit everyone’s recommendations on our list.  If your favorite track didn’t make it, my apologies.  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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