Best Volvik Golf Balls To Play Like A Pro

The ball you put in play can have a major effect on how well you score. Many amateur golfers simply buy what they see the pros play on TV, while others just buy the cheapest option to save money. Chances are that both of these outlooks will not give you the best results on the course. You need a ball that fits your game, whether you’re looking for soft feeling, distance, or Tour-level playability. If you’re a golfer looking to find your gamer ball, you should check out Volvik’s range of golf balls.

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Top 6 Best Volvik Golf Balls


Best Distance
Volvik Vivid Golf Balls
  • Unique SF matte finish
  • Less glare for higher visibility
  • Improved cover for greater durability
Best Control
Volvik Vivid Soft Golf Balls
  • Low compression and feel
  • Fast ball speeds & great distance off driver
  • Full control through the ball
Best Spin
Volvik Vivid XT Golf Balls
  • Great control on greens
  • Great Tour performance
  • High spin rates
Softest Feel
Volvik Crystal Golf Balls
  • Extremely bright and stylish color
  • Soft feel and excellent visibility
  • Stable and consistent flight
Most Accurate
Volvik Vibe Golf Balls
  • Ultra soft, Tour quality urethane for every player
  • Straighter, more consistent shots
  • Optimal greenside spin and short game control
Best Compression
Volvik Golf DS-55 Golf Balls
  • High compression ball
  • Fast ball speeds & low spin off irons and driver
  • Very forgiving with great green control


About Volvik Golf

Volvik Golf started in 1980 as a South Korean-based company, and they are most-easily distinguished from other golf balls by their vibrant colors. Volvik expanded their operations to the USA in 2012 and they are best-known for both the colors and the popularity of the brand on the LPGA Tour. In fact, over 75 Tour professionals trust Volvik when they tee it up. One notable professional who had Volvik in play was two-time Masters champion and top PGA Tour professional, Bubba Watson. Watson has always been a colorful and unique golfer, from his play to his personality to his signature pink Ping driver. Watson decided to play Volvik’s S4 ball in an effort to add more fun and character to the game. Volvik is currently the most-played ball in South Korea and the third most-played in Japan. They are also the worldwide leader in colored golf balls.


Why Use a Volvik Golf Ball

Volvik provides a ball for a player who desires both performance and some edgy character. Volvik owns 58 worldwide patents and their golf balls are continuing to get more exposure in the golf world. They dominate on the LPGA Tour and they are the official ball of both the World Long Drive Tour and Championship, featured on Golf Channel. Volvik has Tour validation from many golfers on the LPGA Tour along with Bubba Watson, meaning that many of the world’s best golfers trust Volvik to help them earn their paychecks, along with the world’s longest hitters. If you’re golfer looking for a great-performing ball which also features some unique colors, Volvik has a ball for you.


Reviews of the Best Volvik Golf Balls

Below we have described and reviewed six of the best Volvik Golf Balls on the market today.

1. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

The Volvik Vivid Golf Ball is a ball for golfers whose driver clubhead speed is 70-90 MPH who are looking for more distance. The Vivid features a Highly Resilient Power Core which increases distance while also delivering a great feel. This ball also has an SF Matte Coating on the cover which would improve aerodynamics and increase the trajectory. The Vivid is also made to have high greenside spin for better performance. This ball comes in nine different vibrant colors.

  • Unique SF matte finish
  • Less glare for higher visibility
  • Improved cover for greater durability


2. Volvik Vivid Soft Golf Balls

The Volvik Vivid Soft Golf Ball is made for an excellent combination of feel and distance. The main feature of this ball is the VU-X cover, which is very durable and increases spin control. The cover coupled with the SF Matte Coating maximizes spin for great control. This ball is also made for a piercing trajectory and long distance. This ball is also available in four different colors.

  • Volvik expanded its line of premium urethane-covered balls to include the matte-finish vivid soft, available in yellow, pink, and White
  • Beyond the aesthetics, this lower compression 9759 Appeals to players with low to Mid handicap ability
  • Moderate swing speeds looking for more distance & accuracy off the Tee and excellent greenside control


3. Volvik Vivid XT Golf Ball

The Volvik Vivid XT Golf Ball is made for extreme distance. This ball is the official golf ball of the World Long Drive Tour. This ball has a unique four-layer design which is engineered for amazing distance. The Dual Core technology optimizes energy transfer for more speed. The Vivid XT also provides pinpoint short game accuracy thanks to the Zirconium III cover. This ball is available in four different colors.

  • The official Golf Ball of world long drive Tour.
  • Matte finish coating provides reduced air resistance.
  • Enhanced distance by dual power core technology.


4. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

The Volvik Crystal Golf Ball is designed for golfers with clubhead speeds in the range of 70-90 MPH looking for good all-around performance. The Crystal is made with a larger Extremely Resilient Soft Power core for more distance and an improved cover for more control and durability. The Crystal is engineered for an optimized ball flight thanks to the 322-dimple design which optimizes aerodynamics. The Crystal is available in six colors.

  • Extremely bright and stylish color
  • Soft feel and excellent visibility
  • Stable and consistent flight


5. Volvik Vibe Golf Balls

The Volvik Vibe Golf Ball is made for exceptional soft feel on every shot. This ball is made to produce great distance from the tee because of the advanced urethane cover. The Volvik Vibe is made for high spin to produce great control coupled with the feel. Because of the optimized spin, the Vibe is also very easy to control and produces consistent results. This ball is available in two colors: white and yellow.

  • Ultra Soft, Tour Quality Urethane for Every Player
  • Straighter, More Consistent Shots Produced by Low Driver Spin, 3-Piece Construction
  • Optimal Greenside Spin And Short Game Control By 336-Quasi-Cubotahedron Dimple Pattern


6. Volvik Golf DS-55 Low Compression Golf Balls

The Volvik DS-55 Low Compression Ball is made for golfers with clubhead speeds in the range of 60-90 MPH looking for more distance from the tee and feel. The increased distance comes from the highly elastic power core which increases ball speed and low spin. This ball performs very well on scoring shots and around the greens because of the high spin on shorter shots. This ball is available in white and yellow.

  • Volvik
  • DS-55 2018
  • 1 Dozen Orange


7. Volvik S4 Golf Balls

The Volvik S4 Ball is made for clubhead speeds over 105 MPH looking for low spin off the tee but great control on scoring shots. This ball has a higher 105 compression, meaning that this ball will have a firmer feel and will produce a low spinning ball flight. This ball also has great greenside control because of the cover. It is available in white, green, and pink.

  • Extremely soft feel and increased accuracy
  • Bismuth enhanced power core
  • Double urethane cover


8. Volvik S3 Golf Balls

The Volvik S3 Ball is made for golfers with clubhead speeds in the range of 90-105 MPH looking for low spin from the tee and excellent spin control on scoring shots. This ball has great trajectory from the tee because of the highly resilient Bismuth core. The S3 has a soft urethane cover for great feel. This ball is engineered for high greenside spin for more control. This ball comes in white and orange.

  • The straightest Tour ball on the market now available in Orange
  • Extremely soft feel & increased accuracy - consistently one of the straightest of the Tour
  • Bismuth enhanced power core - maximum distance and more consistent shots Produced by


9. Volvik ProBismuth 3-piece Golf Ball

The Volvik ProBismuth 3-Piece Ball is made for golfers with higher clubhead speeds looking for more distance. This ball couples both the explosive speed with feel thanks to the Core technology. The cover produces optimized spin and durability and has a 446-dimple pattern for great aerodynamic performance. This ball is available in white.

  • Volvik is the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour with 20 LPGA Tour players using Volvik's highly visible golf balls featuring 37 worldwide patents
  • 3-piece Tour Performance - Explosive distance with a soft feel is achieved by World's 1st Patented Dual Core with a soft outer layer/hard inner
  • Excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates by more durable and powerful Zirconium Cover and patented 446-Octahedron dimple pattern



Volvik is a golf ball company that is clearly on the rise. Volvik has a massive presence for golf in the Far East and they are expanding into the US market, and it is clear why they have been so successful. They make excellent products which also have a unique flair. No matter what qualities you’re looking for in your ball, Volvik is sure to have a ball for your game.

Would you add Volvik golf balls to be a standard for your bag?


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