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Updated February 2024 to update booking information.

I have to admit, I’ve never set foot in Oklahoma City.  I’ve spent some time in Tulsa, but that’s the extent of my experience in the Sooner State. 

With that said, I’ve received a number of requests from our readers wondering what some of the best public golf options are in the state, specifically Oklahoma City.  So, what did I do?  What I always do – reach out to our entire readership and garner feedback from those who are familiar with the matter.

The summation of their findings and a little of my own research is below.


The Trails Golf Club

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Offering a traditional parkland design with tree-lined fairways and small, undulating greens, The Trails Golf Club provides a bold yet enjoyable golfing encounter where accuracy and strategic play take center stage. This renowned course, which lies close to the scenic country of Oklahoma City, has been a host to prestigious events like the Oklahoma Senior Championship and the U.S. Amateur Regional Qualifier.

The layout of The Trails Golf Club presents a mix of holes, featuring shorter ones that offer birdie opportunities and longer ones that demand strategic play, making it a well-rounded test of golf that’s both engaging and fun.

The Trails Golf Club is celebrated for its ability to combine a demanding golfing event with an enjoyable one. Its reputation for emphasizing accuracy and strategic play over sheer length has made it a favorite among golf supporters. The course’s small, undulating greens and tree-lined fairways add an element of difficulty that requires precision and skill, making every round a memorable and rewarding adventure.

Whether you’re a qualified golfer or a newcomer to the sport, The Trails Golf Club promises an unforgettable and satisfying game.


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Take shelter within the heart of Oklahoma, just a short distance from the University of Oklahoma campus, The Links at Norman Golf and Athletic Club offers a beautiful setting for golfers of all levels to enjoy. Located on an old sheep ranch, this golf course boasts a unique charm and history.

The 12-acre lake adds both beauty and challenge to the game, coming into play on several holes. The fairways, lined with ancient oak and elm trees, not only provide a stunning backdrop but also test the skills of even the most skillful golfers.

Considered one of the best golf courses in Oklahoma, The Links at Norman Golf and Athletic Club offers great value for golfers, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors. Moreover, the proximity to the University of Oklahoma campus makes it a convenient and enjoyable option for fans looking to play a round before catching a Sooner football game.

Whether you’re a beginner or a trained, this club provides an exceptional golfing adventure in a truly beautiful setting.




Earlywine Golf Club

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Just a short drive from The Links at Norman Golf and Athletic Club, Earlywine Golf Club offers a diverse and demanding golf adventure with its 36 holes of great golf.

The North Course provides a balanced mix of risk and reward opportunities, while the South Course demands strategic play due to its hazards, testing every club in your bag.

Both courses are consistently well-maintained and are favored by locals for their mix of challenges and enjoyment.

Earlywine Golf Club is the go-to spot for golfers looking to work on various aspects of their game, offering a wide range of shot-making opportunities.

The club’s reputation for well-kept and enjoyable courses makes it a popular choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Additionally, Earlywine Golf Club has been chosen as the site for various prestigious events, such as hosting the Amateur Regional Qualifier and being recognized as one of the best public golf courses in Oklahoma State.

With its tough par threes and overall course quality, Earlywine Golf Club is a must-visit for any golf enthusiast.


Cobblestone Creek Golf Club

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Looking for a golf course that offers a perfect blend of challenge and enjoyment? Cobblestone Creek Golf Club, designed by the renowned Perry Maxwell, is one of the best golf courses in Oklahoma City. This nine-hole course, comprising par-three holes, caters to golfers of all skill levels, from low handicaps to beginners. The staff at Cobblestone Creek Golf Club prioritizes creating a fun event for all while ensuring that the course is impeccably maintained.

At Cobblestone Creek Golf Club, you’ll find ample opportunities to work on your short irons and wedges. The course provides an excellent environment for honing accuracy and short-game skills, making it an ideal place to elevate these aspects of your play. The club is known for offering a mix of challenge and enjoyment, providing a well-rounded test of golf that will both engage and delight you.

Whether you’re looking to refine your skills or simply enjoy a delightful round of golf, Cobblestone Creek Golf Club is a top choice among Oklahoma City’s best golf courses.

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Another tremendous short course option is the Links at Oklahoma City.

Again, this course is only nine holes but it’s a blast to play.  The holes are short and if you’re on your game with the scoring clubs, you can make a lot of birdies.

Locals love this track because it’s always in perfect shape and you play quickly.  Only have an hour?  You can get around here no problem.

A great value not to be missed.


You might not think of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area as a hotbed for golf.  I know I sure didn’t.  That was until I learned about the opportunities for public golf that exist.  There’s more than enough to satisfy the appetite of any golfer.  And as excited as people are about the game in this area, I doubt you’ll have any trouble finding a game. 

I want to thank everyone that made this course guide possible.  Your insight continues to be invaluable.  If I’ve missed anything or you have additional information, please share with us in the comments. 

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