Driver Distance vs. Golf Swing Speed Relationship

This chart is based on normal conditions and represents optimal carry distances (distance in the air).

swing speed distance

This simple chart above shows the relationship between how fast you swing the club (club speed) and how far you can expect the ball to go when hit with a driver.

So How Do You Stack Up?

Do you have any idea what your swing speed is?  How does your carry distance compare to the ones notated to the chart?

Going by the chart, if you were to swing your club at 100mph, theoretically you should have a carry distance of 260 yards in the air.  Meaning, if your shot only carries 220 yards you have a 40 yard “power leak” – not including the roll!

No one hits the optimal distances on every swing, but the chart gives you a solid goal – allowing you to see what your potential distances could be.

Ways to Increase Distance

It’s factual that an increase in ball speed will, in turn, increase your potential distance.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that your speed will always find its way into the golf ball. Some other determining factors to look at in order to reach your potential are:

  • Launching the ball higher- the average golfer launches the ball around 8 degrees, the optimal launch angle is closer to 16 degrees
  • Lowering spin loft (the difference between the angle of attack and loft at impact) – while this increases the ball speed it also reduces the spin rate – which is both great for distance.  This article explains this in detail.
  • Reducing ball spin – this is done by reducing spin loft, but also by using the vertical gear effect – which is striking slightly higher on the clubface.  This Article explains this in detail.
  • Increasing smash factor – this is how fast the ball comes off the clubface relative to the club speed. The higher the number the better (for distance). This Article explains more.
  • The increasing angle of attack – many people don’t know that the longest hitters actually hit up on the ball.  This reduces the spin loft while at the same time increasing the launch angle.
  • Reducing face to path separation – by swinging the club 10 degrees left with an open clubface, there is energy transference loss into the ball – as well as hitting unnecessarily large curves, such as slices/hooks.  Reducing the face-to-path will result in longer and straighter shots.

If you are interested in learning more about how to do the things listed above, The Strike Plan is my program that can help achieve maximum distance and improve distance with irons. 

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