MNML MR1 Golf Bag Review

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As someone who appreciates quality, functionality, top-end performance, and superior craftsmanship, the MR1 is a worthy investment. For those dedicated to improving their golf game, investing in the MR1 is an obvious choice. Use Password: fortheplanet until it is formally released to pre-order.


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MNML MR1 Golf Bag Review
MNML MR1 Golf Bag Review


What sets the MNML Golf MR1 apart from innovative tech is that it has been thoughtfully designed and is made from 100% recycled materials. When MNML says they are “Fore the Planet,” they mean it. I have been waiting a long time for this golf bag. It has been over a year since Sam Goulden, the Founder and CEO of MNML, showed me the concept art when I stayed at his house last summer. I can tell you right: the MR1 does not disappoint.

So, if you’re searching for a golf bag that combines functionality with sleek design, the MNML Golf MR1 is the one for you. It’s not just another bag; it’s the future of golf, keeping you organized and connected without getting in the way.

Key Features

  • The MNML Golf MR1 bag catches your eye with its sleek look and innovative features. It has a lot of space to keep your golf gear organized, ensuring each item has its own home without wasting any room.
  • Carrying this bag around the course is a breeze. It is super lightweight and made out of 100% recycled material.
  • One of the most incredible things about this bag is its high-tech extras, including a solar phone battery charger and Bluetooth speaker. It is like having a cutting-edge caddy by your side.

Modern Design and Aesthetics

The MR1 is not just good-looking with its modern style but also how you make it your own. Last year, I was fortunate to spend a few days at MNML, where they custom-painted my MV2 golf bag. Scratchy, the MNML artist who also works at Disney, worked closely with me to make my bag perfect.


Working with MNML artists, you too can have your bag custom hand-painted with any initials, logo, or design. Turning your bag into a personal showcase of who you are as a person, not just a player. This bag is more than just for carrying clubs; it’s a way to make a personal statement. At MNML, the idea is to have a golf bag that reflects your style, much like how a custom suit fits perfectly and reflects your taste in fashion. This approach to design takes the MR1 beyond being just a functional item; it becomes an accessory that complements your presence on the golf course.

Storage and Organization

This bag isn’t just good-looking; it has plenty of room for all your golf equipment, ensuring each piece has its own place. I love how the bag has no zippers and only magnets. Making it easy to open and close pockets fast without having to worry about my items falling out or a zipper breaking. It also has a ton of pockets.

To start, it has a Top Phone Filming Pocket. What I love most about this pocket is that you only have to slide your phone in here to film yourself when at the range or out on the course.

Next up is the new Slip Pocket. I am excited by this pocket because now I have a place to put my wallet or phone, something that the MV2 did not have.

Next is the Thermal-lined Beverage Pocket. This pocket can store 5 – 16 oz bottles or 6 – 12 oz cans. It has built-in drainage holes so you can even put ice in here, and a hidden pocket to keep chocolate or a granola bar.

On the outside of the beverage pocket is the Rangefinder Pocket. It is super accessible and has a magnetic closure to keep it safe and secure.

In the middle of the bag is a large Ball Pocket, which is deep enough to hold a ton of balls and can magnetically close.

Next up is the large garment pocket where you can keep your rain hood, extra balls, or tees

Last but not least is my second favorite pocket, the tech pocket, on the outside of the large garment pocket. If you get the tech kit, you can charge your iPhone or Android phone in this pocket. What is extraordinary is that your phone can slip into this pocket, and it will keep your phone charging while you are out on the course. The MR1 truly is the perfect mix of style and functionality.

MNML MR1 Speaker 2

Comfort and Portability

Similar to the MV2, the MR1 has a double strap system, making it super comfortable to carry. But what is astonishing is that you can quickly turn it into a single strap with just a few clicks. The straps can be adjusted to fit me just right, so I can carry my bag without feeling off-balance or uncomfortable during my rounds. With the MR1, I can now focus on my game rather than struggling with a heavy, awkward golf bag.

Durability and Materials

The MR1’s durability stands out thanks to its recycled plastic makeup, which offers both solid construction and environmental care. Its design isn’t just for show; it’s built to last. This isn’t just a tip of the hat by MNML to being green—it’s a deep commitment to making products that can handle heavy use, and also protect the environment. The choice of materials is deliberate, supporting a goal to be sustainable without sacrificing quality. When I hold it, it feels sturdy, and it is super easy to clean, proving that MNML makes an effort to make durable goods that can withstand time and the outdoors.


Technological Features

Similar to the MNML MV2, the MR1 has a ton of built-in tech, including a solar phone charger battery and a Bluetooth speaker. The solar phone charger battery, in reality, is your savior. It is not made to charge your devices constantly, but if your speaker needs a little extra juice when out on the course, all you have to do is plug it in, and it will get you through the round. At total capacity, this charger can give you about three full phone charges. To recharge the battery all you have to do is be out in the sun. However, do note that it can take up to 50 hours to recharge via solar power, but you can easily take it out of your bag and plug it into an electrical outlet like you would with any device at your home.

The MR1 Bluetooth speaker is really cool. It features an 8-hour battery life and is 100% waterproof. To set it up, you only have to turn the speaker on by holding the middle M button. Find M” in settings Bluetooth and tap to pair. Once paired, play music. + and – buttons are used to increase and decrease volume. You can control the music and volume with your phone as well.

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MNML MR1 Golf Bag Review
MNML MR1 Golf Bag

As someone who appreciates quality, functionality, top-end performance, and superior craftsmanship, the MR1 is a worthy investment. For those dedicated to improving their golf game, investing in the MR1 is an obvious choice. Use Password: fortheplanet until it is formally released to pre-order.

  • Bluetooth Speaker and Solar Battery Charger the perfect combination.
  • Custom artwork and personalization is astounding.
  • This bag is much lighter than other, similar bags. You hardly know they’re on your back.
  • Higher price point may be a deterrent for some golfers.
  • Players that dont want use a bunch of tech may not care for its features.
  • For players that don't walk and just ride in carts, this bag may not be the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MNML MR1 Golf Bag Airline Travel-Friendly?

I’ve checked the MR1 golf bag’s size, and it meets airline standards, so it should be good to take on a plane. When you’re looking for a golf bag that won’t give you any trouble at the airport and will keep your clubs safe, the MNML MR1 is an intelligent pick.

Can the Bag Withstand the Rigors of Checked Baggage Handling, and Does It Need a Travel Cover for Extra Protection?

I’ve tested this bag for toughness, and it’s solid. It can handle being squeezed and is good at keeping water out, which means it can take some rough treatment when checked in at the airport. But even with these features, I recommend getting a travel cover as an added safeguard. It’s like giving your bag a shield to make sure your belongings stay safe inside.

Are the Magnets Strong Enough to Keep Pockets Securely Closed in High Winds or Heavy Rain?

I’ve checked how strong the magnets are on these pockets, and they’ve proven to be strong. Even when it’s very windy or raining hard, the magnets do a great job. They’ll keep your stuff safe inside your pockets. This is important because when you’re outside in bad weather, you want to ensure your items won’t fall out and get lost or damaged.

Can the MR1 Custom Hand-Painted Artwork Be Protected Against Wear and Fading?

Absolutely! You can protect the custom art on your MR1 golf bag from fading and damage. Applying a special protective coating lets you keep the colors bright and the design looking fresh for a long time. This is especially important if you’ve invested in a one-of-a-kind design and want to ensure it stays as good as new, even with regular use. For instance, using products like a UV-resistant clear sealant can help shield the artwork from the sun’s harsh rays. It’s like putting sunscreen on your golf bag to keep it from getting sunburned! This way, you can enjoy showing off your unique golf bag on the course without worrying about it losing its charm.


The MNML Golf MR1 bag stands out for its style and intelligent design. It offers plenty of room to organize your golf equipment easily, ensuring everything has its place.

When it comes to comfort, this bag won’t let you down; you can carry it around the golf course with ease. It’s made from high-quality materials, so you can expect it to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

As someone who appreciates quality, functionality, top-end performance, and superior craftsmanship, the MR1 is a worthy investment. For those dedicated to improving their golf game, investing in the MR1 is an obvious choice.


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