Why Your Golf Clubs Keep Twisting, and How to Fix It

In this article, I’m going to reveal to you something that surprises a lot of golfers – I’ll keep it short and to the point.

One of the most frequent complaints I get during a golf lesson is “I keep twisting the club at impact”.  A complaint like this usually takes place right after a bad shot that has a significant loss of distance.  The golfer honestly believes that they are twisting the clubhead and causing the bad shot. Surprisingly, it actually is the complete opposite.

Its All About A Poor Strike on the Face

golf club twist

You see, in nearly all cases, the twisting that the player is feeling at the point of contact is due to a poor strike on the face (such as a toe or a heel shot).  Below are some photos of a slow motion impact, showing where the toe of the club was struck.

golf club twist

Here you can see the club lining up for impact, notice how square the face is at this point.

golf club twist

In this image, you can see the golf ball has been struck at the toe of the golf club.  Just as before, the clubface is still very square.

club twist

This is the post-impact image where you can see the clubface has aggressively twisted open – this is the result of the toe-impact.  The ball is still in the photo and the face can be seen open at an angle of nearly 45 degrees.  

The twisting can result in:

  • Reduced Distance
  • Shots going unpredictably offline (especially with bigger-headed clubs such as a driver)
  • A horrible sensation felt at impact

Most golfers try to fix this twisting issue by gripping the club tighter, but all this does is introduce new issues and loss in speed.

Your golf clubs keep twisting due to improper grip or mismatched club weight. To fix it, adjust your grip and consider clubs that match your swing style.

In simple words, when you feel that twisting next time, you more than likely need to improve your strike quality.

The Easiest Way to Strike it Like the Pros

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