Best Golf Courses in Bend Oregon

Updated February 2024 to update booking information

Chances are, you’ve heard of Bend, Oregon by now.  The word is out on what used to be a sleepy mill town populated by a few additional fringe-culture ski bums.  While remnants of years gone by can still be found, Bend has become a destination for all different sorts of outdoor enthusiasts. 

Whether your tune is craft beer (Bend has more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S.), skiing, mountain biking, rafting, camping, good food, or golf, Bend has something for everyone.  In fact, it’s been the fastest-growing town in Oregon for more years than we can count.  And it’s not hard to see why.

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re a golfer so that’s what we’ll focus on for this discussion.  Trust me, we could go on and on about all the other great things Bend has to offer…

For those of us at Golfer’s Authority that have been lucky enough to visit Bend and play golf, we can’t say enough good things.  So much so, that coming up with our list of the ten best courses was a heated debate to say the least.  After more back and forth than most Congressional hearings, we’ve compiled our list Ten Best Golf Courses in Bend, Oregon below.



Crosswater Club

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You will find in Bend, Oregon, the Crosswater Club beckons golf enthusiasts with its stunning mountain vistas, strategic layout, and challenging design.

Designed by Bob Cupp, this golf course offers a unique experience, featuring seven holes affected by the Little Deschutes River, spacious fairways, large greens, and six sets of tees.

With its blend of natural elements and well-maintained conditions, Crosswater Club presents an ideal destination for golfers seeking a memorable and challenging round.

The course’s generous landing areas and captivating views of the Cascade Mountains add to its allure, creating an unforgettable golfing experience.

It’s no wonder that Crosswater Club is considered one of the best golf courses in Bend, Oregon, attracting golf enthusiasts from near and far.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the club’s layout and design promise an engaging and rewarding game.



Brasada Canyons

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Tucked away in the high desert canyons of Powell Butte, Oregon, Brasada Canyons offers golfers a unique and challenging experience with its wide fairways and elevated tee shots. Designed by Bob Cupp, this stunning golf course is a gem among the renowned golf courses in Bend, Oregon.

The Brasada Canyons at Brasada Ranch is a must-visit destination for any avid golfer seeking a picturesque and challenging round. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  1. Impeccable Course Design: The Brasada Canyons, with its Bob Cupp design, offers a layout that seamlessly integrates with the natural terrain, providing golfers with a challenging yet enjoyable experience.
  2. Breathtaking Views: Golfers are treated to panoramic vistas of the Cascade mountain range, including stunning sights of Mt. Bachelor and Broken Top, creating a truly awe-inspiring backdrop for a round of golf.
  3. Exceptional Conditions: The course is known for its immaculately maintained bent grass greens and the overall pristine condition, ensuring that every aspect of the golfing experience is of the highest quality.

Brasada Canyons offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and exceptional golfing challenges, making it a must-visit for golf enthusiasts visiting Central Oregon.


Bend Golf Club

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While Brasada Canyons showcases the natural beauty of Powell Butte, Bend Golf Club offers a classic and challenging golfing experience amid towering Ponderosa Pines in old southeast Bend.

Established in 1925 by Chandler Egan, the Bend Golf Club is steeped in history and is one of the first golf courses around. The club’s Fazio Course, designed by the renowned architect Tom Fazio, is a testament to its commitment to quality. It’s known for its lush fairways, pure greens, and a timeless yet challenging layout that continues to attract golfers seeking an authentic golfing experience.

Bend Golf Club stands out among the best new courses in Oregon and is highly regarded for its John Fought and Nicklaus Courses.

After a round of golf, you can unwind at the club’s facilities with a refreshing craft beer.

With its rich heritage and commitment to excellence, Bend Golf Club offers a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts seeking a classic and challenging golfing experience in Bend, Oregon.


Pronghorn Nicklaus Signature Course

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The Pronghorn Nicklaus Signature Course, designed by Jack Nicklaus and nestled near Brasada Canyons at Pronghorn Resort, offers golfers a challenging and luxurious experience set against the stunning backdrop of the Cascade Mountains. Here are three reasons why it stands out as one of the top golf courses around Bend, Oregon:

  1. Unique Design: The course is built into the natural topography of lava rock and Juniper scrub, featuring fast greens and narrow fairways. This unique design presents golfers with challenging and strategic gameplay, making it a must-play for those seeking a top golf experience in the area.
  2. Spectacular Views: Golfers can enjoy breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains while navigating the course. The stunning scenery adds an extra layer of enjoyment and beauty to the golfing experience, making it a standout destination for both avid golfers and nature enthusiasts.
  3. Luxurious Amenities: In addition to the exceptional golfing experience, the Pronghorn Resort offers fine dining options and spa services. This adds to the overall luxurious experience, allowing golfers to unwind and indulge after their game.

The Pronghorn Nicklaus Signature Course truly offers a blend of challenging gameplay, natural beauty, and luxury, setting it apart as a top golf course in Bend.


Juniper Golf Course

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Near Redmond airport, Juniper Golf Course offers a welcoming atmosphere suitable for families and beginners, while also hosting prestigious tournaments like the Oregon Open and U.S. Amateur Qualifier. It’s no surprise that this course consistently ranks as one of the best courses in Oregon, earning the attention of Golf Digest.

The course’s layout presents a great mix of challenging and enjoyable holes, with a blend of difficult and gettable holes. The par fives and drivable par fours offer a perfect balance of risk and reward for players of all skill levels.

Juniper Golf Course provides a unique golfing experience, with its location in the high desert providing stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere for your game. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking for a challenge or a beginner looking to improve your game, Juniper Golf Course has something to offer.


Widgi Creek Golf Club

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Laying amid the natural beauty of Bend, Oregon, Widgi Creek Golf Club beckons golf enthusiasts with its beautifully designed course and challenging layout. It’s a great place to test your skills while taking in the stunning surroundings. Here’s why Widgi Creek Golf Club stands out as one of the best in Bend:

  1. Challenging Layout: Widgi Creek Golf Club offers a meticulously designed course that winds through picturesque landscapes, incorporating natural lava rock outcroppings and stunning views of the Three Sisters mountains. Every hole presents a new challenge, making it an ideal choice for golfers seeking an exciting round.
  2. Excellent Rates: Despite its reputation as a top-tier golf destination, Widgi Creek Golf Club offers some of the best rates in the area, making it accessible to a wide range of golf enthusiasts.
  3. Private Club Experience: The club provides a private club experience with its well-maintained facilities and attentive staff. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and can expect exceptional service throughout your visit.

Widgi Creek Golf Club, first opened in 1991, promises an unforgettable golfing experience, especially on the Back Nine, where the course truly shines.



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Tetherow is completely unlike anything else in Central Oregon.  Designed by world-renowned architect, David McLay Kidd, Tetherow’s links design is flat out hard.  Locals call it Death Row.  In fact, one of our writers, a scratch golfer, made five birdies and eagle the first time he played the track on his way to a smooth 77.

The point is, if you’re looking for a relaxing, enjoyable round of golf where you have a chance of shooting a good score, Tetherow shouldn’t be on your list.  However, if you’re looking for a genuinely unique experience, and don’t mind the occasional tough break, Tetherow will give you everything you can handle and much more.

Aside from the golf course, Tetherow’s amenities are to die for.  The new hotel and lodges are top-shelf and afford breathtaking views of those spectacular mountains we keep talking about.

The on-property dining options are killer. 

The Row Pub is a great choice for a post-round pint and you won’t want to miss out on the award-winning Bleu Diamond Burger. 

If a more formal setting and a wine list rivaling that of the best restaurants in Napa is more your flavor, Solomon’s is out of this world.  Remember our writer that shot 77 his first go around Tetherow?  That same idiot lost at credit card roulette at Solomon’s recently and is still paying the tab.  He insists it was worth every penny though.

If you’re wanting to venture off-property, Tetherow offers complimentary shuttles for resort guests to the countless restaurants and beer taps that make up Downtown Bend

It’s up to you whether you play the golf course or not.  With that said, we recommend you do for the experience alone.  Oh yeah, take a caddie.  Forget about score.

However, if you choose not to play this links in the high desert, the other amenities are more than worth the price of admission.


Black Butte Ranch Big Meadow Golf Course

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Undoubtedly the best kept secret in Central Oregon is Black Butte Ranch Big Meadow Golf Course.  Located just a few miles west of the quaint town of Sisters (a short drive from Bend), this track is mountain golf at it’s finest.  With views of the Cascade peaks and Black Butte, tranquil is the first word that comes to mind as you leisurely stroll down the fairways at Big Meadow.

You might want to leave your driver in the bag on a few holes as OB lines most every fairway.

The greens are some of the best in the area and staying below the hole is a must. 

For accommodations, the resort has plenty of luxurious houses, cabins and condos to rent.

For food, the Lodge Restaurant and Aspen Lounge provide an upscale, yet relaxed dining experience that’s second to none. If a post-round beer and a burger are more your speed, Robert’s Pub has a Northwest inspired menu that’s delicious and reasonably priced.



Quail Run Golf Course

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Another hidden gem, Quail Run, is located just a short drive south of Bend.  The facilities here are modest, but they were never meant to be anything more. 

When you check in, you’ll most likely find Head PGA Professional, Todd Sickles, behind the counter.  Todd owns and operates the golf course which has a wonderful mix of holes that are both friendly and challenging. 

A local’s favorite for years, Quail Run is rarely overcrowded so pace of play isn’t an issue. 

And the best part is the greens fees are more than reasonable.If you’re looking for an enjoyable round, friendly staff, and great value, don’t overlook Quail Run.


The Old Back Nine

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Formerly an 18-hole course called Mountain High, The Old Back Nine is a great place for beginners or a casual warmup round.

Just because this course isn’t a million yards in length, don’t let it fool you.  Its fairways are narrow, and the greens are sloped. 

Yes, you can certainly shoot a good score, but you’d better be on your game. 

The staff here are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and the laid-back atmosphere is ideal for families, beginners, and everyone else.If there’s a golf course in Bend where everyone is truly welcome, it’s at The Old Back Nine.


It’s not hard to see why Bend, Oregon has become so popular for people to vacation and live.  There’s something for everyone in the way of outdoor recreation and golf is a large part of that.  With over 25 courses within an hour’s drive, there’s no way to play all of them in one trip.  Trust us, you’ll want to come back again after you visit this special piece of the Pacific Northwest. 

Aside from the golf, there’s plenty of great food to eat, beer to drink, and other activities to enjoy.  If you’re thinking about where to plan your next buddies trip or, just want to take the family on vacation to a new spot, put Bend, Oregon at the top of your list.


Paul Liberatore
Paul Liberatore

As the Founder of Golfers Authority Paul Liberatore Esq. has spent the last 7+ years writing about the best golf equipment or instruction from the top golf instructors in the world. He has been a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated Golf and GolfWRX. After graduating with honors from Purdue University, he realized that he had a passion for the golf business and the law. When he's not practicing law, or creating golf content on YouTube, he can be found on his syndicated Behind the Golf Brand podcast both on Apple and Spotify talking with the most prolific leaders in the golf industry. 

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