What to Wear to Topgolf?

We’re back at it with our latest installment about TopGolf.  In this edition, we’re going to discuss what to wear to Topgolf.?

Maybe you’re used to playing golf in a formal setting at a green grass facility.  At country clubs and higher end daily fee facilities, there’s usually a dress code that’s enforced.  It might require a collared shirt, prohibit denim, and require that shorts and skirts be of a certain length

While such formality and pretention might be what you’re used to, it’s about the furthest thing from what’s expected at TopGolf.

If you’ve read our previous articles about TopGolf, you know I had quite the experience when I walked into the Portland location the first time with my girlfriend.  I thought I was pretty hot stuff with my shirt tucked in, a high-crown visor, and donning my finest FootJoys.  Such couldn’t have been further from the truth. . .

You should wear casual and comfortable clothing to Topgolf. Avoid open-toed shoes and dress in layers for the indoor and outdoor areas.

What Is the Dress Code at TopGolf?

There is no dress code at TopGolf.  That was more than apparent on my first trip. 

I saw every kind of dress you can imagine.  There were guys in workout gear, girls dressed up for what was presumably a night out on the town, and just about everything in between. 

The best advice we can give you is to wear whatever makes you comfortable.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing What to Wear to TopGolf?


TopGolf is an outdoor activity.  Even though a lot of facilities have overhead heaters to keep you warm when it’s cold, remember you’re still outdoors. 

The last thing you want to be is cold.  When you get cold, your muscles tighten up and it’s more difficult to swing. 

We suggest choosing a number of warm layers that are thin.  As we like to say, it’s always easier to shed layers than it is to add them.

The same consideration should be taken into account for days when it’s exceptionally warm.  Being hot and sticky is miserable.  It’s no fun trying to swing a golf club when your clothes are stuck to your body.  For warm days, loose fitting, lightweight clothing is the way to go.


A trip to TopGolf will reveal all kinds of different footwear.  I’ve seen everything from Stilettos and platforms, to flip flops and Air Jordans.  The only rule is that you have to wear shoes of some sort.

While you might want to consider some type of athletic shoe for comfort and stability, there aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to footwear.

If you reserve a hitting bay on the second or third level, remember you’ll be going up and down stairs too. 

If there’s one thing I can say with full confidence, it’s that you don’t need $300 shiny FootJoys like me.  In fact, if you show up like a country clubber, everyone’s going to give you a funny look.  Trust me, it’s like being under a microscope.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never been to TopGolf, it’s understandable that you might have some questions.  Below we answer some of the most common ones.

Do I Need My Own Clubs at TopGolf?

No!  Clubs are included with the fee you pay at TopGolf.  And they’re quality weapons to boot.  TopGolf has options for men, women, and kids of all shapes and sizes. Of course, there’s no rule that says you can’t bring your own clubs.  But if you’re like me and pack in your bag with a dirty towel draped over it, you’ll be in the minority.

How Much Does TopGolf Cost?

The cost of TopGolf depends on the time of day and week you go.  Earlier in the day is always cheaper, and weekdays are cheaper than weekends. Your best bet is to keep your eye out for coupons and specials.  As an example, TopGolf Portland does half-price Tuesdays. If you’re with a group of people, it’s best to split the cost of your time equally.  TopGolf can be expensive and doing so makes it affordable for everyone.

What About Food and Drink at TopGolf?

When you come to TopGolf, make sure you’re hungry and thirsty.  The food and drink menus are different at every TopGolf location.  Wherever you’re at, you’re sure to find libation and cuisine that are locally inspired.

Do I Need a Reservation or Tee Time For TopGolf?

TopGolf doesn’t require a reservation or tee time.  However, we recommend you make one in advance so that you’re guaranteed a spot.  TopGolf tends to be busy.  Especially in the evenings and on the weekend.


It’s all about inclusivity at TopGolf.  The staff are friendly and want you to feel welcome while you’re there. 

A large part of that is not having a dress code.  Come as you are and make yourself comfortable.  As long as you keep your shoes on, you won’t have any problems.

Unless you’re like me of course.  The guy that shows up looking like a poster boy for your grandpa’s country club.  But hey, I learned my lesson, although I still bring my own clubs.

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