How to Grip the Golf Club

My golf coach Garrett Louis, instructor for Top 50 Teacher In America and PGA Teacher Of The Year Martin Chuck’s, Tour Striker Golf Academy in Phoenix Arizona, teaches me how to grip the golf club.

Garrett Louis here with Tour Striker Golf Academy, and today, let’s talk about how we want to put our hands on the club, how we do it properly. Oftentimes people will come to me and they’ll have the club too much in their palm, not enough in their fingertips, and they’re gripping the club in a way that is comfortable to them. And sometimes guys, to start this journey to having a better grip, we have to be okay with being uncomfortable until we’re not, right?

So rather than taking the club and in your lead hand, putting it in your palm, a good grip starts in the fingertips, right? So I’m going to hold the club up in front of me because it’s easiest when learning how to put our hands on there properly to do it with a club in front of you, all right. Rather than gripping the club down here and then pairing your hands to it.

All right, and then let’s put this club in the fingertips of our lead hand, let’s get this heel pad more on top of the club. And then when you look at this, you can see how my thumb is sitting to the side of the grip. So if you think about a clock, 12 o’clock being the toe of the club, I want this thumb more at one o’clock. And then the V here made by my thumb and my index finger is pointing somewhere between my right ear and my right shoulder. And for you lefties out there, you’re good at this, just take that and flip that. And then with a trail hand, I prefer an overlap grip, I don’t care if you interlock, but Tiger Woods interlocked and who’s going to argue with that? But oftentimes when people are struggling with their grip and they’re interlocking, they have too much webbing to webbing going on.

And now this right hand is in a place where it’s too underneath me, all right, so I prefer an overlap grip, and I’m going to pair my right hand nicely to the club to where you can see when my right hand goes on, it’s covering more of the ventilation holes on this lead hand, it’s not sitting here underneath, all right. And then my thumb, I always say, you don’t need a good right thumb to play good golf, it just rests peacefully to the side of the grip, all right. And then my trigger finger, if you stick your hand out like this with your trail hand, you can see the shape I’m making there, that’s how I pair a trail hand to the club.

The club is sitting nicely in my trigger finger, and the thumb is sitting to the side of the grip. And so that’s how we start to put our hands on there better, all right. More in the fingertips, not so much in the palm, and then pairing a nice trail hand to that. And if you find yourself struggling in your interlocking, try overlapping or don’t stick this pinky in this index finger, don’t have it webbing to webbing, guys, all right.

So let’s get our hands on there nicely, it’s a soft skill, I know it can kind of be boring, you might be snoozing at home, but it’s very, very critical on your journey to playing better golf.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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