Best Golf Courses in Connecticut

Updated February 2024 to update booking information.

New England in the Fall.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the chance to as of yet.  In fact, I haven’t spent any time in this part of the country but many of my friends have.  Between the history, things to do outside, and quaint places to explore, it sounds idyllic to say the least.

What I hadn’t learned until recently was about the abundance of golf opportunities, especially in Connecticut.  Wanting some further insight, I consulted some close friends, and reached out to some of our loyal Connecticut readers to get their perspective. 

Having compiled all the data, I’ve come up with a list of the top ten golf courses anyone can play in the Constitution State.



Pequabuck Golf Club

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If you’re seeking a rich and historical golfing experience, the Pequabuck Golf Club, built in 1902, offers a challenging par 69 layout with treacherous greens and tight fairways lined with trees. Designed by the renowned architect Geoffrey Cornish, this course demands strategic thinking and precision to navigate the challenging terrain and stay below the hole.

The Pequabuck Golf Club provides Connecticut readers with a memorable round, offering unique challenges and beautiful scenery. The course’s historic and character-filled layout adds to the allure for players looking for a truly special golfing experience.

The Pequabuck Golf Club is a gem among Connecticut’s courses, known for its classic design that has stood the test of time. The tree-lined fairways not only demand accuracy off the tee but also reward well-placed shots. The undulating greens require a delicate touch and thoughtful approach to play. Overall, the Pequabuck Golf Club promises a challenging yet rewarding round for golfers who appreciate the heritage and craftsmanship of a historic course.



Indian Springs Golf Course

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Nestled in Middlefield since 1964, Indian Springs Golf Course offers a unique and challenging nine-hole experience with its large, well-kept greens and significant elevation changes. This course demands precision and strategic club selection. It’s no surprise that Indian Springs is highly recommended, not just for its golf but also for its excellent restaurant.

The course provides a memorable round and unique experience for golfers in the Hartford or Shoreline areas. Its unchanged design and challenging layout make for a character-filled golfing experience. Indian Springs Golf Course is a must-visit for those looking to experience one of the best golf courses in Connecticut.

Whether you’re a local or visiting, the course’s charm and challenging nature make for a truly remarkable round of golf. If you’re looking for a course that offers a blend of tradition, challenge, and natural beauty, Indian Springs Golf Course should be at the top of your list.


Connecticut National Golf Club

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Located just a short drive from Indian Springs Golf Course, Connecticut National Golf Club stands out as one of the premier courses in the state, offering a challenging and picturesque experience for golfers of all levels.

When you visit this public golf gem, you can expect:

  1. A True Challenge: With expansive bunkers and knee-high fescue lining the fairways, Connecticut National Golf Club provides a stern test that will push your skills to the limit.
  2. Superior Practice Facilities: Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, the outstanding practice facility at this club offers the perfect environment to improve your game.
  3. Rave Reviews: Highly rated by community members, the course offers beautiful vistas and exceptional clubhouse amenities, making it a must-visit for golf enthusiasts seeking a classic New England golf experience.

The Connecticut National Golf Club is a standout in the state’s golfing landscape, offering a blend of challenging play, scenic beauty, and top-notch amenities.

Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite course or visiting from afar, this club is sure to leave a lasting impression



Tallwood Country Club

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Tallwood Country Club, with over 40 years of history hosting prestigious tournaments, offers a challenging and character-filled golfing experience on its 200 acres of rolling farmland and wooded forest.

Designed by renowned architects Macdonald and Seth Raynor, this private club provides a unique golfing challenge that has attracted players from all over, including New York. The course’s tight fairways and small push-up greens demand precision and strategic play, making it a favorite among golf enthusiasts.

Tallwood Country Club is known for its exceptional layout, which presents a blend of natural beauty and thought-provoking design. Whether you’re a local golfer or visiting from afar, Tallwood’s charm and difficulty will leave a lasting impression. It’s not just a golf course; it’s an experience.

The club’s rich history, combined with its challenging course, makes it a must-visit for those seeking a memorable round of golf near Hartford. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking for a new challenge or a casual player seeking a unique golfing experience, Tallwood Country Club delivers on all fronts.


Portland Golf Course

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For those seeking another exceptional golfing experience near Hartford, the Portland Golf Course offers a well-maintained and character-filled course that’s sure to impress. Here are three reasons why it’s worth a visit:

  1. Value: Portland Golf Course is known for providing great value for the quality of the course. Golfers appreciate the reasonable rates for a challenging and enjoyable round of golf.
  2. Scenic Layout: With its tree-lined fairways and elevation changes, this course offers a picturesque and challenging playing experience. The natural landscape adds an extra layer of excitement to your game.
  3. Amenities: In addition to the well-maintained course, Portland Golf Course offers amenities such as a driving range to practice your swing, and the Back Nine Tavern where you can unwind and enjoy a meal or drink after your round.

Portland Golf Course in Portland, Connecticut, is a hidden gem that caters to golfers looking for a well-maintained and enjoyable place to play. Whether you’re a local or visiting the Hartford or Shoreline areas, this course is highly recommended for a round of private golf.


Fox Hopyard Golf Club

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Tucked away in the scenic countryside of East Haddam, Connecticut, Fox Hopyard Golf Club beckons golf enthusiasts with its challenging layout and breathtaking natural surroundings. This par 71 course offers a true test of golf, with strategically placed tee shots and elevation changes that demand precision and strategic play.

The rolling hills and quaint water hazards not only add to the course’s beauty but also pose exciting challenges for players of all levels. Fox Hopyard Golf Club is meticulously maintained, ensuring that golfers can expect an exceptional and rewarding experience on the course.

Renowned for its design that tests players’ skills and strategic thinking, the course is a must-visit for those seeking a memorable round of golf. Whether you’re an experienced golfer looking for a new challenge or a casual player wanting to enjoy the natural beauty of the Connecticut countryside, Fox Hopyard Golf Club offers an unforgettable golfing experience that combines the thrill of the game with stunning surroundings.


Sterling Farms Golf Course

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Offering a challenging 18-hole course and stunning scenic views, Sterling Farms Golf Course is a must-visit for golfers of all skill levels. Here’s why this course stands out:

  1. Well-Manicured Course: Sterling Farms Golf Course boasts well-maintained fairways and challenging greens, providing a great golfing experience for players seeking a new and exciting challenge.
  2. Diverse Holes: With a variety of holes that include water hazards and strategic bunkers, this course offers an opportunity for golfers to test their skills and improve their game.
  3. Practice Facilities: In addition to the 18-hole course, players can make use of the driving range and practice facility, making it an ideal location for golfers looking to hone their skills and play great golf.

The Sterling Farms Golf Course presents an excellent opportunity to play golf in a beautiful setting. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, this course offers an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

With its well-manicured course, diverse holes, and practice facilities, Sterling Farms Golf Course is a top choice for golf enthusiasts in Connecticut.


Manchester Country Club

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Manchester Country Club presents golfers with a challenging and character-filled experience, characterized by tight fairways and small, treacherous greens. The par 69 layout demands strategic thinking to navigate demanding par threes.

The course’s tight fairways are lined with coniferous and deciduous trees, providing a picturesque yet challenging backdrop for your game. Manchester Country Club’s emphasis on accuracy rewards players who can stay below the hole to effectively navigate the small, push-up greens.

This course offers a memorable round for golfers of all skill levels, providing an opportunity to test and develop your skills. The nine-hole golf course at Manchester Country Club provides a unique and enjoyable experience, allowing for a quick round or the opportunity to play 18 holes.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, Manchester Country Club offers a challenging yet gratifying round. The course’s stunning look and feel, combined with its strategic layout, make it a must-visit for golf enthusiasts seeking a rewarding and memorable experience.


Timberlin Golf Club

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As you leave the challenging and character-filled Manchester Country Club behind, the picturesque and strategic layout of Timberlin Golf Club awaits you to test and elevate your golfing skills. The par 72 course offers a thought-provoking round with lovely water hazards and tree-lined fairways, providing a challenging yet enjoyable experience. Throughout the course, golfers can immerse themselves in the well-maintained and scenic setting, enhancing the overall play. The history of Timberlin Golf Club dates back to a dairy farm, adding a unique charm to the course.

Here are three reasons why Timberlin Golf Club stands out:

  1. Challenging Par 72 Layout: The course offers a challenging par 72 layout that will test golfers of all skill levels.
  2. Scenic and Well-Maintained Setting: Golfers can enjoy a picturesque and well-maintained setting throughout the course, adding to the overall golfing experience.
  3. Historical Charm: The course’s history, dating back to a dairy farm, adds a unique and charming element to the golfing experience, making it both challenging and memorable.

Southington Country Club

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Southington Country Club is nestled in the Apple Valley between the Waterbury and Meriden Mountains. 

The front nine is built into an open hillside that affords plenty of room off the tee.  Even though the back nine is flatter, it’s much narrower and demands course management. 

If you’re an old architecture enthusiast, you’ll feel right at home at Southington Country Club.  Built in 1922, this course has the subtle quirks characteristic of the era. 

After your round, be sure to check out the Back Nine Tavern.  A full-service bar and mouth-watering wood-fired pizza await.


I’ve never been to Connecticut, but I’ve always wanted to go.  After hearing from close friends and so many avid readers, it sounds like a golf trip is warranted in the near future.

It’s abundantly clear that this great state is rich in golf history and lore.  That’s reflected in the many designs that date back well over a century.  And the best part is, golf here is affordable.  What more could you want than great golf at a tremendous value?

If you have questions or thoughts about golf in Connecticut, leave us a note in the comments below.  We always love hearing from you!

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