Boiling Springs Golf Course

6275 yrd

Oklahoma’s sand belt region is home to some of the most interesting topography in the country.  That means some unique golf experiences too. 

One of those courses is Boiling Springs.  Nestled along the banks of the North Canadian River, this track is what architect Jeff Blume called a “once in a lifetime canvas to work with.” 

The course is spread out over undulating sand dunes that allow each hole to exist by itself.  While it’s open in spots, oaks, black walnuts, and elms line many of the fairways.

Because this course’s design is so diverse, every facet of your game will be tested.

A round that has to be experienced to be fully understood, I recommend playing here at least once.


Boiling Springs Golf Course

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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