Best Golf Gloves for 2020

Golf gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any golfer. Regardless of your playing ability, the glove should feel like a second skin and is essential golf equipment for protecting your hand and ensuring you can get through an entire round or practice session. The gloves should provide ...

Best Golf Umbrellas for 2020

One thing that attracts people to golf is the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather on the golf course. A sunny day, where there is just a few clouds and a cool breeze is the perfect atmosphere for a round of golf course. But what happens when unexpectedly a storm comes along and you still have a ...

Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed

Slower swing speed golfers need help elevating their ball and getting the most from their deliveries. Even though many slow swing speed golfers strive to have faster swing speed not many will achieve that kind of swing speeds. Knowing your swing speed is essential when choosing the best golf ...

Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicapper

Softer balls for golf can be better for players that prefer more feedback when chipping and putting. Also, softer low compression balls can have a distance benefit for slower swing speeds golfers. These balls are on the softer-side of the compression chart without taking away performance for ...

Best Fairway Woods for Mid Handicappers

Golfers with middle handicaps often are very good at select parts of golf. Maybe you are excellent at chipping, putting or driving the golf ball. Fairway woods in any case often are the last piece of the golf bag that many people get dialed in. As the longest club players often hit from the ...

Best 3 Woods for 2020

The 3 wood space in the golf bag is exceptionally difficult to get correct. Fitting the longest golf club most players hit from the ground is often a challenge. This season, these fairway woods have shown great versatility at traditional 3 wood lofts. This year 3 wood models are slightly better ...

Best Drivers For Seniors

Senior golfers that love to play can often upgrade their game by getting a driver that changes with them. Lighter shafts and more forgiving club heads can offer higher performance levels. Hitting more fairways can be a great way to shoot lower scores and have more fun. The drivers in this list are ...

Best Golf Drivers For Distance in 2020

Golfers are often seeking distance. How can I hit the golf ball further? From an equipment perspective, distance is the combination of speed, the proper high launch conditions and an optimized spin rate so the golf ball stays in the air for a long time and doesn’t climb too high. Golf balls hit ...

Best Drivers For Slice

Slices are caused by golf shots that are hit with a club face that is “open” to the club path. Driver technology has evolved to help golfers eliminate some of their slice spin with center of gravity adjustments and forgiving club head designs. Getting lessons can be a great way to start playing ...

Best Fairway Woods for 2020

Getting the right fairway wood or woods into your golf bag is a very difficult thing to do. What make it more difficult is the new technology, innovations and new design. Every year there is change in the list of best fairway woods from last year. Not that the best fairway wood from last year is ...

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