Best Golf Courses in St. Louis

Updated February 2024 to update booking information.

St. Louis, the Gateway to the West.  A city steeped in American history unlike any other.  Today, this great city is home to culture, sports, food, commerce, and some of the best golf you’re going to find in the Midwest. 

It’s been a while since I’ve ventured to St. Louis, but I have fond memories of my time here.  While I’ve played a little golf in St. Louis, I’m in no position to act as an authority.  That’s why I turned to you guys for help.  I’ve been sitting on a request to publish a guide to the best public courses here and it’s time I acted.

Like clockwork, you guys came through with plenty of unique and intelligent insight. 

So, here’s to you!  Let’s get going.

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If you’re seeking a demanding yet picturesque golfing experience near St. Louis, Gateway National Golf Links in Illinois offers a stunning view of the Gateway Arch and the city’s skyline. This public course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, is renowned for its unique layout and bold terrain. The course features rolling fairways through native grasses and strategically placed bunkers, making it one of the best links courses in the Midwest.

At Gateway National Golf Links, golfers can enjoy the open greens, allowing for running the ball up and providing a distinctive golfing game. The course’s diverse terrain offers an arduous round for golfers of all skill levels. Additionally, the stunning views and excellent course conditions make for a truly memorable round of golf.

To book tee times at Gateway National Golf Links, you can easily do so through their website or popular platforms such as Amazon. Whether you’re a local golfer or visiting St. Louis, this course is a must-visit for those seeking a demanding and visually striking golfing adventure.



Tapawingo National Golf Club

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When you’re ready to explore another top-notch golfing event near St. Louis, set your sights on Tapawingo National Golf Club. This renowned course was designed by Gary Player and features three distinct nines. It has a reputation for its stunning hardwood forests and demanding water hazards.

Tapawingo is known for emphasizing target golf, offering risk and reward opportunities that appeal to golfers of all skill levels. The well-maintained greens and fairways make it a popular choice among golfers in St. Louis.

The 27-hole layout at Tapawingo features rivers, lakes, and hardwood forests, providing a scenic and bold golfing experience. It is consistently ranked among the best public golf courses in the area.

In addition to the exceptional golfing course, Tapawingo also offers a clubhouse that is available for special events.

Whether you’re looking for public tee times, tournaments, or lessons, Tapawingo National Golf Club has something to offer every golfer. It is a must-visit destination that showcases the beauty of golfing in the US while providing an exceptional golfing adventure.

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Stonewolf Golf Club

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For a memorable and affordable golfing trip near St. Louis, look no further than the captivating Stonewolf Golf Club in Illinois. This gem, located just a short drive from downtown St. Louis, offers a great round of golf without breaking the bank.

Designed by Jack Nicklaus Signature, the Stonewolf Golf Club features rolling fairways, undulating greens, and forced carries, providing a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. The layout includes a stunning 160-yard par-3 hole with an elevated tee and green set 30 feet below, complete with a water hazard on the left side, adding an exciting element to the game.

Stonewolf Golf Club stands out as one of the best public golf courses in the St. Louis area, offering golf lovers a chance to enjoy a Jack Nicklaus Signature course at an affordable price. The diverse layout, scenic views, and well-maintained course make it a must-visit for golfers seeking a memorable and challenging golfing experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, Stonewolf Golf Club provides an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a great round of golf in a beautiful setting.




Normandie Golf Club

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As you explore the diverse golfing options in the St. Louis area, the captivating Stonewolf Golf Club offers a memorable and affordable visit.

Now, let’s dive into the historic and classic appeal of Normandie Golf Club. Normandie Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in St. Louis, established in 1901, providing a historic and classic golf game. The course demands precision and offers a solid test of golf despite not being the longest course, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable round of golf.

Known for its tree-lined Bermuda fairways and undulating greens, Normandie Golf Club’s layout presents a unique and rewarding golfing experience. The club’s rich history and charming layout make it a standout choice for golfers looking for a traditional and demanding round.

Players can expect a unique and unforgettable visit at Normandie Golf Club, making it a must-visit destination for golf aficionados. Normandie Golf Club’s proximity to downtown St. Louis, its historic appeal, and the bold yet enjoyable layout make it a compelling choice among the public courses within the St. Louis area.


Far Oaks Golf Club

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Nestled among ancient oaks and offering wide fairways for a forgiving golfing game, Far Oaks Golf Club stands out as a charming and enjoyable destination for golf enthusiasts in the St. Louis area.

The front nine of this best public golf course resembles a Scottish links layout, providing a unique and challenging tour. As you move to the back nine, you’ll find yourself surrounded by hardwood forests, creating a stunning backdrop for your game.

The short par 4s and 5s on the back nine are considered some of the best in Missouri, offering a rewarding test for golfers of all skill levels.

The club’s location at 7650 S. McClintock Drive makes it easily accessible, adding to its allure as one of the top daily fee facilities in St. Louis.

After your round, you can relax at the bar and grille, enhancing the overall adventure.

Far Oaks Golf Club truly embodies the essence of a top-tier golfing destination, blending natural beauty with well-crafted nine-hole layouts.


Forest Park Golf Course

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Just minutes from downtown, you’ll find Forest Park Golf Course.

One of the finest munis in the state, Forest Park is full of character.  You’ll have to work the ball both ways as there are numerous doglegs.  Well placed bunkers and hazards come into play on most holes.  There’s a premium on both course management and ball striking.

The best part about this facility is that you have three different nines to choose from. 

If you get a chance, regulars recommend playing all three nines to get the full experience.



Florissant Golf Club

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Opened in 1964, Florissant Golf Club has been enjoyed by golfers from all over for a long time.

While the layout is both fun and challenging, the greens are what this track is known for.  They’re undulating and as fast as you’ll find anywhere.  Staying below the hole is essential.

Again, course management and a strategic game plan for each hole are the keys to scoring well. 

An iconic, traditional design, you won’t forget a round at Florissant Golf Club.


Riverside Golf Club

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Another 18 holes of great golf await at Riverside Golf Club.  Since 1965, golfers have strolled these fairways.

This course isn’t long, but it’s a blast to play.  Playing to a par of 69 and a length of less than 6,000 yards from the back tees, this is the perfect spot for a day on the links with family, friends, or people just learning the game.

If you have a young one that’s excited about golf, there’s no better option to get them going than the junior program at Riverside.  Over the course of the summer, PGA Professionals gradually introduce juniors to the game in a way that’s fun and keeps them engaged.

It’s too bad all cities don’t have a facility like Riverside.


Creve Coeur Golf Course

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Another timeless track in the St. Louis area is Creve Coeur Golf Course.  It dates all the way back to 1924.

Even though this course is only nine holes, it’s full of character and charm. 

The fairways are sloped so you’ll face some lies with the ball above and below your feet. 

Most of the greens feature multiple tiers too.  Precision on your approach shots is a must if you want a good look at birdie. 

At Creve Coeur, the motto is “family first.”  It’s the goal of every staff member to ensure that golfers of all abilities have a great time with the ones they love.

It doesn’t get much better than that.



Paradise Valley Country Club

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Even though Paradise Valley is located in an urban area, strolling its fairways gives you the sense you’re far away from the hustle and bustle. 

Situated in a pristine valley and surrounded by hardwood forest, quiet and serene are the words locals use to describe this course.

Like a lot of older designs, the emphasis is on shot placement and course management more than it is distance.  This is a great course for straight hitters.

For a one-of-a-kind experience that will have you wanting to play it again and again, choose Paradise Valley.


Golf in St. Louis is something to note, that’s for sure.  While I’ve played a little golf here, I was astounded to learn about all the great opportunities there are for the public.

Whether you’re looking for a modern, open design, or prefer older, more traditional layouts, there’s something for everyone in St. Louis.

Thank you to all that made this guide possible.  You who you are, and I can’t thank you enough.




Paul Liberatore
Paul Liberatore

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