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At Golfers Authority, we stand for the players who truly love the game of golf.  The player that wakes up early to get out to the course before work, or goes out on the weekend with their family or friends. The player that takes their children to the driving range, or plays a round of golf to bond with their mother or father. The player who simply wants to improve their game and to enjoy the beautiful game of golf.

We stand for these players, because at Golfers Authority we are these players!

So here is the deal, at Golfers Authority we do not accept payment in order to give products a better review or to highlight it in into one of our buyers guide.  At Golfers Authority we have one goal, to find the best golf gear available and present them to you.  Our team researches, analyzes, and golf course test each and every one of the products featured. The select few that make it through our rigorous scrutiny are simply the ones we feel are worth your time, energy, and money. 

We created the Golfers Authority to provide our fellow golfers unbiased reviews, buyer guides, tips, and advice that can and will help you improve your golf game.  The Golfers Authority team is here to bring the information you need to take your golf game to the next level.  Have questions, comments, you can email me anytime.

Golfers Authority is made by Golfers for Golfers.



Paul Liberatore


Paul is a Attorney and has been playing golf since he was three years old, however he is still working on becoming the next Tiger Woods. Paul is currently a 10 handicap, and his favorite thing to do is get the biggest bucket of balls he can find and hit one club until he becomes consistent with his swings. I know so conventional!  In his quest to become a better golfer, he created the Golfers Authority to share his journey with his fellow golfers. On any given weekend you can find Paul at the golf course with his father, or teaching his two little boys the beautiful game of golf. 


Tony Liberatore

Managing Editor

After leading one of the largest consulting firms in Arizona, Tony recently retired in 2015 to spend more time with his grandchildren and to play more golf. When not golfing, Tony is inventing golf training aids, yes we said invent. Tony is the founder and inventor of the Accuhitone of the most recognized golf training aids in the world. The Accuhit has been recognized by Golfweek, Golf Tips Magazine, Asian Golf Monthly, and many others publications as one of the most cost effective golf training aids on the market. 

Our team


Nick Craft

Copy Editor

Nick is a Litigating Attorney for one of the largest IP companies in the world, and like the rest of us is always trying to perfect his golf game. Nick is also one of Paul’s best friends and has been since they sat next to each other at their first in house corporate gig at a Fortune 100 company.  Paul always thought Nick was a great writer, so he asked him to come on as our copy editor.  Nick loves the game of golf, especially the technology behind the clubs and gear


Todd Batt

HEad researcher and club expert

Todd is the owner of the the Arizona’s leading independent golf store All About Golf. Todd is not only a master club fitter, but he also has over 26 years in the golf industry. Before opening All About Golf, Todd worked for Bob Parsons at PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) in Scottsdale Arizona. Todd is a huge asset to our team and is a true expert in golf clubs and gear. If you are ever in Arizona, we highly recommend you see Todd because we know that he can help you take your golf game to the next level.



Scott Barton


Scott is a writer and has been a golfer his entire life.  After playing at Oregon State University he spent time playing on the Gateway Professional Tour in 2010 and 2011.  Six subsequent years working as a Club Professional in Central Oregon allowed Scott to pursue his passion of helping others become better players.  He now spreads his love of golf through the written word.  When not writing, he can be found battling his friends in their weekly nassau.


Jack Geurtz


Jack picked up the game of golf at a young age. He was a four-time varsity golfer at Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, AZ and was a competitive junior golfer. He is now  attending and playing golf at Arizona State University. When he is not writing, or playing golf, he can be found working and caddying at Desert Forest Golf Club in Carefree, AZ.


Damon Burrow


Damon loves learning and writing about the technical aspects of golf club design and club fitting. A formal education in engineering and physics helps Damon take a data-driven approach to the golfing industry. A former two-time Academic All-American golfer and basketball player, Damon truly loves the science and competition of golf. When not on the course he can be found in the laboratory conducting experiments, at the high-school in St. Louis where he volunteers teaching children struggling with disabilities, or hanging out with his wife and Goldendoodle Jax.

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Molly McGlinchey


Molly was first introduced to golf by her grandfather as a child. What first began as quality family time with her family,  golf quickly turned into a passion.  Growing up in Arizona, Molly was fortunate enough to be able to play golf all the time. In High School, Molly became a four-time varsity golfer and played in local golf tournaments. Even though she may no longer compete, her group of friends and family keeps her challenged out on the course.  When Molly is not out golfing or writing, she can be found working on her other passion, the beauty and cosmetic industry.


Riana Scholtz


Riana loves trail running and exploring new, beautiful places on foot. She has a holistic approach to training and racing and has set out to run a race on each continent while traveling and exploring the world with her husband and two young boys. Riana, with an M.Sc in Zoology, lives in Namibia, south-western Africa, where she and her family actively promotes environmental conservation endeavors, also by organizing running events.


Elizabeth Carlson


Elizabeth hails from the Land of the Pines, where she stayed close to home to attend the University of Georgia before packing up and moving 1000 miles east to Texas. By day, she works in Fundraising and Development for the Catholic Diocese of Tyler; by night, she is usually asleep by 8 pm. But by early morning, she can be found pounding it out on the treadmill (or on the pavement, if she’s lucky), taking spin classes, and lifting heavy(ish) things. When they get the chance to travel, she and her husband love to hike and explore the world by foot. Her summer love language is the lake or ocean (swimming in it, boating in it, floating in it, etc) and she probably sweats more coffee than water.


Stacey O'Connor


I am an MFA trained freelance writer with a passion for education, equality, literature, fitness, and creativity. It is not enough for me to experience my passions, I also need to write about them.


Ashley Hutcheson


Addicted to the runner’s high, Ashley is always up for a good time- post run. Nashville is home to this furniture restoring wife, mom (2 & 4 legs), lake lover, Travelista, foodie and avid concert attendee.


Stephanie Pi


Stephanie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and avid runner in Miami, Florida. As a dedicated athlete, she is passionate about educating people to make better choices for their health and promoting exercise. She has been racing half and full marathons for over 9 years and is currently dedicating her training to hopefully break 3 hours in the marathon soon. When she is not training or treating patients, she enjoys traveling with her husband and spending long hours at the beach.


Lucie Beatrix


Lucie Beatrix is a Brooklyn-based runner and writer. As a teen, she had the opportunity to work under contract with one of the most reputable modeling agencies in the world, Ford Models. She began traveling the world to perform in an incredibly competitive market and her work paid off as she appeared in several national magazines, advertisements, and was on the cover of Elle. In an attempt to balance out the hectic lifestyle that came with modeling, Lucie started running every day and decided to start racing competitively. Now she runs with North Brooklyn Runners and has a very ambitious goal of running a sub-2:45 marathon.


Amanda Milewski


Amanda Milewski is a freelance writer who has been running competitively since age 13. She is a four-time NCAA All-American and also coaches high school track and field.


Lauren Keating


Writer by trade, but runner at heart, Lauren has a B.A. in Journalism and has written for various publications including Tech Times and Fit Nation Magazine. When she isn’t blogging about health and fitness, she is running or trying new fitness classes. She has completed three half marathons and a handful of 5ks, fun runs and a Spartan Race.


Mike Valverde


Mike is a researcher, writer and editor that has written extensively about medical related complications & technological advancements. He proudly works under RC, providing full, rich breakdowns of the many medical related complications we face.


Jasmine Ayla


Jasmine Ayla Hanner is a writer, traveler and photographer based out of Maui, Hawaii. She is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, and loves to hike and surf!


Kristy Thibodeau



Alice Rhoades


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