Should You Buy Used Golf Balls? A LostGolfBalls Review

One of the most expensive aspects of the game of golf is paying for golf balls that have a high chance of being lost.  Even the best of players have gone through a round of golf only to come back with fewer balls than they started with. All it takes to lose your high priced golf ball is removing it from the sleeve and driving it right off the first hole tee into a hazard – one stroke into the round. 

If you were to break down the pricing of a golf ball such as the Titleist ProV1x, which averages a price tag of around $49.99 per dozen, it comes out to be roughly $4.00 for every golf ball. While that might not sound like much, most amateurs are going to be hesitant about coughing up that kind of cash.  Factoring in how inconsistent amateur golfers can be with impact, losing a $4.00 golf ball multiple times during a round can add up very quickly.

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Golf Balls Are Alot Like Buying A New Car

We all know the situation of a new car coming off the lot and the moment you’ve driven away, the car is now considered used and depletes in value.  But what if there are only about ten miles put on the car – it’s considered used but realistically its barely been driven. relates the same concept to golf balls, their tag line of “because all golf balls are used after one hit” follows the concept perfectly.  Just because a ball is considered a “second chance” golf ball, doesn’t mean its worn-out; it might have just been hit a handful of times.

How Works

Along their easy to navigate website, there is a vast selection of top brand golf balls such as Titleist, Nike, Bridgestone, Taylormade, and Callaway.  You’ll be given the chance to read up on all the different brands and what different grades they fall into. There is even a short video narrative explaining how the grading scale is broken down. 

Ultimately there are 4 different tiers of “Quality” options that a customer will be able to choose from.  Referencing the Titleist ProV1x’s in particular, this was the breakdown:

  • $19.99 for AAAAA/1st Quality
  • $16.99 for Refinished – No logos
  • $12.99 for AAAA/2nd Quality
  • $11.99 for AAA/3rd Quality
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Yes, those numbers are real and yes, they are actually Titleist ProV1x golf balls. Doing the math you can see the savings of at least 50% off what it would cost to buy them brand new. 

Shipped in a factory box, the presentation isn’t as important as the savings, so the box is a nice, simple, thin cardboard container that was easy to collapse and place in a recycle bin.  The first quality tier surprisingly looks brand new with maybe a few with extremely small blemishes that most wouldn’t even count as damage to the ball. They are highly recommended by a confident customer base that consistently return to purchase more.  Customers have noted that after playing with the top tier there was no dead ball sound or anything even suspect to it.


Overall, anyone who is in the market to try out a new brand of golf ball or has a favorite that they would like to save some money on for their weekend rounds should absolutely check out 

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