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Best Sun Sleeves for 2020

With spending so much time on the course in direct sunlight, it’s crucial to your health to have sun protection.  While the sun might be the best supplier of vitamin D, it also provides sunburns, sweaty skin and many other discomforts.  Not wearing the proper sun protection gear can lead to instant and long term damage that’s detrimental to your health. Choosing a sun sleeve can be overwhelming with the variety offered on the market.  We’ve gone through the options for you and determined what’s the Best Sun Sleeves to better protect yourself.

Top 6 Best Sun Sleeves

Best Overall
ShinyMod UV Sun Sleeve
• Two way wearable option
• Quick-drying material for cooling
• UV ray protection
Best Value
Elixir Golf Sun Sleeve
• Three dimensional weaving and high end needlework
• Logo free, basic design
• Feels cooler than bare skin
Most Popular
Aegend Arm Sleeve
• One of the lowest prices
• Anti-slip and snug fit
• High quality silica gel bands that won't dry out
Best Comfort
Eclipse Sun Sleeve
• Two-way wearable design
• SPF 50+ sun protection
• Moisture-wicking fabric material
Multi Pack
HopeShine Arm Sleeve
• Shareable multi-pack
• Fast moisture-wicking material
• Seamless weave-like design
Highest Quality
Tough Outdoors UV
• Seamless design for comfort
• Blocks 98% UVA & UVB rays
• Durable fabric blend

On a typical day of golf, a player usually is exposed between 5-6 hours of sun and sometimes even more. The simple fact is that the coverage from trees and the golf carts isn’t enough to prevent sun damage from happening. What is even more shocking is that features such as sandpits and ponds can actually reflect UV rays, only increasing a golfer’s exposure. Sun sleeves are an inexpensive and easy fix for minimizing sun exposure.

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What To Consider When Buying Sun Sleeves

When selecting sun sleeves there are three things to take into consideration.


The type of material used to create a sun sleeve is one of the most important details to keep in mind.  The fabric is a pillar for the overall quality of the product for durability and comfort. There are three key materials when it comes to the manufacturing of a sun sleeve.  No sun sleeve is only made from one material, it’s typically a blend of two or three.    

Polyester – Polyester is the base material of sun sleeves.  The material is very comfortable and extremely durable, allowing the customer to wash the sleeve easily. 

Spandex / Elastane – Despite the two names there are no synthetic differences between them.  This material is the secondary fabric when it comes to the sun sleeve industry. Its capability to allow airflow means that this material is both breathable and moisture-wicking properties. 

Nylon – While nylon might be very common in sun sleeves, it’s still widely used.  Despite being thicker and less breathable, blending it into other material provides a more durable fabric.

UPF Protection

This is what purchasing sun sleeves are all about, protecting skin from harmful UV rays.  Being that a golfer’s arms are the largest surface area exposed to the sun on a sunny day.  UPF stands for “Ultraviolet Protection Factor” and is a universal rating system that measures the sun-blocking effectiveness of clothing gear.  It’s imperative that the arm sleeve has UPF Protection of 50+, which means it blocks as much as 98% of the sun’s rays. This rating system advises customers that they are being protected by both UVA and UVB rays.

Sweat Prevention & Cooling

Most people assume that because they are wearing an additional layer of protection from the sun they are going to feel warmer and sweat more.  A sun sleeves goal is not just UV blocking but also ensuring that the golfer will feel cooler from the skin being able to breathe. If the sleeve is not breathable it will be extremely uncomfortable to wear all day long, effecting your focus on the course.  On a more basic note, a sleeves color may also affect a players sensation to the sun. Typically, darker colors tend to feel warmer than lighter ones. While the UV protection is still the same, some people might feel a warmer feeling.

sun sleeves

What Type Of Sun Sleeve Is Right For Me?

Do I need compression?

Compression helps your muscles recover from any previous activity you might have done such as a session at the gym the night before.  Choosing a sun sleeve that is designed with compression enables your blood flow to circulate quicker to the heart, which in turn helps any muscle fatigue heal quicker.

What size should I get?

Be sure to pay attention to the sizes notated on different sun sleeves.  Depending on the manufacturer, sun sleeves are offered in a variety of sizings.  This ranges from youth to adult, unisex, individual sizes (such as S, M, L) and most commonly a one size fits all fit.  Other than the size of the sleeve it’s good to notice if the sun sleeve has a thick band or a seamless design. At times, the designs with a thick band to help prevent rolling can be tighter and less comfortable to golfers with wider arms.

What does seamless mean?

Players with sensitive skin should keep the stitching of the sun sleeve in mind.  While stitched sleeves tend to be more durable, the seams can be agitating as they rub against the skin.  People who are worried about this should focus on seamless sun sleeves that are a single piece of woven material.

Reviews of the Best Sun Sleeves

Below we have described and reviewed 10 of the best sun sleeves on the market today.

1. ShinyMod UV Sun Sleeve

If you are looking for options for a better fit, ShinyMod Un Sun Sleeve has a unique feature to handle that.  This sleeve has two wearable methods, one with a thumbhole and the other without. Utilizing the thumbhole gives the player a better fit and keeps the sleeve from riding up.  This quick-drying material allows for a cooling effect while protecting your skin from the UV rays. If you are looking for a sleeve that brings function and quality, the ShinyMod UV Sun Sleeve is one to check out. 

  • THE HOTTEST SALE ON AMAZON-Shinymod is a famous brand on cooling arm sleeves, so far, Shinymod sun sleeves are the most popular one among Amazon customers. To meet customers’various needs, we've released the arm sleeves with more colors & combination. "
  • GREAT WEAR EXPERIENCE-In summer, definitely feel cool when these sleeves on, but in winter, it can make your arm warmer too, yes, so amazing. 99.8% UV Protection, got no sunburn or bug bites.Not easy to cause bacteria, make your skin fresh all the day.
  • BETTER PROTECTION FOR MUSCLE-Designed by considering all muscle line of body to protect muscle. Promotes faster muscle recovery and blood circulation. Make your muscle feel comfortable when doing sports.
  • FOR ALL OUTDOOR SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES-Such as golfing, cycling, fishing, driving, jogging, climbing, boating, gardening, basketball, tennis and so on. Great skin protection when you are working outside or doing any outdoor activities.
  • BETTER MATERIAL THAN OTHER BRANDS-Make of cooling protofilament(92% polyamide,8% spandex),which is cooler and protect your skin better than other brand. Unisex, high elasticity, does not creep down from your upper arm, no pressure in any activity.

2. Elixir Golf Sun Sleeve

If you are looking for a sun sleeve that has a minimalistic look, the Elixxir Golf Sun Arm Cooling Sleeve will give you just that.  The three-dimensional weaving and high-end needlework allow this sleeve to feel cooler than bare skin. The sporty and unique design comes in an array of colors, without the contrast of a logo.  The Elixir Golf Sun Sleeve ensures maximum protection against the hot summer days ahead.

  • HIGH-CLASS SOFT FABRIC - AQUA X: The premium latest upgraded fabrics, Aqua X, ensure zero-pilling, outstanding comfort, excellent breathability, high elasticity, superb moisture absorption and sweat releasing of our arm sleeves. NOTE* NO BLEACH, BETTER WASH BY HAND, DRIP DRY or JUST WASH THEM INSIDE OUT.
  • EXCELLENT TEAR RESISTANCE and ANTI-SLIP: Unlike other inferior arm sleeves that can be easily ripped off, ours are elaborately sewed with high-quality articulated seaming. Featured with anti-slip gels inside of which better stick on your skin
  • UV PROTECTION&EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF: The fabrics of the arm sleeves are treated with an ultraviolet light absorber that can powerfully absorb the high-energy ultraviolet. Also, gentle compression of the forearm, elbow, and biceps can reduce swelling and inflammation while improving blood circulation to support tired, sore or injured muscles
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR & INDOOR SPORTS: Such as cycling, hiking, running, jogging, fishing, climbing, basketball, baseball, tennis and so on. Great skin protection when you working outside or doing any outdoor activities
  • SIMPLE COLORS: Our low profile designs fit comfortably under clothing, and the pure colors ensure our arm sleeves be the joker pattern that can match almost different kinds of designs and colors of clothes.

3. Aegend Arm Sleeve

If being on a budget is your biggest concern, this next sleeve is much lower in price than others but still ranks high on the list.  The Aegend Arm Sleeve is designed well, comfortable and designed with high-quality material. Created with an anti-slip and snug fit design, the non-slip silica gel bands ensures the sleeve will not roll down during your golf game. For those looking for a snug, stay put sleeve the Aegend Sun Sleeve won’t be rolling away.

  • Elastic Band Nonskid Design All-Around UV Protection: No need to worry about sunburn. With the newest UPF 50 protection technology, Aegend arm sleeves block out over 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and set you free from sunscreen. They provide all-around sun protection for your arms when you are golfing, cycling, driving, fishing outdoors in the hot summer. LESS sunburn and pain, MORE easiness and fun.
  • Extreme Comfort: Making of cooling stretchy protofilament (88% polyamide fiber and 12% spandex), these cooling arm sleeves offer both men and women a superior comfortable experience via the soft and breathable fabric. By absorbing sweat and wicking moisture away, your arms stay fresh all day. Perfect for playing baseball, volleyball, football, hiking, running or working outside. LESS sweat and MORE ventilation equal NO bad smelling, fewer washes, thus longer lasting sleeves.
  • Ergonomic Design: Aegend arm sleeves are ergonomically designed to protect muscles and fit your arms snugly. They reduce the vibration of your muscle and help reduce the fatigue of your arms when you are doing intense sports or working for a long time. Please refer to our size chart to measure your arms and pick the right size so these arm sleeves can work better for you.
  • Anti-Slip and Exquisite Stitching: Discover the one of a kind UV protection arm sleeves with special elastic band nonskid design and delicate stitching. Nonskid elastic band stick on your skin and won't let the sleeves slip annoyingly. These sleeves won't be easily ripped off because of the elaborate sewing with high-quality articulated seaming. They are probably the best-quality arm sleeves you can ever find on the market.
  • Order Now! Aegend protective arm sleeves are great for outdoor & indoor activities: such as jogging, climbing, basketball, tennis and so on. The simple colors (black, grey) are also suitable for tattoo cover up and for workplaces. If for whatever reason you don't absolutely love your Aegend Arm Sleeves, just return it, and we'll refund every penny (or replace it, if there is a problem).

4. Eclipse Sun Sleeve

This sun sleeve, like a few others offers two way to wear it and the option of different sizes.  In addition to the available sizes, this sleeve doesn’t have the wide elastic bands along the openings.  This combo provides any golfer with superb comfort and protection. The Eclipse Sun Sleeve offers 50+ sun protection for the arm and hand while the moisture-wicking fabrics allow cooling all day comfort.  If you want a high quality product that will withstand the test of time, the Eclipse Sun Sleeve will surely satisfy your needs.

  • UPF 50+ Full Arm & Hand Sun Protection | 1 Pair
  • Ambidextrous, unisex, moisture wicking and cooling
  • 87% Polyester/13% Spandex | 37.5 high-performance fabric
  • Sizing: S 90-130 lbs, M 130-175 lbs, L 175-230 lbs
  • Zero-distraction fit under gloves or roll the hand covering to the wrist

5. HopeShine Arm Sleeve

If you plan on wearing sun sleeves for more than just the days on the course, this next item comes in a pack of five!  This gives you enough to get through the week and the ability to share with others. The fast moisture and sweat-wicking material help keep you cool during the hot days while removing the discomforts of sweating.  Expect all day comfort from the weave-like design that is also seamless. For those looking for a multi-pack, the HopeShine Arm Sleeve set is well worth the price

  • Extremely Elastic Material Cooling Arm Sleeves. Cooler than Bare Skin. Perfect for All Outdoor & Indoor Activities even Work-space. UV-R, UV-A, UV-B BLOCK 99.8%
  • Three- Dimensional (3D) Seamless Weaving Design to make more comfortable than others.Unlike other sun sleeves that make you itchy and leave imprints all over your arms, these sun sleeves are seamless. We make sure you'll be comfortable and happy.
  • High Performance Fabric -Fast Sweat Kick-away & Fast Dry . Keep you warm in cold temperatures, & keep you cool in hotter temperatures
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery & blood circulation; offers great forearm protection & minimizes injury.
  • Cooler than Bare Skin. Perfect for All Outdoor & Indoor Activities even Work-space. WARRANTY: : your purchase is risk free - if you are unsatisfied for any reason we will provide a 100% refund.

6. Tough Outdoors UV

This sleeve sun sleeve is designed for the sportswear individual seeking a reliable and simple arm sleeve.  One of the most noticeable features of this sun sleeve is the seamless design. The seamless design allows players to wear this sleeve without the itchiness from seams or loose threads.  However, don’t let this simple design fool you into thinking that its UV protection is short of par. This product blocks about 98% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays you are exposed to. Overall, the Tough Outdoors UV Sleeve provides a comfortable and ergonomic experience.

  • Cooling & UPF 50 protection: With innovative cooling technology & UPF 50 protection to block out over 98% of harmful UVA & UVB rays, the Tough Outdoors' Cooling Sun Sleeves are more than your average sun sleeves. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
  • For All Sports & Outdoor Activities: Designed for long, hot hours under the sun, our lightweight arm sleeves will keep you comfortable whether you're golfing, fishing, playing basketball, cycling, hiking, driving or even gardening.
  • Seamless Comfort: Unlike other sun sleeves that make you itchy and leave imprints all over your arms, these sun sleeves are seamless. We make sure you'll be comfortable and happy.
  • Stretch Fit and Washable: Our sleeves are incredibly durable and stretchy. Easy to machine wash and hang dry. Our stretchy 92% nylon 8% spandex blend make them perfect for both men and women. Sold as 1 pair.

7. Pearl Izumi Elite Arm Sleeve

Flaunting a high-quality sporty design that comes from a well known sports brand, this sun sleeve is designed for efficiency and comfort.  The technology of this sleeve starts with the R-Cool Technology which means this material allows for airflow while being highly absorbent. In addition, the material was created with elastane which is known for its highly durable and stretchy quality.  The Pearl Izumi Elite is great for those sporting an athletic style who also seek quality.

  • 91% polyester 9% polyurethane
  • Imported product
  • White colorway features ELITE Transfer fabric with UPF 50+ Sun Protection and Ice-fil
  • Model/Year 2015
  • In-R-Cool technology to provide optimal skin-cooling effect and moisture management when you perspire

8.  Afeels Arm Sleeve

The brand AFeel released a pack of four different arm sleeves for a price any golfer will appreciate.  This flexible arm sleeve allows for maximum movement without constraint along with a durable material to extend its life.  However, the best part of this sun sleeve is the quick absorbent design. A player can expect this sleeve to quickly absorb moisture, replenish skin with a cooling effect and maintain its sizing – which means no shrinkage from sweating!  Coming in a multi-pack, the Afeels Arm Sleeve is well designed for continuous protection during any outdoor activities.

  • ULTIMATE UV PROTECTION - We all know the sunscreen game - apply, reapply, reapply… Well, not anymore! This UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves boasts a UPF 50+ rating for uncompromising sun protection while you're cornering the next turn. Whether you're shooting hoops or reeling in the big one, you’re covered.
  • COMFORTABLY COOL & WICKS MOISTURE - The more you sweat, the cooler these arm sleeves get. Crazy, right? The sweat-wicking fabric in this cooling arm sleeve generously lets air in, keeping your arms cool even in extreme heat.
  • SUPERB TATTOO COVERAGE - Covering up your ink for work with long sleeve cotton shirts are a thing of the past. Put the PRO in Protection with these Cooling Arm Sleeves. The nylon/spandex blend in these tattoo cover up arm sleeves gives you that instant professional look without the sweat. For superb coverage, go and grab the BLACK or DARK GRAY variant. Got it, boss?
  • PACKS A BUNCH - TWO, THREE ... SIX pack combo! You’ll always find ways to be covered with these arm sleeves. Leave a pair in your truck, and another in your gym bag. Switch them up at work, or share them with the team. With so many varied color combinations, can you really choose one?

9. Under Armour Performance HeatGear Sleeve

If you’re in any kind of sport, you know that one of the best brands around the industry is Under Armour. It has all the high end qualities Under Armour is known for, durable, high quality and design. This sleeve features a second-skin design which means the moisture-wicking fabric acts as performance booster increasing circulation and blood flow.  For those seeking a super snug fit that will withstand the test of time, the Under Armour Performance HeatGeart Sleeve is one of the “coolest” sleeves around.

  • Ultra-tight, second-skin compression sleeve increases circulation to boost performance
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Sold as a single sleeve

10. Nike Dri-Fit Arm Sleeve

Coming from one of the most reputable brands in the sportswear industry, the Nike Unisex Dri-Fit Arm Sleeve is the cream of the crop.  Designed to withstand continuous use, it’s fair to say this is a superb product when it comes to quality value and function. The innovative triple fabric blend combines to form the Dri-Fit technology, guaranteeing a breathable and moisture-wicking property.  While this might not be labeled as a compression sleeve, the elastic gripper and snug fit are comparable to a typical compression feature. Offering a choice in sizes and styles, the Nike Dri-Fit Arm Sleeve allows players to shop for a sleeve that fits them perfectly.

  • Sleeves: Dri-FIT UV 84% polyester 16% spandex - Bag: 100% polyester
  • Dri-FIT technology and UVA and UVB protection
  • Elastic cuffs with silicon strip for added security
  • Flat seam construction
  • Mesh bag for storage


Now that you’ve read through the slew of features available for sun sleeves.  You should feel confident in choosing your ideal sun sleeve. Of course, the most premium and best brands were saved for last, Nike and Under Armour, but we can proudly say that all of the sun sleeves we reviewed offer the best benefits.  By using a sun sleeve you’ll have a piece of mind that you are protecting your skin and providing yourself with a more comfortable golf experience.


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