Watson The Hanger Golf Swing Aid Review

Watson Golf is attempting to give players instant swing improvements by control one of the most critical parts of a golfers body. The ways in which a golfer moves his or her wrists in unison with the golf club control much of the conditions of their impact and subsequent ball flights. theHANGER from Watson Golf is a simple, easy-to-use training aid designed to help get your wrists in a better position and allow you to make better contact with the golf ball for straighter, longer, and more powerful shots.

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Key Features

  • theHanger uses instant, real-time tactile feedback to let golfers know when they have achieved textbook wrist positions.

  • theHanger features a reference club face that make it easy to align and more simple to use correctly.

  • theHanger fits perfectly in your golf bag and can be used at home, in the office, in the short game areas, and on the range.


  • Right Hand Model
  • Easily attaches to the grip of any iron to help build muscle memory for optimal face and path control
  • Keep the hanger from touching your arms at address to ensure the proper set up


theHANGER Detailed Review

Design and Technology

theHANGER uses visual cues to help set the golfer up to his or her shot. Instant feedback via the tactile contact of theHANGER to a player’s forearms lets you know as soon as your wrists have strayed from the optimal positions. The black reference club face can be used to easily align the device to the proper angles and makes setting it up a breeze. The target areas of the golf swing theHANGER isolate for improvement are the club plane during the backswing and downswing, a golfer’s lead wrist at the top and critical last arm parallel checkpoint, and a player’s club face control at impact.

the hanger
Many players of different swing types and skill levels can improve their game by leveraging their wrist angles for more powerful impact positions. One of the most common mistakes made by amateur golfers is cupping the lead wrist, also anatomically referred to as an extension. This wrist extension often results in a clubface that is open to the path of the golf club and produces shots that begin right of target or slice violently away from fairways and greens. Wrist flexion or bowing of the lead wrist often results in iron and wedge shots that are impacted with more compression and create the longer more penetrating ball flights associated with highly skilled golfers.

Our Experience

The things that excite me most about training aids are when they are simple to set up and easy to use by yourself. Many golfers spend a lot of their time outdoors on the golf course playing golf or in brief range session. Having a training aid that you can use indoors is also crucial for creating long-term muscle memory. theHANGER is a versatile training aid that can be easily used in your home or office and packs neatly into your golf bag while you head to the course or practice facilities.

the hanger
Putting theHANGER to the test, I wanted to see how easy it was to find my ideal wrist positions by aligning the reference clubface. Once I had the aid in place I began chipping as the protocol instructs. Right away, I noticed how well my wedge was responding through the grass and rough around the green. I was impressed by how well theHANGER aided me in allowing the wedge to work through the turf smoothly and without digging or turning down too much into the dirt. Each time I have gone to the golf course since I have used theHANGER to practice my pitching and chipping.

As a right-handed golfer that typically misses left when my swing is misbehaving, many training aids are not aimed at my swing. theHANGER is possibly the best full-swing training aid I have ever tried for stabilizing my impact and helping me create more solid contact by enforcing better rotation through the golf ball with my lower body and torso. I found that the feedback provided by theHANGER allowed me to swing freely and know that my golf ball was not going to overdraw or hook out of the air. I also loved that theHANGER was attached to my golf club and not my body so it is not weighing me down, especially in the heat.

Watson Golf theHANGER

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  • Simple to use and addresses one of the most common impact conditions that causes slices and golf shots that miss target by moving away from the golfer.
  • Can be used in multiple location indoors and out to create lasting muscle memory.
  • theHANGER creates benefits for multiple parts of a golfer’s game including their full swing and chipping and pitching and caters toward elite players.


  • theHANGER can be hard to use if players are unable to get their wrists into flexion or bowed positions due to injury or other physical limitations.
  • Promotes textbook wrist conditions that may not be best for each style of golf swing.
  • theHANGER should be implemented in stages from short yardages to full swings and may demand too much time from players looking to practice quickly.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

the hanger


theHANGER is available in both left and right handed models. theHANGER attaches via two rings to the grip of your golf club. A reference clubface is used to orient theHANGER to your golf club of choice and can be used with drivers, woods, irons, and wedges.


During my test, the areas that I found theHANGER to be most useful were around the short game practice area and for eliminating my overdraws and hooks. The true value in this aid is as a muscular teaching device that helps you create a more fundamental golf swing by gently reminding you were your wrists need to be at all times. For beginners, this aid will do wonders in creating good habits before swing faults can arise. Golfers struggling with chunked chip or pitch shots can use the bounce of their wedges more effectively and make more solid contact by removing the ability to fault into quick wrist flicks. For players that tend to have the clubface closing too quickly during impact, this is the best training aid I have ever used for eliminating hook and shots that fall quickly out of the sky. Better players especially can benefit from the freedom of knowing your clubface will not shut down through the hitting area.

The Hanger

Watson Golf theHANGER Review


How Does theHANGER Compare?

Total Golf Trainer

The Total Golf Trainer is a range of training aid devices designed to be customized to your unique swing to lead to faster and more sustained results. The hip trainer helps player synchronize their motion to allow more effortless impact consistency between their torso and arms. The hip trainer is also exceptional at providing golfers with immediate feedback for their swing plane and hand paths without weighing them down in any temperature or indoor environment.

  • The TGT 3.0 is adjustable to fit all golfers and used by right or left handed players. Designed to reinforce proper fundamental and help all golfers learn to control the body and club for a dynamic, powerful and repeatable golf swing
  • Bio Movement Arm Trainer – Helps golfers achieve the ideal wrist , elbow and arm position throughout the golf swing
  • Bio Movement Hip Trainer – Will allow you to feel the proper chain of events in the downswing to ensure the club approaches the ball from the inside, strikes it solid, and your arms extend through the shot for increased power and accuracy.


Tour Striker Smart Ball

The Smart Ball is an inflatable ball multi-purpose training aid designed to give players a better connection with their arms and body. Golfer’s that struggle to synchronize their swings will have difficulties creating consistent impacts and functional golf shots. The Smart Ball utilizes your forearms to help create a more stable, repeatable delivery pattern. The Smart Ball is easy-to-use and requires minimal setup. The Smart Ball is effective for many types of golfers and swings and create lasting motor patterns that can help you play more effortless golf.

  • PATENTED Training Aid
  • Rids You Of The Dreaded "Chicken Wing" or Flying Trail Elbow!
  • Provides The Feeling Of Striking From the Inside Out


One Putt Bullseye

The One Putt Bullseye is a putting aid designed to help narrow your focus on the green and increase your putting accuracy. The One Putt Bullseye is an excellent training aid for beginners and junior golfer to make putting practice more fun and give players a specific target to aim for. The simple design and ease-of-use of the One Putt Bullseye makes it easy to use indoors or outdoors. Players that struggle to get the ball to the cup may benefit from learning to add pace to their putts to hit the Bullseye!

  • Improve putts inside 10-feet
  • Never end up short
  • Focus on the back of the cup


Should You Buy theHANGER Training Aid

Golfers are often searching for a quick fix for their swing problems. The only thing that holds up in golf, especially during the shots under intense pressure is the muscle memory that is created through good practice. theHANGER excels at providing immediate feedback for golfers that want to create a textbook impact condition. By optimizing player’s wrist angles, theHANGER helps promote more solid contact and longer, straighter golf shots. Chipping and pitching practice with theHANGER can results in less chunked and bladed shots and help you get up and down even when you do miss a green. Skilled golfers in search of a training aid that will help them neutralize their ball flight and promote better rotation have their answer in theHANGER from Watson Golf.

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