Best Golf Courses in Albuquerque

I don’t know the first thing about golf in what my kids call “Albuquerque he’s my turkey.”  But one of our writers has a close friend that lives there.  He’s visited a number of times and sampled some of the golf.

From what he’s said, and what you guys have suggested, it sounds like there’s some quality options to say the least. 

One thing that is apparent, however, is that the food and culture need to be experienced by any red-blooded American.  If you like a little smoke and spice in your food and western adventure, Albuquerque has it all in spades. 

So, before I start browsing the interwebs for hot sauce, let’s get going.


Sandia Golf Club

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Our writer has had the chance to play Sandia Golf Club and says it’s nothing short of spectacular.  That seems to be the tenor from you guys as well.

Designed by Scott Miller and opened in 2005, this course stretches all the way to 7,752 yards from the back tees.  That’s a long way, even if you’re playing at elevation. 

Typical of most modern designs, the green complexes here are just that, complex.  Large undulations have locals calling the greens “elephant burial grounds” because of all the humps and bumps.  If you’re playing this course for the first time, buying a yardage book is highly recommended.  If nothing else, you’ll be able closely examine the greens. 

The layout features a wonderful mix of holes that blend naturally with the landscape.  Even though the fairways are generous, they’re exposed.  And this is New Mexico, the wind blows.  Period. 

Golf is only part of the story here.  Other amenities include a casino, world class hotel, and ample dining options.



Paradise Hills Golf Course

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Paradise Hills is the only privately owned, public golf course in Albuquerque. 

This is an upscale public facility, but that’s not at all reflected in price.  During the peak season, green fees top out at $53 with cart.  Talk about a value!

The layout is traditional in that most of the holes are tree lined and what you see is what you get. 

With that being said, the course has a fun variety of holes, both long and short.  Risk and reward opportunities abound.

This course sits on more than 170 acres.  Even though it’s moderately flat, the distance between green and tees is lengthy.  Best to take a cart.




Santa Ana Golf Club

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Santa Ana Golf Club has consistently been revered as one of the best public tracks in all of New Mexico, not just Albuquerque.  It’s received high praise from the likes of Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, and the New York Times. 

This track is unique in that it offers 27 holes.  Mix and match nines as you like.  Even better, you pay only one green fee for the entire day.  That means you can experience all three nines, and then some if your heart so desires.

Situated along the banks of the Rio Grande River, this desert layout is full of character.  Each nine is an experience unto its own. 

Just like everywhere else in Albuquerque, the wind plays a constant factor at Santa Ana.  Be ready to swing easy, because it’s going to be breezy. 

Our writer raves about this course that played host to the 2009 PGA National Championship.  He’s not the only one.




Twin Warriors Golf Club

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Twin Warriors Golf Club is an experience unlike any other.  Our writer has played here and says it’s a blend between links and target golf… What the hell does that mean?

In his words, it reminds him of some of the courses in his home of Central Oregon.  There are some forced carries, but plenty of options to play each hole in a different way depending on the conditions. 

Since Twin Warriors opened in 1991, it’s been credited as a memorable experience because it’s beautiful beyond words, and always in spectacular shape. 

From everything I’m told, this property has it all.  First rate lodging is available, and the Southwest inspired food is to die for.

I haven’t been here personally, but it sounds like I need to go soon.


Albuquerque Country Club

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Albuquerque Country Club has been in existence since 1914.  It’s fascinating to think about what this community looked like more than 100 years ago.  I’m guessing the greens weren’t rolling at 12’ like they are now.

Right in the heart of modern day downtown, this course is as classic as it gets.  Unlike some of the other courses with dramatic features, the subtleties are what make this course great.

From tee to green, this layout is straight forward.  No surprises, but a fair ask with the long clubs. 

The real fun begins when you get on, and around the greens.  They’re small and sloped.  Short is almost always better than long.  Especially in the summer when conditions are firm and fast. 

I love courses that make you think.  Albuquerque Country Club does that in a sneaky, yet demanding way. 

A must play by all accounts.


I’ll admit it.  I feel more than a little guilty that I haven’t made the trip to play golf in Albuquerque when I live right next door in Phoenix.  To be fair, next door means hundreds of miles of high speeds on the Interstate.  Our states do share a border though.

I’m not going to use that as an excuse.  I need to go.  Our writer raves about not only the golf here, but the people, culture, food, scenery, and overall experience.

And golf here is more than affordable.  Don’t tell my wife, but I’m going to sneak away for “work” here soon.  Deal?

As always, your input and participation make this Golfer’s Authority world go around.  My sincerest thanks.

If you have additional thoughts about golf in town my kids think is the name of our Thanksgiving meal, please let me know in the comments below.




Best Golf Courses in Albuquerque

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