Best Golf Courses in Cincinnati

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No one is going to argue that Cincinnati’s one of the great sports towns in the country.  The Bengals, Reds, and Nascar all draw fans from every walk of life.  Take it from me, if you’ve never been to a Bengals game, you better not be wearing the colors of the opposing team.  If you do, you might be at risk of bodily harm from Bengals loyals. 

What you might not know is that there’s a host of great public courses to be found in Cincinnati too.

I’ve been fortunate to play a few, but the city’s residents are much more qualified to offer an opinion than I am. 

Like usual, I enlisted their help to come up with a list of the best ones anybody can play.


Pebble Creek Golf Club

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If you’re seeking a golfing experience that combines challenging holes, true greens, and a touch of hidden gem allure, Pebble Creek Golf Club in Cincinnati is the place to be.

Set along the Ohio River at 9799 Prechtel Road, this club offers one of the best golfing experiences in the area. The course is renowned for its fast and true greens, providing a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. With GPS on carts for faster gameplay, you can focus on your game without getting lost in the stunning surroundings.

Pebble Creek Golf Club isn’t only a haven for golfers but also a place for fantastic dining experiences. Every Friday, the club hosts a popular fish fry in its restaurant, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a challenging round of golf.

This combination of excellent golfing and delightful dining makes Pebble Creek Golf Club a standout choice among the best golf courses in Cincinnati. Whether you’re a local or visiting the area, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this hidden gem.



The Golf Club at Stonelick Hills

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Tucked away in a serene and natural setting, The Golf Club at Stonelick Hills offers a secluded and delightful course that winds through forests and lakes. This exceptional golfing gem in Cincinnati provides a unique and unspoiled experience, free from the distractions of surrounding buildings.

Stonelick Hills is renowned as one of the finest golf destinations in the state, offering a challenging layout that also presents stunning scenic views and the possibility of encountering wildlife. Designed and owned by Jeff Osterfeld, the course at Stonelick Hills stands out as a testament to his dedication to providing an exceptional golfing experience.

The course’s meandering layout through forests and around lakes not only challenges golfers but also immerses them in the beauty of the natural surroundings. For golfers seeking a tranquil and challenging round of golf, The Golf Club at Stonelick Hills in Cincinnati is a must-visit destination, offering a hidden gem that combines natural beauty with a well-crafted course design.




Aston Oaks Golf Club

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In a painting-like scenery, Aston Oaks Golf Club offers golfers a mix of challenging and enjoyable holes set amidst stunning natural surroundings. This premier facility, located at 1 Aston Oaks Drive, North Bend, is a top choice for golf enthusiasts in the Cincinnati area. The well-maintained course boasts fast and true greens, providing an excellent playing surface for golfers of all skill levels. Aston Oaks Golf Club is renowned for its combination of challenging obstacles and scenic views, making it a must-visit course in the area.

Golfers can expect a memorable experience at Aston Oaks Golf Club, with GPS on carts ensuring faster gameplay and aiding in navigating the course’s unique layout. The club’s commitment to providing a top-notch golfing experience has cemented its reputation as one of the best public golf courses in Cincinnati. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer seeking a challenging round or a beginner looking to enjoy the game amidst beautiful surroundings, Aston Oaks Golf Club has something to offer for everyone.




Cedar Trace Golf Club

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As you move from the picturesque setting of Aston Oaks Golf Club, you’ll find yourself drawn to the pristine acres and subtle elevation changes of Cedar Trace Golf Club, offering a well-maintained and challenging design amidst nature surroundings at 5466 Newtonsville Road, Batavia, OH 45103.

Cedar Trace Golf Club, located in Batavia, Ohio, is renowned for its exceptional value in the metro area. The course features fast and true greens, providing an exciting challenge for golfers of all skill levels. To enhance the pace of play, GPS-equipped carts are available, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable round.

The club’s dedication to maintaining the course at a high standard is evident, making it a must-visit for golf enthusiasts in the Cincinnati area. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting from out of town, Cedar Trace Golf Club promises an unforgettable golfing experience amidst the natural beauty of its surroundings.

After exploring Cedar Trace, you may also want to consider visiting other remarkable courses in the area, such as Shaker Run Golf Club, to further enrich your golfing journey in Ohio.


Sugar Ridge Golf Club

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Amidst the lovely scenery and immaculate course conditions of Sugar Ridge Golf Club, golf enthusiasts can look forward to a challenging and enjoyable experience on its variety of holes.

Here’s what you can expect at Sugar Ridge Golf Club:

  • Impeccable Course Conditions: Sugar Ridge Golf Club is known for its well-maintained course, providing a top-quality playing surface for golfers.
  • Recognition by Golf Digest: The club has been designated as one of the Best Places to Play by Golf Digest, attesting to its exceptional quality and appeal.
  • Scenic Setting: Located in a picturesque setting, the club offers stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere for a memorable golfing experience.
  • Diverse Hole Designs: With a variety of hole designs, including those that cater to different skill levels, golfers can enjoy a diverse and engaging round of golf.
  • Engaging and Rewarding Experience: Sugar Ridge Golf Club provides an opportunity for golfers to test their skills and enjoy a challenging yet rewarding game.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, Sugar Ridge Golf Club offers a public course experience that rivals even the top golf courses like Blue Ash Golf Course.


Green Crest Golf Club

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Green Crest Golf Club dates all the way back to 1972.  It was then that an abandoned family farm was converted into the golf course.  Safe to say the fertile soil made it easy to grow grass.

Today, this parkland style design remains a favorite for locals and visitors alike. 

The fairways are narrow and lined with large deciduous trees.  If you hit one crooked, chances are you’ll be punching out.

Green complexes are small but sloped, mostly from back to front.  Stay below the hole if you want a good look at birdie.

Truly a hidden gem, don’t forget about Green Crest Golf Club.



Devou Park Golf Course

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Just across the river from downtown Cincinnati, you’ll find Devou Park Golf Course in Covington, Kentucky. 

The original nine holes was opened in 1922.  A second nine was added in 1995. 

Devou Park isn’t a long course.  Put it does demand precision and accuracy. 

Here again, the fairways are Zoysia, hands down my favorite grass to play from. 

The folks at Devou Park care about the environment too.  The course was certified as a Cooperative Sanctuary by the Audubon Society. 

Fun to play and reasonably priced.


Avon Fields Golf Course

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Located just minutes from downtown, Avon Fields is one of the most historic courses in Cincinnati.  It’s also owned and operated by the city.

The course is set amongst rolling hills and the fairways are lined by trees that are centuries old. 

Of particular challenge, are the course’s small, elevated greens.  More so than most courses, Avon Fields demands precision on approach shots and missed greens mean almost a certain bogey. 

Even though the course isn’t long, shooting a low score out here is a challenge.


Reeves Golf Course

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There might not be a more family-friendly course in Cincinnati than Reeves Golf Course. 

The fairways are wide out here and the layout is straight forward. 

With that being said, the greens are small in size, and many are set above the level of the fairway.  That means you need to be precise on your approach shots. 

In addition to the 18-hole course, this facility has a nine-hole par three course too.  And the driving range is one of the most modern in the area.

While you probably won’t find Reeves Golf Course hosting a Tour event anytime soon, this is the perfect spot for a fun filled day with the family.



Legendary Run Golf Course

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Legendary Run has been voted the “Friendliest Course in Ohio.”  From what our readers have said, that absolutely holds true. 

Designed by Arthur Hills and opened in 1997, this is a Scottish links style layout.  True to its name, holes were designed with some of the most famous in the game in mind.  The 12th at Augusta, the 17th at Saint Andrews, the list goes on. 

Caring for the environment is also a priority at Legendary Run.  The course has been certified as a Cooperative Sanctuary by the Audubon Society. 

Outstanding service, memorable golf, and stewardship of the land.  Doesn’t get much better than that!


Cincinnati might not cross your mind as a great golf destination, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.  The number, variety, and quality of courses to be found here is remarkable. 

Even though I’ve only the chance to play a couple of tracks in the area, I’m itching to get back and see more. 

Thanks always for your generous and thoughtful input.  It’s what makes these guides possible.




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