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Unleash Your Swing at Chesapeake Golf

Did you know that Chesapeake Golf has been recognized as one of the top golf courses in the region? It’s true!

If you’re looking for a place to unleash your swing and test your skills, Chesapeake Golf is the perfect destination. With its beautifully landscaped fairways and greens, this championship course offers an exciting challenge for golfers of all levels.

But that’s not all – there are many other reasons why Chesapeake Golf should be at the top of your list. From the rich history of the course to the expert instruction available, there is so much to discover.

So, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, join us as we explore everything Chesapeake Golf has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Chesapeake Golf Course is highly regarded as one of the top golf courses in the region, offering a beautifully landscaped and challenging experience for golfers of all skill levels.
  • The course boasts a rich history, having hosted several prestigious tournaments and attracted notable golfers from around the world. It was designed by a renowned golf course architect and continuously updated to maintain its reputation.
  • Golfers can enjoy affordable green fees and special rates, including discounted rates for seniors, twilight rates for playing later in the day, and seasonal promotions and packages for additional savings.
  • The golf course provides expert golf instruction tailored to individual needs, with personalized programs, the use of video analysis, and guidance and support throughout the learning journey. Members also enjoy exclusive amenities and benefits, such as unlimited access to the course, priority tee times, discounted rates on lessons and merchandise, and member-only events and tournaments.

Tee Time Booking Options

Booking your tee time at Chesapeake Golf is a breeze with our convenient and flexible booking options. We understand that plans can change, which is why we’ve implemented flexible booking policies to accommodate our golfers.

Whether you want to book for yourself or a group, we’ve you covered. Simply visit our website and choose the date and time that works best for you.

And if something comes up and you need to cancel or reschedule, don’t worry. Our cancellation policy allows you to make changes up to 24 hours in advance without any penalty.

We want to make sure that your experience at Chesapeake Golf is stress-free and enjoyable, so take advantage of our flexible booking options and get ready to unleash your swing on our championship golf course.

Exceptional 18-hole Championship Course

After securing your tee time at Chesapeake Golf with our convenient booking options, get ready to experience the exceptional 18-hole championship course that awaits you.

Here are three features that make our course truly exceptional:

  1. Challenging Layout: Our course is designed to test your skills, no matter your level of expertise. With strategically placed bunkers and water hazards, you’ll need to strategize every shot to navigate our challenging layout.
  2. Scenic Views: As you make your way through the course, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the surrounding area. From rolling hills to lush greenery, our course offers a picturesque backdrop for your game.
  3. Player Testimonials: Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our players have to say. Many have praised the well-maintained fairways and greens, as well as the overall quality of our course. Experience it for yourself and see why our players keep coming back.

Get ready to tee off and unleash your swing on our exceptional 18-hole championship course at Chesapeake Golf.

Rich History and Prestigious Tournaments

Dive into the rich history and prestigious tournaments of Chesapeake Golf, where legends have walked the fairways and champions have been crowned.

Since its establishment in 2024, this course has hosted several professional tournaments, attracting notable golfers from around the world.

Designed by a renowned golf course architect, Chesapeake Golf has undergone continuous updates and improvements over the years to maintain its reputation as a top-notch golfing destination.

The beautifully landscaped fairways and greens provide a stunning backdrop as you navigate the challenging layout suitable for all skill levels. The course’s well-maintained bunkers and water hazards add an extra layer of excitement to your game.

Join the ranks of the golfing greats and experience the legacy of Chesapeake Golf firsthand.

Affordable Green Fees and Special Rates

Looking to hit the links without breaking the bank? Discover how Chesapeake Golf offers affordable green fees and special rates for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Here are three reasons why Chesapeake Golf is the perfect choice for budget-conscious golfers:

  1. Senior Discounts: Chesapeake Golf understands the importance of catering to the needs of senior golfers. That’s why they offer special discounted rates for seniors, allowing them to enjoy their favorite sport at a more affordable price.
  2. Twilight Rates: If you prefer to play later in the day, Chesapeake Golf has you covered with their twilight rates. This means you can tee off later in the afternoon and enjoy the same great course at a discounted rate.
  3. Seasonal Promotions: Chesapeake Golf frequently runs seasonal promotions and packages, offering even more opportunities for golfers to save money. Keep an eye out for these special deals and take advantage of the great savings they offer.

At Chesapeake Golf, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Enjoy a round of golf without breaking the bank!

Expert Golf Instruction for All Levels

If you’re ready to take your golf game to the next level, Chesapeake Golf offers expert instruction for golfers of all skill levels. Our professional golf instructors are dedicated to helping you improve your swing and enhance your overall performance on the course.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced golfer aiming to refine your technique, we’ve personalized programs tailored to your specific needs. One of the key benefits of our instruction is the use of video analysis. By analyzing your swing through video recordings, our instructors can provide you with valuable insights and identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, our personalized feedback techniques ensure that you receive individualized guidance and support throughout your learning journey. With our expert golf instruction, you can unlock your full potential and achieve mastery on the golf course.

Beautiful Scenery and Surrounding Views

As you step onto the Chesapeake Golf course, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking scenery and the stunning views that surround you. Here are three reasons why the landscapes at Chesapeake Golf are truly enjoyable:

  1. Majestic Mountains: As you navigate the 18-hole championship golf course, your eyes will be drawn to the majestic mountains that provide a picturesque backdrop. The rolling hills and towering peaks create a sense of serenity and tranquility, making your golfing experience even more enjoyable.
  2. Lush Greenery: The beautifully landscaped fairways and greens at Chesapeake Golf are a sight to behold. The meticulously maintained grass and vibrant foliage create a lush and inviting atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re playing in a natural oasis, surrounded by nature’s beauty at every turn.
  3. Panoramic Views: From various points on the course, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the surrounding area. Whether it’s a sparkling lake, a winding river, or a sprawling valley, the breathtaking views will take your breath away. These vistas not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the course but also provide a sense of calm and inspiration as you play your round.

At Chesapeake Golf, the enjoyable landscapes and breathtaking views truly elevate your golfing experience.

Convenient Location and Directions

As you continue your golfing journey at Chesapeake Golf, let’s now explore the convenience of its location and how to get there. Located in the heart of Chesapeake, our golf course offers easy access for golf enthusiasts from all over. To help you plan your visit, here are some directions to guide you:

Starting PointDirections
Downtown ChesapeakeHead west on Main Street, then turn left onto Golf Course Road. Chesapeake Golf will be on your right.
Norfolk International AirportTake I-64 E towards Chesapeake. Take exit 290B for Greenbrier Parkway S. Continue onto Golf Course Road and you will find Chesapeake Golf on your left.
Virginia Beach OceanfrontHead west on I-264 W, then take exit 17B to merge onto I-64 W towards Chesapeake. Take exit 290B for Greenbrier Parkway S. Continue onto Golf Course Road and Chesapeake Golf will be on your left.
SuffolkTake US-13 N towards Chesapeake. Continue onto N George Washington Hwy, then turn right onto Dominion Blvd. Turn left onto Golf Course Road and you will find Chesapeake Golf on your left.

Once you’ve arrived at Chesapeake Golf, not only will you experience an exceptional golfing experience, but you’ll also have the opportunity to explore nearby attractions. The beautiful Chesapeake Arboretum is just a short drive away, offering a peaceful retreat amidst nature’s beauty. If you’re looking for some retail therapy, the Greenbrier Mall is conveniently located nearby, providing a variety of shopping and dining options. So, plan your visit to Chesapeake Golf today and enjoy both a convenient location and exciting nearby attractions.

Membership Benefits and Options

Explore the numerous benefits and diverse membership options available at Chesapeake Golf, where you can take your golfing experience to the next level.

Here are three reasons why joining a golf membership at Chesapeake Golf is a smart choice:

  1. Exclusive amenities for members: As a member, you’ll have access to a range of exclusive amenities, including a private clubhouse, locker rooms, and a pro shop stocked with top-of-the-line golfing gear. Enjoy member-only events, tournaments, and social activities that foster a sense of community among fellow golf enthusiasts.
  2. Benefits of joining a golf membership: Membership at Chesapeake Golf comes with numerous perks. Enjoy unlimited access to the championship 18-hole golf course, priority tee times, and discounted rates on lessons, clinics, and merchandise. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your game with professional instruction and practice facilities designed to help you reach your full potential.
  3. Flexible membership options: Chesapeake Golf offers a variety of membership options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a full golf membership, a weekday membership, or a social membership, there’s an option that fits your lifestyle. Choose the membership that best aligns with your golfing goals and enjoy all the benefits Chesapeake Golf has to offer.

Seasonal Promotions and Packages

Discover the exciting array of seasonal promotions and packages available at Chesapeake Golf, designed to enhance your golfing experience and provide exceptional value. Whether you’re looking to improve your game, celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy a round of golf with friends, there’s a package that’s perfect for you. Take advantage of exclusive holiday deals, where you can enjoy discounted rates and special perks during the festive season. For corporate events or team-building activities, our group packages offer a great way to bond with colleagues while enjoying a day on the course. Here is a table showcasing a few of the seasonal promotions and packages currently available:

Package NameDescriptionPrice
Holiday DelightExperience the magic of golf during the holiday season with discounted rates, complimentary festive treats, and a chance to win exciting prizes.$99
Corporate ChampionsTreat your team to a day of golfing fun with our group package, including green fees, cart rental, and a delicious catered lunch.$500
Summer Swing SpecialEnjoy unlimited golf from sunrise to sunset during the summer months, along with access to our practice facilities and a refreshing beverage.$199/month
Weekend GetawayEscape the city and enjoy a relaxing golf weekend with a two-night stay in our luxurious on-site accommodation, two rounds of golf, and breakfast each morning.$399
Junior Golfer PackageIntroduce your child to the game of golf with our junior golfer package, which includes lessons, unlimited range balls, and discounted green fees throughout the year.$199/year

These are just a few examples of the incredible promotions and packages available at Chesapeake Golf. With options for every season, occasion, and budget, there’s never been a better time to unleash your swing and experience the best that our course has to offer. Book your package today and get ready for a golfing adventure like no other.

Unforgettable Junior Golf Camps

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Chesapeake Golf’s Junior Golf Camps. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Interactive Learning: Our junior golf camps are designed to provide a hands-on and engaging learning experience. Through interactive drills and exercises, young golfers will have the opportunity to improve their technique and develop a solid foundation for their game. Our experienced instructors will guide them every step of the way, ensuring that they learn in a fun and supportive environment.
  2. Improving Technique: Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced golfer, our junior golf camps offer a chance to refine their skills and take their game to the next level. With personalized instruction and video analysis, our instructors will help identify areas for improvement and provide targeted guidance on how to enhance their technique. From driving to putting, our camps cover all aspects of the game and help young golfers develop a well-rounded skill set.
  3. Unforgettable Memories: Beyond interactive learning and improved technique, our junior golf camps create lasting memories. From making new friends who share the same passion for golf to experiencing the thrill of playing on a championship course, your child will leave our camps with unforgettable experiences that will inspire their love for the game for years to come.


Just as a golfer’s swing can unleash power and precision on the course, Chesapeake Golf unleashes an unforgettable golfing experience.

With its challenging layout, scenic views, and rich history, this championship course offers something for every skill level.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, Chesapeake Golf will challenge and inspire you.

So grab your clubs and join us for an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Your swing is waiting to be unleashed at Chesapeake Golf.

Paul Liberatore
Paul Liberatore

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