Best Golf Courses in Portland

Updated February 2024 to update booking information.

If you’ve never been to Portland, Oregon, you need to go.  The Rose City is truly the gem of the Pacific Northwest and is alive with culture, great food, endless outdoor activities, and yes, plenty of world-class verdant fairways. 

As a native Oregonian, one of our writers recently played tour guide as we sampled this great city’s golf, food, and drink.  Our synopsis is below.



Waverly Country Club

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Normally we like to save the best for last at Golfer’s Authority, but we couldn’t wait to play this Chandler Egan course that’s remained largely unchanged since 1896.

We missed the entrance to Waverley twice before we finally found the narrow unmarked driveway.

Our resident writer, who has played the course numerous times before, said that cresting the hill and looking onto the property would be like stepping back into a scene from the Great Gatsby.  He was right.  The whitewashed clubhouse, cabins and other buildings were overshadowed by oak trees whose lazy branches surely have more stories to tell than the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel mentioned above.  Employees and staff casually went about their business, in no apparent hurry.

Upon checking in, we were greeted by the General Manager who was most accommodating as he informed us that the policy for tee times at Waverley was no policy at all.  That’s right, it’s up to the members to arrange pairings and starting times amongst themselves.  There’s never been an issue.

Eventually, we made our way to the first tee and fell into the rhythm of the round after a few holes.  The tree-lined fairways and undulating greens are straightforward.  What you see is what you get.

Over the next 15 holes, birdies and bogeys were made but, none of that seemed to matter as our group seemed to fall into a tranquil trance.  The serenity of Waverley is something like most in our group had never experienced on a golf course.

As we came to the 15th hole, a downhill par three of some 224 yards, we were greeted by a view of the mighty Willamette River

The 17th and 18th holes provide an exciting finish along the Willamette as they’re both risk and reward par fives. 

At the end of this memorable day, there were a few dollars exchanged but more importantly, memories were  made. 

Even though Waverley is a private club, they do offer reciprocal rounds for members of other private clubs that can be arranged between Head PGA Professionals.



Langdon Farms Golf Club

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Nestled along Interstate 5, Langdon Farms Golf Club beckons avid golfers with its serene ambiance and demanding course features. As the best-kept public golf course in the Portland area, Langdon Farms offers a peaceful setting without the usual traffic noise.

The course’s design incorporates big fir trees that can challenge and gobble up errant tee shots, adding an element of difficulty to the game. The undulating greens and surrounds further contribute to the course’s difficulty, providing a bold and interesting playing event for golfers seeking mastery.

Langdon Farms Golf Club boasts excellent practice facilities, allowing golfers to hone their skills and improve their game. This Bob Cupp-designed course has garnered acclaim, establishing itself as a top destination for golf lovers. Its remarkable design and challenging layout place it among the best in the area, rivaling renowned courses such as Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, designed by David McLay Kidd and recognized by Golf Digest.

For those seeking an exceptional golfing encounter, Langdon Farms Golf Club stands out as an unmissable addition to the Portland golfing landscape.


Pumpkin Ridge Witch Hollow

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If you’re a golf enthusiast seeking a demanding and picturesque course near Portland, Pumpkin Ridge Witch Hollow is an iconic destination that has hosted prestigious golf events and offers a must-play adventure in the beautiful countryside just outside of downtown.

This private club, designed by renowned architect Robert Trent Jones II, is a gem in the Pacific Northwest. The course has seen iconic moments, including Tiger Woods’ U.S. Amateur win. The spacious bent grass fairways and greens demand precision, especially when approaching the small and well-protected greens. The undulating greens and surrounds add to the difficulty, making it a thrilling yet bold experience for golfers.

The club’s excellent practice facilities also make it an ideal destination for those seeking to improve their game. While it’s a private club, if you’re able to arrange a reciprocal round, it’s a must-play. The scenic drive from downtown Portland to Pumpkin Ridge Witch Hollow is a bonus, offering a serene journey to the beautiful countryside.

If you’re looking for top-tier golf happening in the Portland area, Pumpkin Ridge Witch Hollow should be high on your list.


Tualatin Country Club

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The challenging and iconic golf adventure at Pumpkin Ridge Witch Hollow sets the bar high. The Tualatin Country Club offers a historic and strategic course that will further test your skills and provide a well-rounded golfing experience.

As the fourth oldest golf course in Oregon, Tualatin Country Club holds a special place in the state’s golfing history. The narrow fairways, bordered by trees, present a great challenge for golfers looking to test their precision and accuracy.

The charming Tualatin River frames holes 8, 9, and 10, adding an extra dimension to the game and providing a stunning backdrop for your round. This course, with its interesting and strategic holes, will truly test your skills.

Moreover, Tualatin Country Club isn’t just about the golf; it’s a great spot for post-round drinks and friendly competition, making it a well-rounded event for golfers.

If you’re looking for a blend of history, challenge, and camaraderie, Tualatin Country Club is a must-visit when exploring the best golf courses in Portland.


Eastmoreland Golf Course

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Conveniently located near downtown Portland, Eastmoreland Golf Course offers golfers a laid-back atmosphere and unique bunkers, making it a popular choice for those seeking a memorable round of golf.

As a public course, it represents Portland’s inclusive golf culture, attracting both locals and visitors.

The course’s character is accentuated by the stunning backdrop of Crystal Springs Lake and Rhododendron Garden, providing a scenic and unique golfing adventure.

Eastmoreland Golf Course is renowned for its affordability, offering a great golfing event in the heart of the city. Recognized by Golf Digest as one of Portland’s top public picks, it has become a must-visit for golf admirers.

The hardpan fairways and friendly locals contribute to the muni experience, making it a comfortable and inviting place to play.

This course perfectly embodies the spirit of Portland, offering a memorable and enjoyable round of golf for all skill levels.


Heron Lakes Great Blue Golf Course

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Nestled amidst the scenic surroundings of Portland, Heron Lakes Great Blue Golf Course presents a demanding yet exhilarating adventure for golfers of all skill levels. Designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr., this top golf destination is only minutes from downtown and offers wide fairways and undulating greens that will test your skills.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Challenging Layout: The small greens and fescue-lined fairways demand precision, making it suitable for players looking for a real test of skill.
  • Beautiful Scenery: The course’s beautiful lakes with blue herons and the windy conditions add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to your game.
  • Variety of Difficulty: With varying degrees of difficulty, the Heron Lakes Great Blue Golf Course offers an event suitable for golfers at all levels.

Whether you’re visiting Portland for business or pleasure, this course is within easy reach of downtown. Consider renting a car and including Heron Lakes Great Blue Golf Course in your itinerary to adventure a memorable round on bent grass fairways.



Columbia Edgewater Country Club

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Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest, Columbia Edgewater Country Club beckons golf fans with its bold course and breathtaking surroundings. Designed by the legendary Trent Jones, this course is renowned for its narrow fairways and manicured greens, demanding precision and shot-making skills.

Golf Digest’s recognition of the course as one of the best in Oregon speaks volumes about its quality. The back nine, in particular, presents a test of skill and nerve, with risk and reward opportunities that can make or break your round. The undulating greens and strategic bunkers add to the challenge, requiring golfers to carefully consider each shot.

A reciprocal round at this iconic private club is a unique golfing experience worth arranging. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the club’s etiquette and avoid gambling with the members to maintain good relationships.

For golfers seeking a true test of their abilities in stunning surroundings, Columbia Edgewater Country Club is a must-visit.


Portland Golf Club

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Portland Golf Club offers a prestigious and historically rich golfing event. The course’s layout takes you on a nostalgic journey through time, with undulating greens and fast-running surfaces that require finesse and precision. Hosting the PGA Tour’s Portland Open in the past, this private club has a legacy of providing a great golf adventure.

The club’s excellent practice facilities and the opportunity to play on a course designed by the legendary Trent Jones make it one of the best courses in the area. The club’s rich history and demanding yet rewarding layout create an environment that will truly test and improve your golfing skills.

Whether you’re looking to tackle the challenge of the par three holes or refine your skills with the guidance of the Head PGA professional, Portland Golf Club offers an experience that golf enthusiasts will find both memorable and fulfilling.



Rose City Golf Club

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Located in the heart of Northeast Portland, Rose City Golf Club offers a historic and demanding golfing adventure for players of all skill levels. As the second oldest course in the state, it boasts well-maintained fairways and greens despite high usage. The old-school design emphasizes shot-making, making it a bold yet enjoyable course for golfers.

The city-owned course showcases a successful public and private partnership, providing a unique and historic golfing event. The historic clubhouse and its location in Northeast Portland make it a convenient and beautiful destination for golf fans. Rose City Golf Club’s post-round beverage prices are affordable, enhancing the overall encounter for golfers.

The course’s design, featuring fir trees and demanding tee shots, adds to the challenge and beauty of the surroundings. Designed by the legendary architect Trent Jones, it has become a significant part of Portland’s golfing landscape. With its excellent maintenance and a variety of programs, Rose City Golf Club is a must-visit for any avid golfer in Portland.


The Reserve Golf Club – North and South

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Located in the suburb of Aloha, both courses at the Reserve are worth the price of admission.  Even though this facility is technically private, members only privileges rotate between the North and South courses on a weekly basis. 

Formerly home to the PGA Tour Champions Jeld-Wen Tradition, a major, this facility is world class. 

We were fortunate to play the South Course and were treated to one of the more enjoyable rounds of our trip. 

The mixture of short and long holes makes for an exciting round that features plenty of risk and reward. If you’re just looking for a spot to work on your game for an afternoon, the Reserve’s practice facilities are the best in the area.


Our trip to Portland was a whirlwind filled with iconic Northwest golf, too many Northwest craft beers, and food fit for a king.  After nearly two weeks on the road and golf almost every day, we were ready to get back home.

With that being said, we can’t recommend Portland enough as your next golf destination.  The courses, culture, and Northwest hospitality rival that of anywhere else we’ve been in the country. 

If you’ve played golf in Portland or have questions about our recommendations, we’d love to hear from you below in the comments. 


Paul Liberatore
Paul Liberatore

As the Founder of Golfers Authority Paul Liberatore Esq. has spent the last 7+ years writing about the best golf equipment or instruction from the top golf instructors in the world. He has been a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated Golf and GolfWRX. After graduating with honors from Purdue University, he realized that he had a passion for the golf business and the law. When he's not practicing law, or creating golf content on YouTube, he can be found on his syndicated Behind the Golf Brand podcast both on Apple and Spotify talking with the most prolific leaders in the golf industry. 

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