3 Easy Ways On How To Get Better At Golf Without the Need for Lessons

I’m constantly coming up with ways of simplifying my information to golfers – this post I created boils down to what you need to be focusing on in 3 simple steps.

I interact with average golfers every day –  many of them are very frustrated because they simply have absolutely no concept of what creates a good shot, or what will help make them better at golf.

I also interact with advanced golfers every day – a lot of them have their brains filled with so much “swing stuff” that sadly, they have lost the main idea of what really matters.

If you are able to relate your good and bad shots to any of the following 3 things, golf will become much less overwhelming.

#1 – The Importance of Ground Contact

I have written numerous articles on this particular topic.  Why? Because it is so important!

During a well-struck iron shot from the fairway, the golf ball will be the first struck following the ground being impacted right after.

ground contact

The image shown above, reveals the movement of the club (white line) – note that the golf ball is struck first while the ground is struck soon after.

If you happen to not do this correctly, you will:

  • Hit fats and/or thin/bladed/topped shots
  • Have shots that will fall disappointingly short or go flying over the back of the green
  • Get lower/inconsistent back-spin

However, if you were to improve this important aspect of golf, those issues will go away.


After a hit, if your result looks more like the image on the right (orange) showing dispersion, you almost certainly have a frustrating ground contact issue.

In fact, I have to note that this is probably the most common issue that the everyday golfer faces.  In my experience, if I want to improve a golfer whom I’m working with, this is the key issue to focus on.

This is one of the reasons why The Strike Plan has shown such a huge success rate with thousands of everyday golfers around the world.

#2 Improving Your Clubface Direction at Impact

Improving the clubface direction at the point of impact, I guarantee your shot direction will improve.

A clubface can cause frustration by impacting the golf ball too open (to the right) or too closed (to the left)

club face angles

Approaching the ball with the face more presented to the right will result in a ball flight more to the right (and vice versa) – a rather simple equation.

But, what about the swing path, does it matter?

Sure does – but ultimately a good clubface position at impact can make any reasonable swing path work – even if it favors either direction.

As many of you know, most pros play with a fade or a draw, proving that you don’t necessarily need a neutral to play decent golf.

Something you may want to note, golfers that do have offline swing paths have them to compensate for a poor clubface.  I have often found that when the clubface improves, the swing path does too.

Learning how to improve your clubface control is detailed in The Accuracy Plan.

#3 Hitting the Sweet Spot of the Club

Even though this one may be obvious to most – it turns out very few players have the ability to identify what they are doing – until it’s too late.


A little trick of mine is spraying the clubface with Dr. Scholls Foot-Spray and having the golfer take a few shots.  Quickly they realize why their shots haven’t been feeling solid and have been lacking what we know as that “pop”.

club face

If you are aware that you aren’t striking the sweet spot (or at least a functional part of the face), you’re bound to experience:

  • Shorter distances
  • Wild inconsistency with the driver direction
  • Those embarrassing shanks/toe hits that drive 90 degrees to the right

Adjusting your clubface strike will guarantee to improve (and sometimes even eliminate) all of the issues above.

How to Speed Up the Learning Process

The point of this article was to ring awareness to players, highlighting to you the 3 vital keys to help you improve your golf game.

Sadly, awareness alone isn’t enough to see improvement in the right direction.

However, improvement in these 3 areas can be better time managed when you use:

  • Effective feedback (to allow you to identify what you are doing)
  • Skill development exercises
  • Technique changes that actually relate to your desired goals
  • Concepts which develop a deeper understanding of these keys (Golf IQ)

For all this, I have developed two different programs to help you reach your goals.

The Strike Plan

The Strike Plan is perfect for those who are having issues with clubface strike or ground contact.

You will learn everything you need in order to hit the ball further, maintain consistent distances, as well achieve that pro-like flush shots more often.

strike plan enter 1

The Accuracy Plan

If accuracy is where your issue is at – such as slices/hooks/pushes/pulls and missing the fairway/greens, The Accuracy Plan is the perfect plan.

In it, I show you everything you need to know to:

  • Improve your clubface control
  • Change your swing path (to turn slices into draws or straighten out your hooks)
  • A unique strategy system to allow you to hit more greens
  • A more accuracy-consistency with the driver
  • Shape shots like the pros – so you can curve the ball around trees and get out of other troubles

Click the image link below to learn more about The Accuracy Plan.

the accuracy plan front


If you want to improve your golf game but you’re not ready to commit to one of my premium programs just yet – why not my FREE VIDEO SERIES.

Inside I will show you:

  • The one thing all golfers MUST improve if they want to get better
  • Exactly what you personally need to change in your swing
  • How to fix shanks and toe shots instantly
  • How to change clubface direction incredibly fast
  • How to change your swing path with very little technical thought

Paul Liberatore
Paul Liberatore

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