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Ask anyone that works in the golf industry, and they’ll tell you the sport is absolutely booming in popularity.  When I was a kid (a long time ago), the sport was thought of as snooty, and one played by rich old men.  Today, golf is cool across all different demographics, young, old, males, and females.

And given golf’s popularity and how much time kids spend in front of screens, it’s little wonder there are more than a few golf video games out there.  My two sons are obsessed with their Play Station 4 and have just about every golf game imaginable. 

So, when one of our readers asked me if I knew anything about golf games for PS4, I knew just who to talk to get to the skinny on the best ones.

A summation of our (their) thoughts is below.


PGA Tour 2K21

I’m about the furthest thing from what you might call a video game connoisseur, but even I’ve heard of PGA Tour 2K21.

According to my boys, and based on the research I’ve done, this is the most popular golf game for PS4.  From what I’m told, this game blows all the others away when it comes to graphics.  Coupled with the features that allow you to build your own course and customize your own player, this game sounds like a ton of fun.

You can also play against other players online in real time, or with your friends even if they’re on a different device.

Another feature that first-timers like are the in-game tutorials that provide expert tips and shots and club selection advice. 

There are plenty of fun, interactive formats too.  They include skins, four-person scrambles, alternate shot, tournaments, and even chances to earn sponsorship deals if you play well. 

Considering the graphics and plethora of interactive features, it’s easy to see why PGA Tour 2K21 is so popular.


Everybody’s Golf

According to my sons, a golf game doesn’t have to be 100% like the real thing to be a lot of fun.  They’re big fans of Everybody’s Golf. 

This golf game takes on arcade-like characteristics.  The beauty of Everybody’s Golf lies in its simplicity.  The control only requires the use of a few buttons.  This makes it easy for just about anybody to pick up and learn quickly. 

Advanced players can set the game to challenge mode where more demanding course characteristics present a sterner test. 

Players can play alone, or in friendly head-to-head matches against others around the world.  Character customization is easy too.  And there’s no limit to the outfits and avatars you can choose from.

If you’re waiting for your turn to hit, this game lets you go fishing in course ponds and drive your cart anywhere you want. 

The more you play and the better you get, the more points you can earn to spend on apparel and equipment. 

Simple and easy to play, Everybody’s Golf is perfect for well. . . everybody.

The Golf Club 2

For those that take their video games a little more serious, another realistic option is the Golf Club 2.

This game boasts a library of more than 100,000 courses.  Not only that, but you can customize your own courses too.  If your game needs some work, the driving range will blow your mind. 

Players also tout this game’s swing mechanics which are a lot more realistic than other golf games on the market. 

Career mode allows you to play in online tournaments against players from all over.  You can also join private groups and societies. 

Just like PGA Tour 2K21, the Golf Club 2 gives you a complete golf experience.


3D Mini Golf

Not everybody is interested in playing “golf the real thing.”  But I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t enjoy a jaunt around the mini golf course.

Arguably the best golf game for kids, 3D Mini Golf gives players over 50 courses to choose from.  You can play in groups of up to four people.

A variety of different formats keeps things fresh as well. 

You can even track your stats over time and measure your progress.

Casual fun at an affordable price is how players describe 3D Mini Golf.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

I remember when the first Tiger Woods video game came out for the original PlayStation.  It only makes sense that arguably this era’s greatest player has his own video game too.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour has been around since 2015, but remains one of the most popular golf games for PS4 users. 

It’s a great game for players of all abilities.  Beginners can utilize an arcade-style control, while advanced players can test themselves with the ability to tweak their swing in any way they want. 

If you get bored playing a normal round of golf, Night Mode has all sorts of different features that allow you to hit balls at neon targets or have target practice with your putter. 

While most video games eventually go out of style, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour remains timeless to this day. 


100-Foot Robot Golf

If you’re a golf purist, 100-Foot Robot Golf might not be the game for you.  But if you’re a fan of action games and like golf, this game is sure to be a hit. 

Players choose from a cast of gigantic robots that all have their own unique characteristics.  And instead of alternating turns, all players hit at the same time.  The first player to get their ball in the hole wins.  As you can imagine, it doesn’t take long for play to become chaotic with this action-packed spin on golf.

Party Golf

This game’s name says it all.  Just like Robot Golf, players hit at the same time in this game that only gets more fun with more players. 

The game features more than 100 different formats and even allows for customization. 

During gameplay, players can utilize countless different features like turbo to swing faster, and banana peels to make other players slip. 

Fast paced and full of action, this is a game you’ll want to play over and over with the right crowd. 

Final Thoughts

I’m not a gamer, far from it.  But my kids can’t get enough of their PS4, and I can see why.  Golf games are flat out fun.  And the fact that they allow you to play with people all around the world is pretty neat. 

I’m curious, what are some of your favorite golf games?  Let us know in the comments below.

Paul Liberatore
Paul Liberatore

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